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The Fableman’s Oakes Fegley and David Duchovny Star in Adam the First Trailer

The brand-new trailer for the coming-of-age drama, Adam the First, discovers Oakes Fegley looking for his daddy.


  • Oakes Fegley stars along with David Duchovny in the coming-of-age drama Adam the First, where a 14-year-old kid look for his prospective dads.
  • Oakes Fegley has actually currently dealt with Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman and Robert DeNiro at simply 19 years of ages.
  • Director Irving Franco explains Adam the First as an ‘impressive journey’ that checks out the universal styles of battle, yearning, and the requirement for love.

The Fablemans star Oakes Fegley takes the lead along with The X-Files’ David Duchovny in the very first trailer for the upcoming coming-of-age drama, Adam the First The 2nd function composed, directed and produced by Brooklyn native Irving Franco, Adam the First follows a 14-year-old kid who takes a trip throughout the nation to fulfill a series of males who might be his daddy. Entering the lead function of Adam is Oakes Fegley ( The Fablemans, The Goldfinch, Pete’s Dragon). Finishing the ensemble cast are Larry Pine ( The Royal Tenenbaums, Housemaid in Manhattan), T.R. Knight ( The Flight Attendant, Grey’s Anatomy), Eric Hanson ( Huge George Supervisor, Nefarious), Kim Jackson Harris ( The Other Black Woman, Cruel Summertime) and well-known star David Duchovny ( What Occurs Later On, The X-Files, Californication).

Together with the trailer, you can likewise take a look at the main summary for the motion picture listed below:

” Adam the First follows Adam, who sets out on a cross-country experience to find a series of males who might be his separated daddy, every one with a various life that might become his own.”

Oakes Fegley, at age 19, has actually currently starred in various movie and tv automobiles with such Hollywood stars as Nicole Kidman, Michelle Williams, Jeffrey Wright, Julianne Moore, Robert Redford, Christopher Walken and Robert DeNiro. Most just recently he starred opposite Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly in Dark Matter, a brand-new series for Apple television+.

Golden Globe-winning David Duchovny, on the other hand, is best understood for his representation of FBI Representative Fox Mulder inthe groundbreaking television series The X-Files As the lead in Californication, Duchovny played a renowned author and womanizer whose quick living ends up being slower than he envisioned. Duchovny is likewise an author in his own right, with 5 books to his name.

Have a look at the recently launched trailer for Adam the First listed below:

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Adam the First Will Be Both an Impressive Journey & & Something Deeply Individual.

Franco also co-composed the music for the film with long time pal and musical partner, Michael Grazi. Franco’s filmmaking launching, Cheerleader delighted in an effective operate on the celebration circuit and has actually amassed various awards and continuous honors. The filmmaker has actually launched a declaration relating to Adam the First, in which he explains the task as both “an impressive journey, and something deeply individual.”

” With Adam The First, I plan to make a movie that is both an impressive journey, and something deeply individual. This is a movie that will bring the grand scale experience, and magic realism of movies such as Eliminate Expense, Barry Lyndon, and The Wild Lot, to fulfill the sense of marvel, humankind, and reflection of movies such as Badlands, Days of Paradise, and Paris Texas. Adam is a young kid who is looking for his daddy and understand the world around him.

Doing not have a daddy figure to imitate develops a deep sense of confusion within him however enables an open mindedness to each prospective daddy’s way of living. Throughout Adam’s experiences, we discover that no matter how various the way of life, or how uncommon the structure through which you see the world, there will constantly be a constant commonness in between individuals. That common measure is humankind and the excellent experience of battle, yearning, and require for love, that all of us have. In this method, my hope is to narrate that is both universal and ageless.”

Adam the First is because of open in theaters throughout the U.S. on February 14, thanks to The United States and Canada by Electric Home Entertainment.

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