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The McDreamy Patrick Dempsey is Individuals Publication’s Sexiest Guy Alive …’ For the Next ten years’

Patrick Dempsey is 2023’s “Sexiest Guy Alive,” and he jokes about not quiting the title for ten years.


  • Patrick Dempsey is called 2023’s “Sexiest Guy Alive” by Individuals Publication, and he humorously reveals his surprise and appreciation for the honor.
  • Dempsey, understood for his function as McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy, has a spirited character that shines through in his interviews.
  • Regardless of his popularity, Dempsey stays grounded and utilizes his platform to raise awareness for the Dempsey Center and its operate in cancer care and therapy.

Move over Captain America, it’s McDreamy’s time to indulge in the spotlight. In 2015, the desired “Sexiest Guy Alive” honor was provided to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Chris Evans. And now it’s Patrick Dempsey’s time to use up the mantle. Individuals Publication names Dempsey 2023’s “Sexiest Guy Alive,” and the star’s charming nature and humorous funny bone shined through while talking about the brand-new title. Dempsey stated in a special interview with People:

” Hi, there. I’m Patrick Dempsey and lastly … I am this year’s Individuals Publication sexiest guy alive– for the next ten years[smiles] I do not understand why there need to be anyone after me to be truthful with you. So, this is it … this is completion of it. And it’s been a fantastic run for Individuals and congratulations. And I’m happy I might complete it off for you.”

Dempsey was plainly moved by the honor. And his enjoyable, spirited character shined through in the interview as he easily injected a wealth of good-natured jocularity into the interview. In all severity, however, Dempsey was stunned when he discovered the news. It was early one early morning when the star got the telephone call, as his flight taxied cab, and he prepared to fly from New york city back to Maine. Dempsey stated in the very same interview:

I was entirely stunned, and after that I chuckled. And I resembled, ‘You’re joking me. This is a joke, right?’

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From McDreamy to the Sexiest Guy Alive

Grey's Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey is unquestionably most widely known for depicting the beloved Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, onGrey’s Anatomy While Dempsey was not a main member of the Brat Load, the young star did increase to prominence in the 1980s. And the function that began his Hollywood ascension was the comical romance Can’t Purchase Me Love, in which he shared the screen with the late Amanda Peterson. That was back in 1987. Today, Dempsey is an experienced entertainer in Tinseltown who takes pleasure in domesticity, and he appears truly delighted about his “Sexiest Guy Alive” title. However Dempsey’s funny bone appears to keep him grounded. Dempsey likewise informed Individuals:

” I have actually been the bridesmaid for Individuals’s ‘Sexiest Guy Alive’ … uh … 10 times. Now, I get the huge photo, not the little photo that’s on the side. I have not informed the kids or anyone. I believe they’ll tease me [laughs], which is excellent. They keep me young. I believe everyone’s going to offer me a difficult time, which they should.

I believe it’s good to have the acknowledgment. It’s enjoyable […] It provides me a platform to really speak about like the Dempsey Center, and the kind of work that we’re doing there. So, if you can utilize this for something favorable, I believe that’s excellent. And definitely, my ego takes a great little bump.”

Throughout the years, Dempsey developed an outstanding resume of motion picture and tv credits, including his function as the real-life Meyer Lansky in 1991’s Mobsters, on his method to lastly operating at Seattle Grace on Grey’s Anatomy However in reality, Dempsey is enthusiastic about the care and therapy being offered to those with cancer at the previously mentioned Dempsey Center.

5 years before Dempsey depicted McDreamy for the very first time on Grey’s, the star signed up with filmmaker Wes Craven’s and developer Kevin Williamson’s Scream franchise in the 3rd installation. Dempsey’s provided remarkable efficiencies in lots of jobs, however he will constantly be related to his functions in Sugary Food Home Alabama, Bridget Jones’s Infant, Made of Honor and Captivated

Up next for Dempsey is Eli Roth’s horror film Thanksgiving, which drops in theaters on November 17. Now, fans can have a look at Dempsey’s special, 15-minute sit-down with Individuals in its totality, as the publication interviews the star who holds the title of 2023’s “Sexiest Guy Alive” (listed below):


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