The Ending of Parasite, Discussed

Parasite has lots of weaves, however that ruthless ending has actually left a knot in numerous audiences’ stomachs because its best in 2019.


  • Parasite checks out the separation of social classes and how the abundant make use of the lower-class for their routine work.
  • The movie showcases the bitterness and exploitation felt by the lower class towards the ultra-wealthy, highlighting the “consume the abundant” story.
  • The ruthless ending of Parasite leaves audiences stunned, with the lead character’s fate signifying the helpless battle to leave from their lower-class status.

It is stated that blood is thicker than water, households stick through great times and bad, and when confronted with terrific obstacles, you can constantly turn to individuals who raised you. These are great beliefs, and lots of individuals genuinely think in the strength that originates from the love and regard in their own households. Nevertheless, has it ever crossed your mind simply how far you would want to go to assist your household if they remained in requirement, whether that be easy, monetary, and even a life and death scenario? This is a concern that is checked out in Parasite.

While dealing with Snowpiercer, the brilliant Bong Joon-ho had the ability to make use of his own life experiences when he was a mathematics tutor for an extremely rich and popular household (per THR). He reflected to his more youthful days when he was presented to a more luxurious way of life at the expenditure of assisting the household’s child with his education. Upon seeing the totally various dynamic of the “haves” and the “have-nots” (the rich people and their lower-class employed aid), Bong recognized there was a much larger story to outline the separation of classes and how both have the ability to seep off one another.

The abundant get richer by having lower-class people do all of their “routine work,” such as cooking, cleansing, aiding with education, and looking after rowdy kids. Then, in turn, those labor employees get trust and can quickly make the most of their companies. We see both sides go to the extreme in Bong’s black funny thriller Parasite By the end of the movie, a lot has actually occurred, not one character appears redeemable, and audiences are left scratching their heads at the fate of a number of characters. Permit us to totally discuss the ending of Parasite



Release Date

May 30, 2019.


Bong Joon-ho


Seo Joon Park

,Kang-ho Song

, Seon-gyun Lee.

, Yeo-Jeong Jo.

, Woo-sik Choi.

, Hye-jin Jang.



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What Takes place in Parasite?

In Parasite, the Kim household has actually dealt with cash for rather a long time, as Mr. Kim’s tasks constantly appear to fail, and Mrs. Kim and her 2 adult kids attempt to make ends fulfill by doing chores for business. Nevertheless, when Ki-woo handles to take control of his good friend’s tutoring task for an extremely rich household, their luck modifications. He likewise gets his sis, Ki-jung, employed by the household, declaring she is a mutual friend who understands everything about art treatment and dealing with kids. The brother or sisters then handle to get the driver fired and their dad (who is impersonating Ki-jung’s household’s previous driver) employed in his location. Last but not least, it takes a minute to get the housemaid fired as she has actually existed longer than the household, however when there’s a will, there’s a method; Ki-woo and Ki-jung’s mom is employed in her location.

Initially, audiences wish to more than happy for the Kims for increasing through the ranks and having steady tasks– this is capitalism, after all– however audiences can’t shake the sensation that their thoroughly crafted strategy will be foiled. The Kims end up being conceited as they extol how they have actually tricked the Parks, and one celebratory night in the gorgeous home without the Parks present become a lethal problem.

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The Kims find out that they are not the only ones who have actually handled to make the most of their ignorant companies. The previous housemaid, Moon-gwang, has actually kept her other half in the Parks’ basement for the last 4 years, and they likewise have actually delighted in the home when they were the only ones there. Sadly, as these tricks come out, nobody trusts one another, and push pertains to push (actually). Moon-gwang gets pushed down the basement stairs, her other half gets bound, and the Kims need to hatch a strategy to keep everybody calm and peaceful.

Why the “Consume the Rich” Story Is so Essential.

In movies and literature, “eat the rich” storylines handle people in lower monetary classes understanding how unjust the world works when having a look at how the ultra-wealthy live. Bitterness, hatred, and exploitation prevail styles in such works, and it’s really a frightening principle when individuals think about how genuine these things remain in our really own world.

There are individuals who have actually never ever needed to touch an unclean meal or do a load of laundry in their lives, as they have personnel to do such jobs for them. While those who are employed by these individuals are grateful for their tasks, it is simple to end up being resentful and mad at simply how tough one needs to work to make another individual’s life that a lot easier. This continuous pointer that the 2 will never ever be equates to suffices to validate some wicked ideas, however seldom does anybody act upon such concepts.

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In Parasite, the social classes are blatantly apparent. The Kims reside in a semi-basement home that floods and is plagued with cockroaches, while the Parks have a lovely two-storey home with a big garden, a basement, and a 4th level (an underground bunker) that even they do not understand about. The meaning of living upstairs and downstairs is necessary, as those who live listed below others feel as if they are underneath them in various methods.

Parasite’s Harsh Ending.

Song Kang-Ho coming upstairs in Parasite
CJ Home Entertainment

Similar to the whole movie, the ending of Parasite is not something anybody saw coming. Obviously, tricks were anticipated to be exposed, however to have a birthday celebration become a total bloodbath was horrifying and brilliant all at the very same time. Mr. Kim’s hatred of being looked down on by Mr. Park lastly capped when the latter might not bear the odor of a passing away pauper, and something in Mr. Kim lastly snapped. He made no doubt to put a knife in Mr. Park’s chest, however later, similar to his better half formerly pointed out, he scooted far from everybody like a parasitic cockroach.

Rather of being on the run like the news recommended, Mr. Kim instantly entered into concealing in the secret bunker area inside the Parks’ home. There, he continues to live under the floorboards that come from rich people, and, eventually, his child, Ki-woo, has the ability to understand his dad’s Morse code in the living-room light. Through a letter, Ki-woo swears to his dad that he will one day acquire the home, and all Mr. Kim will need to do is show up the stairs to live semi-freely. Nevertheless, the cam cuts away from this optimistic scene to Ki-woo still in his basement-like home.

In truth, Ki-woo understands he will never ever have the ability to make his dream a truth, and his dad might really die as a male who is actually listed below more lucky individuals. It’s an ambiguous ending, and audiences want to think of that Ki-woo would simply enter into your home and recover his dad. Nevertheless, the concept that whatever he does will never ever suffice is heartbreaking and all too relatable.

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