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Unique: LaKeith Stanfield & RJ Cyler Discover Redemption in The Book of Clarence

LaKeith Stanfield and RJ Cyler reunite with writer/director Jeymes Samuel in his scriptural comedy-drama.

The Harder They Fall director Jeymes Samuel goes scriptural in his 2nd function movie, which follows a con artist who discovers faith and redemption in Christ. The Book of Clarence happens in Jerusalem circa 33 ADVERTISEMENT. LaKeith Stanfield plays the titular Clarence and his twin bro, Thomas, an apostle of Jesus. Clarence, with the aid of his partner Elijah (RJ Cyler), pretends to be a brand-new messiah. They’ll rip-off the desperate bad to repay their financial obligation to a gangster; it appears like the ideal strategy, up until Elijah and Clarence recognize that Jesus isn’t a scams.

Stanfield and Cyler, both stars of Samuel’s The Harder They Fall, “mored than happy to reunite” with the filmmaker. “When you discover somebody who is not frightened to take opportunities in their craft, it inspires you to do the very same,” states Cyler. Stanfield concurs that Samuel “is among those unique directors” and “you right away understand that this is going to be special, which no matter how that movie may end up, the procedure is going to be gorgeous.” Stanfield “felt safe to carry out.” He understood that “the end product is something we can be pleased with.”

The Book of Clarence starts on a funny note however takes a strongly remarkable turn as the vicious Pontius Pilate (James McAvoy) horrifically rules over Christians. Stanfield “really felt unfortunate” for Clarence, stating, “I was carefully allied with his journey and what he had actually gone through. That’s what’s at the heart of the movie. We need to go through difficult things to get the responses.” Cyler thinks that “Elijah grows in the very same method,” however “verifies his faith through supporting Clarence” and discovering “redemption” through that experience. Continue reading and view above for our total interview with LaKeith Stanfield and RJ Cyler.

Jeymes Samuel’s Beautiful Process.

The Book of Clarence

The Book of Clarence

Release Date

January 12, 2024.


Jeymes Samuel.


2hr 16min.




, Drama


Jeymes Samuel.

MovieWeb: Peace be with you siblings[a reference from the film] I enjoyed The Harder They Fall You’re both working once again with writer/director Jeymes Samuel in his story of scriptural Black representation. Discuss this experience.

RJ Cyler: It was excellent. Shooting with James once again, having the ability to have his imagination lead me and my imagination, is much like another true blessing. When you discover somebody who is not frightened to take opportunities in their craft, it inspires you to do the very same when you’re working along with them. And after that, the ensemble ends up being simply a representation of ‘the success of the gods,’ as Jeymes was stating.

LaKeith Stanfield: Peace to the gods. Yeah, it was gorgeous to reunite with James. He is among those unique directors that you deal with. And you right away understand that this is going to be special, which no matter how the movie may end up, the procedure is going to be gorgeous. We’re so fortunate with this movie that both the procedure and the end product is something we can be pleased with. I believe we owe a great deal of that to Jeymes for guiding the ship, creating the group, non-stop working to make certain that all of us felt safe to carry out, which we felt heard with our issues. Therefore yeah, it was a gorgeous experience, guy. It was dope as typical.

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MW: The Book of Clarence is so moving. It begins profane and uproarious. You believe this is going to be possibly more positive, easy going. However then, as both of your characters discover redemption in Jesus Christ, it takes a gut punch. The crucifixion scene is actually difficult to see. Discuss making that psychological arc. How did you guys manage that on set?

RJ Cyler: How did you manage that?

LaKeith Stanfield: I believe I practiced silence, quiet reflection, sort of avoiding the sound a bit. In silence, you make sounds. And it’s the very same thing with huge feelings, you wish to simply focus in, and sort of develop a focus point. And actually simply sort of come up with the fact in you as much as you can.

For the character, I really felt unfortunate to need to go through what I went through in the movie. There are a great deal of things we compromise for. So I can relate to that. This was the greatest sacrifice of all. The conditions that we were operating in made it a bit more smooth to shift into the character, the cross. I do not understand if I must state that, however the cross I was bring was really heavy.

LaKeith Stanfield: My feet were really striking the ground on the cobblestone street and it harmed. It was a long trek up, a slope. That wasn’t a video camera technique. I was really strolling up the slope, really slipping, striking my knees. It’s since I decreased security things (laughs). It’s not since it wasn’t used. Since I wished to feel it. I took my shoes off since I wished to feel the ground. If you’re going to exist, you must most likely feel what it seems like. So I was carefully allied with Clarence and his journey and what he had actually gone through, it’s coming of age, he’s pertaining to himself. And actually, that’s what’s at the heart of the movie. It has to do with this guy who’s discovering himself, and discovering his assuredness in life instead of asking many concerns, which all of us do. In some cases we need to go through difficult things to get the responses.

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Let’s Burn it Down with Smiles on Our Faces.

RJ Cyler: Yeah, that holds true. I seem like Elijah grows in the very same method as Clarence does, however plants himself. His journey requires far more. Elijah still needs to discover … Elijah does not have a strategy, you feel me? His only strategy is to support Clarence’s strategy, since Clarence’s strategy has a clear view of what the vision would be, right? So Elijah verifies his faith through supporting Clarence’s strategy, if that makes good sense. Since he’s not a non-believer, however Elijah’s verification comes through enjoying Clarence discover redemption through these things, these techniques that Clarence has. However that’s Elijah’s young boy. Elijah actually does discover redemption through Clarence’s experience. Clarence is the evidence that God is genuine. Elijah required that, to be sincere.

LaKeith Stanfield: You understand what’s intriguing too, with Elijah, is that he was sort of the driver for what enabled the group to generate income and pertain to popularity. He likewise was the driver for the fact, in a minute where Clarence didn’t wish to accept the fact. I keep in mind that scene where you showed up, and it’s Elijah’s time to be like, ‘I’m going to inform you what the fact is, whether you wish to hear it or not.’ Clarence actually required that. I believe those are things that are markers of why Elijah was so essential. Without buddies who are gon na keep it real, inform you what you require to hear, you fail and stop working inevitably. So we required that fact, and it assisted us get to the supreme fact.

RJ Cyler: However in addition to that fact that he provided, he didn’t make Clarence seem like his journey was incorrect, you feel me? Instead of resembling, ‘No, we must do it in this manner,’ it’s more like, ‘Look, I’m going to provide you the fact. However do you wish to listen to it or not? I got you huge pet dog. Yeah, you’re gon na burn your house down. Let’s burn it down with some good smiles on our faces and commitment.’

The Book of Clarence will be launched theatrically on January 12th from Sony Pictures.

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