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The White Lotus Season 3 & It Prequel Might Be Postponed Til 2025 

HBO employer Casey Bloys stated that the next season of The White Lotus and the It prequel, Invite to Derry, might premiere in 2025.


  • HBO’s schedule for the coming years is being customized due to the continuous crisis in Hollywood.
  • This has actually led to hold-ups for expected productions like the It prequel and the 3rd season of The White Lotus.
  • The It prequel, Welcome to Derry, will check out the origins of Pennywise and his connection to the imaginary town of Derry.

The crisis in Hollywood continues and HBO starts to customize its schedule for the coming years, and the prequel to It, Welcome to Derry and the 3rd season of The White Lotus might be 2 of the primary victims of the hold-ups. HBO has actually ended up being a synonym for quality for those trying to find what series to see next. Long before the presence of streaming, and before television programs inhabited a location as essential as the one they have now, HBO was currently launching productions that took the world by surprise such as The Sopranos and Band of Sibling Today, they have actually had the ability to broaden their brochure and reach the whole world thanks to streaming, and the need for material is much higher, with all studios and business looking for to satisfy that need. However in some cases it can be challenging.

Offered the crisis that Warner Bros. Discovery has actually been going through, and the strikes that strike Hollywood this year, it appeared that HBO was not going to have the ability to launch as numerous series next year as they formerly did. And Casey Bloys, HBO employer, validates it.

Throughout a press occasion in New york city (by means of Variety), Bloys exposed that 2 of HBO’s the majority of prepared for productions that was because of premiere in 2024 will need to be postponed to 2025. These productions are the long-awaited It prequel entitled Welcome to Derry and the 3rd season of well-known secret drama The White Lotus:

” Invite to Derry, we had actually had actually that arranged for Halloween of 2024. That’s most likely 2025. White Lotus Season 3 most likely would have remained in play for 2024, it’s 2025.”

The White Lotus has actually turned into one of HBO’s greatest titles, winning a long list of awards. In reality, it was initially meant as a restricted series, however wound up ending up being an anthology after the exceptional reception of the very first installation.

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How Will Invite to Derry Broaden the World of It?

Pennywise Comes Out of Hiding in Latest IT Photo
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In 2017, director Andy Muschietti amazed critics and audiences alike with his remake of It Following on from the very first adjustment of Stephen King’s well-known book, launched in 1990, was no simple task thanks to the unbelievable efficiency of Tim Curry as Pennywise. However, increase to the obstacle Andy Muschietti did. Mainly.

Muschietti, who had actually simply directed the troubling scary movie Mother, accomplished a mostly favored outcome with both motion pictures (though mainly the very first one). And, just like the television adjustment, appreciation was loaded on the star behind Pennywise, Costs Skarsgård. Such was the success of his movies, that when David Zaslav chose to concentrate on Warner Bros. Discovery’s most effective franchises, It was consisted of.

Welcome to Derry will occur years before the centerpieces of the book and its adjustments, focusing on the origins of Pennywise and his connection to the popular imaginary town of Derry, Maine. So it is possible that it will have lots of referrals to all of Stephen King’s bibliography, and numerous brand-new scary components to improve the story of among the most popular characters of the category.

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