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The Toughest Characters From Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ranked

There are numerous strong characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, however how do they compare?

For seven sensational seasons, Buffy Summers and the “Scooby Gang” dealt with unimaginable evil on their honorable crusade to keep Sunnydale and the world safe. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a fan-favorite, well known ’90s timeless that included Sarah Michelle Gellar as the titular butt-kicking heroine, and ranged from 1997 to 2003 while promptly developing itself as one of tv’s most amazing programs.



With a vibrant ensemble cast consisting of fellow stars like Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendan, and David Boreanaz, the trailblazing supernatural drama went on to gather important recognition throughout its run and released a long-lasting and enthusiastic fandom. Over its excellent run, Buffy and the Scoobies were executed the ringer and showcased their strength and battling spirit. Let’s recall at a few of the hardest characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and see how they rank.

10 The Master

A scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20th Tv

The initial huge bad from the very first season, The Master (Mark Metcalf) is an effective centuries-old vampire who is the heroine’s very first significant opponent in the exciting series, and works as the head of the vampire race itself. He sets out to open the website to hell and release all the satanic forces and beasts in the Hellmouth, satisfying an ancient prediction that dooms the whole mankind. The Hellmouth simply occurs to be hiding underneath the depths of Sunnydale High School– and you believed your high school was bad.

What Makes Him Hard

As the appreciated and feared leader of the vampires, The Master follows rigorous routines, and completely thinks that finishing the prediction will lead to the extermination of humanity. With a limitless army and dedicated minions at his disposal, he has actually waited 60 years to deal with the slayer after being jailed underground, and while he handles to technically “eliminate” Buffy, she is resuscitated by Xander and Angel. The Master is later on impaled and eliminated throughout a harsh last face-off with the upset vampire slayer.

9 Xander Harris

Nicholas Brendan as Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy’s adorable, wise-cracking buddy and initial Scooby member Xander Harris (Nicholas Brendon) works as the gang’s comical relief, and wants to do anything for his good friends. He continuously assists the slayer to keep not just Sunnydale however the world itself safe from scary evil, declining to pull back when confronted with violent and deadly foes.

What Make Him Hard

Though Xander does not have any magic or supernatural powers, and begins quite soft and delicate, at one point he ends up being had by the spirit of a marine, and those abilities stick around– rather– later on. He is constantly going to defend the higher great, and his soothing and capable mindset makes him a real property to Buffy and the gang. There is absolutely nothing he would not provide for Buffy, Willow, Giles, and the rest of the Scoobies, and Xander winds up solitarily avoiding an armageddon when he brings back the mankind of a grief-stricken, angered Willow in the 6th season ending, hence conserving the day through his strength of heart.

8 Adam

Adam Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The WB

Made up of body parts from vampires, satanic forces, and people, and combined with highly-sophisticated innovation, the manufactured beast Adam (George Hertzberg) was an experiment gone awry that was developed by Dr. Maggie Walsh and The Effort in season 4. The effective bad guy is interested by humanity and delights in leaving turmoil in his wake, setting out to produce an army of Frankenstein-esque creatures like himself, who he produces from the bodies of people and vampires in a quote to takeover Sunnydale.

What Makes Him Hard

Adam is a bio-mechanical demonoid with superhuman strength and sturdiness, and likewise has cybernetic abilities, that makes him almost unbreakable. As if his huge and enforcing stature wasn’t enough, Adam has a grenade launcher and a minigun developed into his arms, that makes recording the gruesome beast that far more hard. He works as the primary villain and hazard to the Scoobies and locals of Sunnydale throughout the 4th season.

7 Caleb

Nathan Fillion as Caleb in Buffy the Vampire Slayer_
20th Tv

The right-hand-man and partner of the First Evil, Caleb (played by the always-excellent Nathan Fillion) is a violent and vicious sociopath and serial killer that targets ladies after he is defrocked by the clergy as a priest. He performs all the First Evil’s desires and stayed a mystical hazard up until the tail-end of the last season, when he ends up being a real physical and enormous hazard to Buffy and the Scoobies, unlike his non-corporeal partner-in-crime.

What Makes Him Hard

Caleb works as a human vessel for the First Evil and has the ability to have his superhuman strength and powers, viciously eliminating 2 possible slayers in a bloody face-off with Buffy and her friends. Not just is he able to easily deactivate the slayer, Spike, and Faith in the lethal conflict, however Caleb likewise seriously injuries Xander by gouging his left eye with his thumb and blinding him. The character stays a threatening and deadly existence up until the conclusion of the season.

6 Faith Lehane

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Faith
The WB

Fellow slayer and all around difficult chick Faith Lehane (Eliza Dushku) is very first presented in the 3rd season after the death of Buffy’s good friend Kendra, and though she attempted to suit and end up being a part of the Scooby Gang, Faith’s fondness for violence left her a castaway. Her rogue mindset and self-destructive nature triggered her to make an opponent of the resident Sunnydale slayer Buffy, and the 2 share a tense up-and-down relationship throughout the series.

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What Makes Her Hard

With her harsh fight abilities, pressing bloodlust, and general extreme power and strength, Faith triggers a great deal of concerns for not just vampires, however likewise Buffy herself. She targets Buffy’s sweetheart Angel and tries to murder him, collaborates with the Mayor to ruin Sunnydale, and even changes bodies with Buffy at one point in an effort to take her life. Faith does redeem herself by the end of the program and assists in saving mankind, however she is certainly a character nobody would desire as an opponent.

