Tom Ellis Would Restore Lucifer for a Motion Picture Follow up, however Just if Particular Conditions Are Met

Tom Ellis would return once again as Lucifer Morningstar, however has particular reaosn that would stop him repeating his function in a revival.


  • Tom Ellis would think about repeating his function as Lucifer, however just if it were for a film and if the script and situations were right.
  • He values leaving the audience desiring more, unlike the commercial-driven market in the United States.
  • With Netflix’s adjustment of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and a various take on Lucifer, it appears not likely that Ellis will go back to his function, however never ever state never ever on the planet of streaming.

Tom Ellis would think about restoring his popular function as the devilish Lucifer, however just in really particular situations.

Ellis’ run as the captivating lead character of the series based upon the DC Comics characters produced by Neil Gaiman was provided a 2nd lease of life after its preliminary cancelation, with Netflix coming to the rescue and delivering three additional seasons, bringing the tally to 6. While this enabled the series to be given a complete conclusion, there were simply adequate threads left hanging that a film follow-up has actually regularly been talked about given that the program concluded in September 2021.

Throughout a look on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Ellis attended to the possibility of bringing Lucifer back one more time, and how he would just do it for the ideal factors. He stated:

” I definitely seem like on the television front, like I have actually stated in the past, we covered all bases. I believe that the only thing that would make me return would be if it were a film. And it would need to be great. It’s not simply doing it for the sake of doing it. It would need to be, you understand, we ‘d need to approve like, what the script was, and all those things. Since I seem like among the strange things definitely about working over here exists’s a lot like, when you’re someone effective, individuals simply desire a growing number of and a growing number of and more. Whereas, where I’m from, you understand, leave them desiring more is the slogan. And it was never ever such a sort of economically commercially based market back in the UK.

Miranda, for instance, we just ever did 20 episodes in overall. And it’s still renowned, and it still has an afterlife that individuals review. However the factor we just did that lots of is due to the fact that Miranda didn’t wish to do any longer. And she didn’t wish to compose any longer due to the fact that it took a lot. However she composed all the episodes of it. And she seemed like she ‘d done it. And, you understand, to beat it around the head and dilute it as an item simply for the sake of making a growing number of and a growing number of. She didn’t wish to do that, and I had a lot regard for her for making that choice due to the fact that the BBC were desperate for it.”

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Lucifer Has a Brand-new Face in Netflix’s Sandman Adjustment.

Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar

Tom Ellis’s take on Lucifer was definitely popular, and the truth that there is still talk of a revival 4 years after the series reached its conclusion is testimony to that truth. Nevertheless, given that the ending of the series, Netflix have actually purchased into Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, that includes a various take on the character of Lucifer Morningstar.

Fans of Gaiman’s Sandman graphic books have actually waited several years to see an adjustment pertained to fulfillment, and it lastly took place in August 2022. Although the series appeared to be a substantial hit, Netflix took a long time to lastly revealed that the series would be returning for a 2nd season, and will see Gwendoline Christie reprise her role as Lucifer.

As the ruler of Hell, Christie’s gender-swapped analysis of Lucifer was simply among the peaks of the series, however exists adequate space on Netflix for 2 Lucifers? In the meantime, it still appears not likely that Ellis will go back to his function once again, however on the planet of streaming, never ever state never ever is constantly a choice.



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