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Why Disney Canceled The Lizzie McGuire Reboot

Disney was set to bring Lizzie McGuire back for a revival however ditched it after shooting 2 episodes. Here is why the series never ever got launched.

We’ll most likely never ever understand what Lizzie McGuire is carrying out in her adult years, however from Disney’s viewpoint, that might be for the very best. In the age of reboots and revivals, it was reported in 2019 that Disney was restoring Lizzie McGuire with Hilary Duff repeating her function as the titular teen, now an adult browsing life as a thirty-something. This definitely made good sense as Disney had actually effectively continued popular series like Kid Satisfies World and That’s So Raven with Woman Satisfies World and Raven’s Home, respectively.

Behind the scenes, the task ended up breaking down, and it was exposed by the end of 2020 that the prepared reboot was no longer moving on. Anybody questioning what took place to alter Disney’s mind, look no more. Here’s the legend of Lizzie McGuire — from its revival to its cancellation to a various comedy task that Duff got to belong of.

Upgraded January 20, 2024: This post has actually been upgraded with much more info on why the brand-new Lizzie McGuire never ever saw the light of day following current remarks from the developer of the series.

Invite Back, Lizzie!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie
Walt Disney Pictures

The brand-new Lizzie McGuire was revealed at the 2019 D23 Exposition, according toVariety At the Disney+ occasion that year, Hilary Duff discussed the adult Lizzie that audiences would satisfy in the program:

” Lizzie has actually likewise matured, she’s older, she’s better, she has a much larger shoe budget plan. She has her dream task, the best life today working as an apprentice to an elegant New york city City designer.”

Around that very same time, Duff likewise published a collection of clips and images from the initial Lizzie McGuire on Instagram and stated she was,” … beyond delighted to be home once again, back with my lady ♥ … and into her 30’s [sic].”

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The enjoyment from fans swirled with each brand-new advancement– such as the return of Lizzie’s best friend (and previous love interest) Gordo, played by Adam Lamberg; the first look at brand-new Lizzie; and Duff’s behind-the-scenes posts on the program, like this photo from a shooting day. Nevertheless, things for the brand-new Lizzie McGuire deviated when Disney+ appeared to put constraints on plotlines.

Disney Had Doubts on Lizzie McGuire.

Lizzie McGuire and Gordo smiling.
Disney Channel

Things began to look bleak for the Lizzie McGuire reboot whenthe original show’s creator Terri Minsky left the new project, causing a production halt 2 episodes had actually been shot at the time, and somebody from Disney stated,” … we require to relocate a various imaginative instructions and are putting a brand-new lens on the series.”

Minsky informed Variety after leaving the program,

” I would enjoy the program to exist, however preferably I would enjoy it if it might be considered that treatment of going to Hulu and doing the program that we were doing.”

The outlet likewise reported that Duff shared an Instagram story suggesting that they were informed the Lizzie McGuire reboot wasn’t “household friendly” enough for Disney+. In March 2020, an article in the Hollywood Reporter discussed how the Lizzie McGuire reboot was in limbo and how the pilot didn’t overlook the topic of sex. Extramarital relations was supposedly consisted of too. Hilary Duff validated that Lizzie would’ve captured her partner unfaithful while giving details of the cancelled revival.

Duff likewise shared a post on Instagram stating the program must reside on Hulu so its score can surpass PG. In December 2020, Duff confirmed that the Lizzie McGuire reboot was dead.

What Might Have Been.

Lizzie McGuire cartoon
Disney Channel

In the years because that statement, both Duff and an author from the program have actually discussed why by detailing a few of the story arcs and styles the program was going to check out.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Duff shed some light on why Disney ended on the Lizzie McGuire reboot once again. As Duff envisioned a more sensible series with the Lizzie McGuire character acting more like your typical 30-year-old than the family-friendly teen on the initial program, she discovered herself at chances with Disney, which appeared to have actually been promoting more of a PG series. As Duff describes:

” She needed to be thirty years old doing 30-year-old things. She didn’t require to be doing bong rips and having casual sexes all the time, however it needed to be genuine. I believe they got alarmed.”

The Lizzie McGuire reboot was not implied to be. However that does not indicate Duff does not recall at Ms. McGuire fondly, wanting the revival would have exercised.

” It would be dumb of me to not understand that I have a sweet area playing that relatable lady. I am that lady. It was a mindful option not to be angsty and attempt to move individuals’s viewpoints on who I am. That does not indicate I didn’t wish to attempt!”

In 2024,a Lizzie McGuire reboot writer shared plot details from the scrapped series Jonathan Hurwitz discussed in a series of TikTok videos that Lizzie would have returned home after finding she was cheated on– which she was expected to have a romantic rendezvous with her previous crush, Ethan Craft. The series would not have actually had Lizzie and Gordo getting together; rather, it would have exposed that Gordo is engaged and his bride-to-be is pregnant.

When it comes to the animated Lizzie, it was exposed that when Lizzie go back to her youth home, her animated equivalent is awaiting her. She likewise appeared in the 3rd episode (which was never ever shot however was composed), that included Lizzie waking Ethan’s bed in his water polo tee shirt and an animated Lizzie appearing and examining Ethan off an animated order of business two times. While this definitely may have been a risque joke for Disney, it definitely is a reasonable one for a program fixated a female in her 30s.

While fans will not be examining back in with Lizzie anytime quickly, the program’s collapse did maximize Duff’s schedule. Which resulted in a starring function in another series that felt strangely comparable.

Duff Played a Comparable Function in Another Comedy.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff starred ahead function on Hulu’s How I Met Your Dad, a spin-off of the hit comedy How I Met Your Mom Her character, Sophie, is not a lot unlike what Duff would have imagined for an older Lizzie McGuire. The series informs the story of Sophie (Duff) and how she pertains to satisfy the male who ends up being the daddy of her kids. Previous Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall likewise plays an older variation of Sophie in a function similar to that of Bob Saget’s on How I Met Your Mom. The spin-off series likewise stars Christopher Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, and Tien Tran.

The program was cancelled by Hulu after those two seasons, however you can still discover the program streaming there. It aired on Hulu, the very streaming service Duff desired Lizzie McGuire to relocate to. The series would deal with a few of the jokes and topic that would fixate a single lady in her 30s that Disney considered not suitable for a series spinning off from among their most popular series.


Hilary Duff Hits Back at Troll After How I Met Your Father Cancelation Comments

That may have been the most significant concern, was tone and target market. All of the other Disney Channel revival series have actually been focused on the target Disney audience of kids, so they are attempting to hook a brand-new generation while hoping that the previous generation who viewed the initial series likewise tunes in. Yet their main focus has actually constantly been a more youthful audience. This appears with the news of the Wizards of Waverly Place revival, which appears to be a family-friendly kind of story. Lizzie McGuire was plainly seeming a series for the audience who viewed the series on Disney Channel however had actually now considering that matured.

And it might not be far too late for Lizzie! In 2023, Duff commented on the possible Lizzie McGuire reboot and was confident it might still take place. Disney+ has actually altered a lot ever since, as they have actually now included R-rated Marvel material like Deadpool and The Protectors Legend, with Marvel Studios Echo being the very first TV-MA task produced Disney+. With Hulu now being contributed to the service, the Disney+ brochure will end up being more varied, and they may be open up to reviewing a more adult-centric Lizzie McGuire series.

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