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The Strolling Dead Developer Discovers Zombie Competing Series Too Intense: ‘A Bit Much for Me’

The Strolling Dead developer Robert Kirkman discovers Garth Ennis’s Crossed series ‘a bit much.’


  • Crossed, a series by Garth Ennis, goes beyond The Strolling Dead in strength and is “a bit much” for developer Robert Kirkman.
  • Unlike standard zombies, the Crossed are marked by an unique red cross-like rash and enjoy ruthlessness.
  • While The Strolling Dead deals with death with compassion, Crossed takes a more nihilistic method and looks into the extreme truths of humanity.

The Walking Dead has actually sculpted its specific niche on the planet of zombie fiction within graphic storytelling, mesmerizing its audience with tales of survival, mankind, and the chillingly macabre. Nevertheless, a series has actually emerged that goes beyond the severe components of The Strolling Dead, frustrating even its developer, Robert Kirkman, with its strength. This series is Garth Ennis’s Crossed

Crossed is a plain contrast to the normal zombie stories. The series, debuting in 2008, quickly recorded public interest with its vibrant representation of a world ravaged by a pandemic. Those contaminated by the Crossed infection screen not simply an appetite for violence however enjoy the most ruthless types of human wickedness, marked by an unique red cross-like rash on their faces. Unlike standard zombies, the Crossed embody a more ominous risk, delighting in ruthlessness and severe violence, typically of a sexual nature.

Garth Ennis, the mastermind behind Crossed, is no complete stranger to forging ahead. Crossed raises the shock element discovered in Garth Ennis’s other works, The Boys and Preacher, diving much deeper into the darkest elements of humanity. This expedition is so severe that even its cover art typically crosses the borders of traditional taste.

In Strolling Dead Deluxe # 76, a reader asked about Kirkman’s views on Crossed ( by means of Screen Rant). His action, paired with an additional remark from editor Amanda LaFranco, highlights the visceral response this series generates. Kirkman’s expression of it being “a bit much” shows a shared belief amongst lots of fans of The Strolling Dead Kirkman exposed,

” I enjoy Garth, however it’s a bit much for me, honestly.”

In spite of its graphic nature, Crossed is not without depth. The series dives into the fragility of human identity, specifically under pressure. Styles of religious beliefs, politics, and survival are checked out through a lens that is typically missing out on in other zombie stories. The series makes the most of internal monologues, supplying a more intimate connection with its characters and their improvements in the face of ruthless scary.

Among the peaks in the Crossed universe is Alan Moore’s Crossed +100 Set a century after the preliminary break out, Moore’s addition to the series provides a haunting vision of a future formed by a near-extinction occasion. The story is abundant with a reimagined English language and social standards, similar to classics like A Clockwork Orange It’s an engaging mix of post-apocalyptic scary and sociological reflection.

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Contrasting Worlds: The Severe Truths of Crossed vs. The Understanding ‘The Strolling Dead

Image from The Walking Dead.
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The plain distinctions in between Crossed and The Strolling Dead are noticable. While Kirkman’s production typically deals with death with a sense of loss and understanding storytelling, Crossed goes with a more nihilistic method. It utilizes its setting not simply to challenge its characters however to look into the darker elements of humanity. The lead characters in Crossed are typically far from brave, often showing selfishness and ruthlessness– a survival technique in a world even more unforgiving than that of The Strolling Dead

For fans of The Strolling Dead curious about Crossed, a great beginning point would be either the initial series by Ennis and Jacen Burrows or Moore and Gabriel Andrade’s Crossed +100 Both entries offer sufficient R-rated material however prevent sensation unjustified compared to other parts of the franchise. It’s an experience that concurrently parallels and diverges substantially from The Strolling Dead, using an unflinching take a look at comparable styles however through a far more extreme lens.

Crossed stands as a special entity in the world of zombie fiction. Its unchecked method to storytelling and expedition of the extremes of humanity make it an engaging, albeit challenging, check out. For those who tread into its pages, it provides a peek into the void, a take a look at what lies at the back of scary and human wickedness.

The Strolling Dead franchise continues to expand on screen thanks to spinoff programs Daryl Dixon, Dead City, and The Ones Who Live

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