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The Nun II Drops on Max in Time to Scare Up Bloodthirsty Scary Audiences for Halloween

Enjoy the most recent chapter in The Conjuring Universe when The Nun II drops on Max in the nick of time to commemorate the spookiest of seasons.


  • The Nun II will be readily available on Max before Halloween night, contributing to the choice of scary movies on the platform.
  • The movie has actually made $257.6 million around the world and ranks as the 5th highest-grossing installation in The Conjuring franchise.
  • Chaves chosen to consist of more violence and gore in The Nun II after test screenings exposed that audiences desired a higher level of blood and guts.

Sibling Irene will do fight with Valak on Max before All Hallows’ Eve. Director Michael Chaves’ The Nun II is still haunting 2,128 cinema, at the time of this writing, and it’s readily available on all the typical VOD platforms. However the follow up to 2018’s The Nun will likewise drop on Max before Halloween night. Starting Friday, October 27, fans of The Conjuring Universe can stream or binge the most recent installation to their heart’s material.

Before commemorating The Nun II’s release on Max, take a look at Warner Bros. Home entertainment’s unique sneak peek of the scary movie, which is entitled The Thread That Ties The video (listed below) includes interviews with manufacturer James Wan and Sibling Irene herself, Taissa Farmiga, to name a few.

The Nun II struck theaters less than 2 months back on September 8, and Chaves’ newest entry in The Conjuring franchise has actually made $257.6 million around the world. It’s presently ranked as the 5th highest-grossing installation locally ($ 84.3 million) in the series having simply edged out Annabelle: Development’s $84.27 million overall in the United States.

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The Nun II Drops on Max October 27

The Nun II
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Director Michael Chaves’ The Nun II will provide yet another rewarding title to Max’s substantial choice of scary movies to commemorate Halloween 2023. In addition to every single entry in The Conjuring Universe, Max provides the Problem on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series to stream and binge. Plus, other popular must-see titles like The Shining, The Exorcist and Hammer’s Scary of Dracula (1958 ), starring Sir Christopher Lee, are readily available. Oh, and make certain to look for The Shining on Google, at the time of this writing, to see some emojis hilariously play out a number of essential scenes from the movie– brrr!

For The Nun II, Chaves selected to up the ante when it pertained to blood and guts in The Conjuring spin-off. According to check screenings held for Valak’s (Aarons) go back to movie theaters, audiences desired more gore. So, the director required them. Chaves stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

” Individuals desired more violence[laughs] There was currently an excellent degree of violence and gore in the motion picture, however individuals desired more of it. So, we did a bit of extra photography, and we ramped that up. It simply goes to demonstrate how audiences are constantly altering, developing.

Even in the earliest variation, it was more [violent] than what remained in your conventional Conjuring motion picture. I believe scary audiences have actually been on this journey, this scary renaissance, where they have actually seen a great deal of scary films, they have actually seen a great deal of violence. It’s something they desired more of, and we happily offered it.”

Take A Look At The Nun II when it begins streaming October 27 on Max. And fans can take a look at The Nun II’s extended preview, which includes the very first 8 minutes of the movie, on YouTube.

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