5 Splendor

A scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20th Tv

Season 5 big bad Glory (Clare Kramer) is a psychopathic god from the hell measurement who brings suffering and discomfort to anybody that attempts cross her course, coming down upon Sunnydale and producing her reign of damage and horror. A never-ceasing being with superhuman strength, speed, and a total near-invulnerability to nearly anybody or anything, Splendor set her sights on finding the hallowed “magical energy nexus” understood merely as the Secret, and her search lands her right on Buffy’s doorstep.

What Makes Her Hard

Aside from the entire “ invicible god with countless power” thing, Splendor is a strolling autocrat who reveals no grace and will stop at absolutely nothing to discover the Secret. She eliminates without any regret and delights in dabbling her victim, and she feeds off of people’ psychological energies in order to keep her power and peace of mind, leaving her victims psychologically unsteady, like Willow’s sweetheart Tara. When it is exposed that Buffy’s sis Dawn is the Secret, the slayer and lunatic god have a face-off of impressive percentages that takes all the heroine’s strength and willpower.

4 Spike

James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The WB

Buffy’s sworn enemy-turned-surprising romantic interest Spike (James Marsters) appeared in Sunnydale with blood and carnage on his mind, ruining its locals together with his psychopathic fan Drusilla. After the Effort planted a mircochip in his head, Spike was not able to assault people and wound up ending up being an unanticipated property to the Scoobies as he utilized his extreme rage at being helpless versus his fellow vamps and beasts rather.

What Makes Him Hard

Spike had actually formerly eliminated 2 slayers in 1900 China and 1977 New York City, and initially made it his objective to make Buffy his 3rd victim, though the perky blonde proven more difficult to get rid of. The reality that the hard rock vamp handled to secure 2 very strong slayers is a testimony to his power and vigor, as does him enduring so long in Sunnydale. He waited Buffy’s side as she handled popular opponents like Adam, Splendor, and Caleb, increasingly defending both the slayer and mankind before compromising himself in real brave style.

3 Angelus

A scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20th Tv

While Angel (David Boreanaz) might have been a deeply reflective, tortured vampire cursed with a conscience and soul, his violent and entirely harmful alter-ego Angelus had no issues wreaking havoc and violence, having actually as soon as been the most vicious and twisted vampire in Europe throughout the 19th century. After experiencing pure joy when he consummated his relationship with Buffy, Angel’s mankind was tugged away, and he as soon as again welcomed his vicious side, abusing and intimidating the slayer in the 2nd season.

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What Makes Him Hard

After the Romani curse is withdrawed, Angelus rapidly changes from an ally to enemy for Buffy and the Scooby Gang, as he collaborates with Spike and Drusilla to ruin the world. Angelus shockingly murdered Giles’ woman love Jenny Calendar as she tried to restore his soul, and he disturbingly staged her body in Giles’ home for him to find. Angelus is cold and determining and uncaring towards Buffy, and after being sent out to hell, he is reanimated and makes it his objective to safeguard mankind and utilize his strength for great.

2 Willow Rosenberg

Alyson Hannigan in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The WB

Buffy’s buddy and supreme confidante, Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) assisted comprise the captivating Scooby Gang and supplied limitless assistance and convenience for the slayer as she dealt with many evils. Though she began the series out as a shy and insecure wallflower, she still assisted Buffy and her good friends with her natural radiance and excellent research study abilities. As the series advanced, Willow grew more positive and fearless, due in big part to her research study of witchcraft and honing of her powers.

What Makes Her Hard

As Willow’s wonderful capabilities grew, the young witch ended up being much more powerful with her powers and she assisted the Scoobies handle powerful opponents of every sizes and shape. Her general reliance on her magic ended up being a significant problem by the 6th season when she brings Buffy back from the dead and utilizes her telepathy for her own self-centered factors, triggering a significant rift in between her and Tara. After experiencing a destructive loss and extensive sorrow, a rage-filled Willow welcomes her dark side and goes on a scary rampage, ending up being an unexpected and scary bad guy before Xander assists her rediscover her mankind.

1 Buffy Summers

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The WB & & UPN

It must come as not a surprise that the strong and durable butt-kicking slayer Buffy Summers is without-a-doubt the hardest character on the precious supernatural series, as she was executed both the physical and psychological ringer throughout its 7 seasons and still emerged triumphantly in the end. Sarah Michelle Gellar became a household name when she starred as the renowned television heroine, and in doing so developed the character as a popular culture

Why She’s The Most Difficult

Aside from her apparent physical strength, dexterity, and sensational hand-to-hand fight abilities, Buffy had the ability to flourish and handle some seriously frightening huge bads due to the assistance of her faithful friends and family, who stood valiantly by her side as she secured Sunnydale (and the world) from evil. Buffy’s psychological and psychological strength was continuously checked, and this is what truly specifies her strength more than her capability to stake and punch. The slayer experienced extensive distress and discomfort throughout her time as the Chosen one, having actually needed to eliminate her real love Angel, compromise her life to conserve Dawn and the world (just to be tugged from Paradise), and unfortunately lose her mom and anchor to a regular life (simply among others).

Her physical strength goes without stating: Buffy secured Sunnydale and mankind from scary evils time and time once again, fighting versus wicked opponents like the Gentlemen, Splendor, the Master, and the First Evil, all while attempting to go to school and have some form of a routine presence. The renowned slayer dealt with whatever that was tossed at her and constantly kept her combating spirit, and she has actually truly become a renowned female cultural icon.

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