Why Jessica Henwick Need To be Iron Fist in the MCU

Breaking down the crucial reasons that Colleen Wing must be the focus of a brand-new Iron Fist series.


  • Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Protectors are formally canon in the MCU timeline, leading fans to expect their return.
  • Iron Fist’s character was flawed and lots of fans linked more with Colleen Wing, making her a possibly more fascinating option for the Iron Fist function.
  • Jessica Henwick, who played Colleen Wing, has actually ended up being a larger star because the cancellation of Iron Fist and her return would be a great relocation for Marvel Studios.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is warming up, and with the returns of Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) to programs streaming on Disney+, lots of are taking a look at the remaining Netflix heroes to see who is next in line to rebound. Following the release of Echo on Disney+, Marvel has actually stired fan enjoyment by verifying that 6 of its Netflix programs– Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Protectors— are formally canon. Each program has actually been contributed to the MCU Timeline on the Disney+ site, leading lots of to hope characters such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage may be beside reappear.

Reports from in 2015 currently recommend the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) is set to make a comeback in Daredevil: Born Again, which leaves lots of to question if the “Never-ceasing” Iron Fist might go back to fight street-level criminal offense too. This might become the case, however let’s be sincere. Iron Fist was the lowest-rated of the Netflix Marvel series and probably the one fans gotten in touch with the least. After taking a minute to take a look at where Danny Rand was left at the end of the Iron Fist series, a small reboot might re-energize the program, particularly if Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) handled the function of Iron Fist this time around. Here’s why.

Update January 13, 2024: With the launching of Echo on Disney+ and conformation that the Protectors Legend is now contributed to the MCU timeline on Disney+, this short article has actually been upgraded with more factors why Colleen Wing must return Iron Fist in the MCU and where she might even appear next.

The Issue With Danny Rand.


When we last saw Danny Rand, he had actually beat his previous buddy, Davos (Sacha Dhawan), in a fight to identify the fate of the Iron Fist power. We’ll examine back in on the power in a minute, however initially, we require to take a look at what remained in shop for Danny after this eventful fight. Danny would choose to leave New york city behind and go on an international experience, looking for the tricks of the Iron Fist’s history together with his bro, Ward Meachum (Tom Pelphrey). The last scene of Danny would see him in Asia, getting some goons with bullets, relatively empowered by Iron Fist energy.

Back in New York City, in order to guarantee Davos would not be the brand-new recipient of the Iron Fist, Danny assisted Colleen Wing get the power rather. After beating Davos, Colleen kept her guarantee to utilize the power to assist her neighborhood, later on being seen stopping bank burglars by instilling her chi into her signature katana. In lots of methods, this seems like the developers are acknowledging the problems lots of had with the main property the whole time: that Danny Rand must never ever have actually been the Iron Fist.

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Danny Rand debuted as the Iron Fist in 1974 in the pages of Marvel Best # 15. Similar to Shang-Chi, the character was made to capitalize the increase in kung-fu and martial arts movies that were ending up being lucrative throughout the period, however Marvel rapidly put more focus on Iron Fist than Shang-Chi, and it is a clear part of that was due to the fact that he was white. In the comics, Danny Rand’s story includes lots of white hero conventions, consisting of being the one white guy in a society of Asian characters who are much better at their culture than they are. These were constantly going to make him a challenging character to adjust, however it ended up being a lot more troublesome within the larger MCU.

By the time Danny Rand showed up in the MCU, the story tropes of the initial comics included in Iron Fist comics and their unfavorable undertones were currently a significant talking point, especially as a couple of months prior,Marvel faced controversy surrounding the casting of the character The Ancient One in Doctor Strange Iron Fist currently felt redundant due to being another billionaire superhero like Tony Stark (and both having the name Iron in their superhero name didn’t assist much), however with the cultural appropriation angle of Medical Professional Strange that those movies were mainly able to avoid making the wizards a multicultural system.

While the developers might have made Danny Rand an Asian-American character in such a way to prevent a few of the cultural appropriation problems, by the time the series aired, it was clear Danny Rand as a character was flawed. The whole series had to do with an abundant white guy returning the opportunities that he feels he owned, all while discussing a culture that is not his own as a specialist, which felt insulting. Danny Rand was the least fascinating part of his own series, on the other hand the most fascinating character was Colleen Wing and it was clear lots of people desired her to be the Iron Fist rather.

Colleen Wing Is a More Fascinating Character.


In regards to the story leading us to this point, Colleen Wing was the natural follower in various aspects. From the narrative perspective, Wing is among the very first individuals to reveal Danny any type of generosity. While their relationship showed to have a rocky start, they would quickly bond over their shared values in addition to their enthusiasm for martial arts. Sharing a relationship through various phases (platonic, romantic, instructional, and platonic once again), the 2 would part methods and follow their own courses. This close bond to Danny put Colleen in a position to accept the power, her location in the family tree of the Iron Fist was preceded by her forefather, Wu Ao-Shi, “The Pirate Queen.”

