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Which Brings Me to You Evaluation: Mentally Raw Day in the Life of Love-Seekers with Checkered Pasts

Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff nail the parts, though it’s all a bit foreseeable as they state previous stopped working relationships throughout a day.


  • Which Brings Me to You is a dialogue-heavy rom-com embeded in New york city that attempts to identify itself from other movies in the category.
  • Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff provide it their all, however their characters’ checkered pasts and the supporting personalities presented in the movie might not suffice to make it stand apart.
  • The movie blends psychological drama with comical minutes, however the movie leaves audiences desiring more of a climactic surge in the story.

In this digital age of pseudo-enlightenment,quirky rom-coms are abundant Much of the movies are based in Los Angeles, a sort of sure thing in the informal U.S. capital of home entertainment. If they’re not set in L.A., then they’re, obviously,set in New York Which brings me to …

Which Brings Me to You, directed by Peter Hutchings ( Can You Keep a Secret?), is based upon a well-known book of (practically) the very same name by Steve Almond and Julianna Baggott, and it reveals– to a fault. Maybe an overly dialogue-heavy, rather suppressed tale like this may be much better matched for the page, however that’s not to state stars Lucy Hale ( Pretty Little Liars) and Nat Wolff ( The Specialist) do not provide it their all, as anticipated. There are still a couple of laughs to make it more of a dramedy, though it’s barely the romantic funny it’s promoted as.

The set of youngish entertainers have actually shown their acting chops in years previous on both the huge and little screen, however one might argue they are worthy of meatier functions and a juicier script here, with the characters’ checkered pasts being laid bare throughout a bright day in New york city. There are flashbacks aplenty, and the disjointed story presents a variety of supporting personalities, however it’s maybe inadequate to identify Which Brings Me to You from the numerous other romantic functions out there. Yet, with that being stated, you still can’t assist however root for the lead couple, specifically offered the relatable characters and stories woven into each relationship legend they state.

( Not So) Enjoyable with Will and Jane.

Initially, when it pertains to determining the star power of the movie’s leads, there are definitely great deals of Lucy Hale fans out there, and Wolff’s representation of an unpredictable teenager in James Franco’s movie Palo Alto was influenced. With Which Brings Me to You, director Peter Hutchings has actually reteamed with Lucy Hale after their popular function, The Disliking Video Game This brand-new effort attempts to match the “bite” with its love-burnout leads, who take place to meet at a picturesque wedding for the very first time. Wolff plays a professional photographer called Will, while Hale plays Jane, who we initially see purchasing a mocktail– which rapidly develops into a mixed drink– at the reception.

Advice: When a feline drops dead at your wedding event, that can not be a promise. That’s a direct quote from Will, while he and Jane stroll together outside the reception and come across a departed feline in the very first act. It’s morbidly funny things, setting the tone for an in some cases grim tale about stopped working relationships that have actually formed Will and Jane into the cynical burnouts they are today. They quickly discover themselves attaching in a coat closet, however that minute passes away much like the feline. Jane rightfully storms off after Will makes it odd, however he does not quit too quickly. Without being a climber, he tracks her down right after, which’s when they actually begin to strike it off.

As Will provides Jane a trip back to civilization, he states an awkward high-school dating experience, which effectively reignites the movie’s funny edge. They eventually land at a pie coffee shop (insert “aw, how adorable” here), where Jane returns the favor by informing her own high-school tale. However the celebration does not end there, as they wind up slipping into a closed amusement park and eventually get tossed out.

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Familiar Faces and Rom-Com Tropes Galore.

Then, the genuine enjoyable begins. Although, for a melancholic, rather surface-level story like this, “enjoyable” implies you’ll begin seeing the familiar faces of well-known stars turn up as Will and Jane continue to state other previous love quarrels. Genevieve Angelson ( The Afterparty) plays a rather mystical fling of Will’s from his college days. Alexander Hodge ( Insecure) plays a wild card of an enthusiast from Jane’s undergrad years. Jane was quickly engaged to a rushing lad called Mark (Ward Horton), however all of it goes to hell once she sleeps with his sibling– yikes! The list goes on, consisting of Will’s stopped working fling with Audrey (Britne Oldford from Dead Ringers), a vocalist whose story does not simply end with their unpleasant break up. No spoilers here, though.

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That’s not to state director Hutchings does not supply a number of in fact enjoyable minutes on a storytelling level. Will and Jane belt out a karaoke-style musical number in the 3rd act, which borderlines on cheesiness however is appropriate for the heart aspect. They likewise dance together after crashing an anniversary celebration at a regional bar, fulfilling some vibrant complete strangers along the method. There’s a huge individual expose not too long after, nevertheless, and after that the conclusion comes down with clichéd rom-com tropes– significant last monologue and all. It’s a worthy effort, however the movie may not end up being as remarkable as the book in years to come.

Craving Volatility.

Which Brings Me to You

Which Brings Me To You


Release Date

January 19, 2024.


Peter Hutchings.


Lucy Hale
,Nat Wolff
,John Gallagher Jr.
, Genevieve Angelson.
, Ward Horton

Main Category



  • Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff are excellent leads and have strong chemistry.
  • It’s a really refined production with well edited flashbacks.

  • Absolutely nothing actually sticks out in this romantic drama.
  • It’s discussion heavy however not rather in the Before Daybreak method.

Offered Hale and Wolff’s shenanigans in more extreme films they have actually carried out in the past, you can’t assist however wait impatiently for the movie to actually climax as the story advances. Sure, there are a number of weaves in the stories they inform each other, however the one surprise that Will exposes to Jane simply craves more of a surge from her. Rather, she merely loads her bags and leaves– once again. Yes, this is a relocation that’s duplicated a couple of times throughout a story that just occurs over a matter of hours.

What’s likewise disconcerting is that Which Brings Me to You is formally marketed as a rom-com, however the psychological drama method subdues the laughs here. So, which is it? As discussed previously, the stories Will and Jane information are rather relatable to anybody who’s had flings throughout school, be it one-night-stands or a longer relationship. Managing an undergrad course load with a social life is something, however to include a full-on relationship to blend? Things can definitely get challenging, so it was enjoyable to see more youthful variations of Will and Jane from their college days.

It likewise assists that the movie is shot with grace, with a melancholic and in some cases uplifting musical arrangement to highlight what the couple is feeling in genuine time. Regrettable Wolff and Hale do not have more to deal with here, though. However hey, if the 2 gifted stars were to collaborate for a full-fledged rom-com down the line, sign us up.

From Decal, Which Brings Me to You strikes theaters Friday, Jan. 19th.

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