Due to her history with the atrocious company The Hand, the very same one that the Iron Fist is predestined to combat, it is likewise thematically more fascinating to have Colleen be the Iron Fist. Having actually been raised her entire life by the company just now to become their sworn opponent is a much more fascinating vibrant than Danny Rand coming across being the Iron Fist.

It’s clear the MCU has actually had narrative minutes that have actually assisted release the womanly heroes to a level equivalent, if not greater, than their male equivalents. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) has actually shown worthwhile of the name Thor. Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) has actually followed in the steps of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Shuri (Letitia Wright) has actually taken the mantle of the Black Panther. And Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslaney) has actually shown more efficient in managing herself than her cousin when it happens a Hulk. That would permit a strong structure for Colleen to end up being the brand-new Iron Fist, and one legacy character fans would certainly accept with more open arms than the initial character.

Jessica Henwick Has End Up Being a Larger Star.

Jessica Henwick The Matrix Ressurection
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One significant aspect to think about is that Marvel Studios definitely would wish to capitalize the truth that Collen’s initial star, Jessica Henwick, has actually ended up being a much larger name than when she was very first cast in the function. When Iron Fist premiered in 2017, hardcore fans most likely acknowledged her from a bit part in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yet because Iron Fist was canceled, Henwick has blown up as one of the most in-demand stars working.

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In 2020, she starred in Undersea and Love & & Monsters Then, in 2021, she appeared in the highly anticipated The Matrix Resurrection, playing the character of Bugs. The list below year, 2022, saw Henwick star in 2 prominent Netflix releases: The Grey Male ( from MCU directors The Russo Brothers) and Glass Onion Just recently, she was among the stars of the seriously well-known The Royal Hotel, which premiered at the Telluride Movie Celebration She is definitely a much larger name now than she was initially, and a larger name than Iron Fist star Finn Jones, and would be one Marvel ought to think about generating.

The New Heroes for Hire.


In the comics, the duo of Luke Cage and Iron Fist were typically called Heroes for Hire, a group that would conserve the day for a cost. While the duo weren’t ruthless in their technique, they typically pointed out that superheroes have costs to pay, too. Even if they worked pro bono, the name captured on and was typically utilized when describing the set.

With Danny taking a trip and Luke having his own issues, Colleen Wing will need to look somewhere else if she ever requires help. And where much better to look than her new friend Misty Knight (Simone Missick)? The 2 have actually typically collaborated in supporting the Defenders, today Misty has some enhancements to her prosthetic arm, and Colleen is the brand-new bearer of the Iron Fist. Together, these 2 might end up being the brand-new power duo to secure the streets of Manhattan.

As dedicated comics fans understand, Colleen and Misty looked like a group in the title Children of the Dragon, running Knightwing Restorations Inc., a private investigator company that concentrates on discovering missing out on individuals. This setup might offer a procedural aspect to a restarted Iron Fist series, assisting it discover a bigger audience this time around.

Where Could Colleen Wing Appear Next?


While there is no main word on Colleen Wing or Iron Fist returning, there are lots of locations within the MCU slate for her to appear. With the Netflix series now being made canon, Colleen Wing might appear in Daredevil: Born Again as an ally to Matt Murdock/Daredevil. She might quickly reference Danny Rand, and the series might proceed to developing a vibrant in between Daredevil and the brand-new Iron Fist.

As pointed out formerly, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight were a group in the comics called The Child of Dragons There were discuss a Child of Dragons spin-off series being established based around Colleen and Misty before Netflix canceled their Marvel series, so this may be a fantastic concept to review as audiences would have a brand-new jumping-on point in a Marvel Spotlight-type series. Simone Missick’s schedule is definitely cleaned up, as her newest series, All Increase, simply concluded a three-season run.

There is also a Shang-Chi sequel, as that movie has actually been verified. It would not just complete the supporting cast of that movie however permit popular Asian heroes to share the screen, potentially establishing the Representatives of Atlas from the comics, which just recently was an all-Asian and Asian-American group of superheroes. As the characters of Iron Fist and Shang-Chi have a previous history in the comics, bringing that into the movies however with a brand-new variation of the Iron Fist definitely is a fresh spin on the idea. Henwick has already expressed interest in appearing in Shang-Chi 2.

One fascinating location the MCU might take Colleen is bringing her into Blade Colleen Wing’s Iron Fist power is transported through her katana. With reports that The Black Knight’s Ebony Blade from Eternals will play a consider Blade, the movie might not just be a film based around the popular vampire hunter however one that partner with numerous sword-based characters.

Colleen Wing might appear in lots of corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the brand-new Iron Fist. She is a fantastic character that might bring her own story or be contributed to lots of other stories in the MCU as both a method to broaden the world and establish a brand-new spin on a timeless character. Ideally, she will make a return quickly.

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