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The Continental Director Exposes Why He Rejected Directing Blade

Albert Hughes, director of The Continental: From the World of John Wick discusses why he stated not to directing Blade for Marvel Studios.


  • Albert Hughes exposes why he denied the chance to direct Marvel’s Blade reboot, pointing out pain with the regulated nature of the superhero motion picture system.
  • The reboot of Blade deals with the obstacle of exceeding the precious Wesley Snipes variation, and innovative distinctions with lead star Mahershala Ali have actually triggered hold-ups.
  • Marvel Studios has a history of disputes and hold-ups with jobs, such as Daredevil: Born Again, due to modifications in directors and authors. The release date for Blade might still undergo modification.

The director of The Continental: From the World of John Wick, the very first television program from the Keanu Reeves action franchise, Albert Hughes, practically directed the reboot of Blade for Marvel Studios. Nevertheless, the filmmaker wound up stating no to the MCU, and just recently described precisely why he picked to step far from the task.

Blade is among the most awaited jobs concerning the MCU, however likewise among the most conflictive ones. It was 2019 when Marvel Studios revealed that, following Disney’s purchase of Fox, the vampire hunter would be formally presented into the Marvel universe with Mahershala Ali playing him.

Ever since, numerous names have actually been connected to the production, as the behind-the-scenes group was continuously altering. And among those who came extremely near helming the movie was Hughes. Talking With Josh Horowitz on his podcast Happy, Sad, Confused, the director of The Continental described the reasons he eventually chose to deny the deal to direct Blade:

” I have actually remained in talks with the apparent studio about superhero films a number of times, however I constantly felt uneasy due to the fact that I understood it was a system. And they’re extremely great, and I went through a long procedure. In truth, I broke down all their films and put them in a spreadsheet and broke down package workplace, seeing the title ratings, where the VFX ranks, I needed to do a deep dive on them. And I got, midway, not extremely close, midway through the procedure, and I go, ‘No, I would implode from the type of regulated nature of that world and not having the ability to do what I do.’ And I do not comprehend why a genuine filmmaker would wish to remain in that system. I comprehend why up-and-comers would, which they do a great task of. discovering individuals at the correct time. However I believe I would implode.”

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What’s Happening With Blade?

Marvel Studios

The reboot of Blade has an uphill struggle, which is to get rid of the high bar that the Wesley Snipes variation left. Confronted with this obstacle, and having a star as well-known as Ali as the lead, the needs are at their optimum for the studio. In truth, the majority of the modifications that have actually been made to the script pertain to the star not liking the story that as provided in the preliminary drafts. In a current report, it was exposed that the two-time Oscar-winner was close to leaving the project due to innovative distinctions, which is the factor behind the majority of the hold-ups that the production has actually suffered.

This is not the very first time that a job has actually produced disputes for Marvel Studios; numerous productions in the past have actually needed to postpone their releases due to the consistent modification of directors or authors, as holds true with Daredevil: Born Again The series starring Charlie Cox had actually handled to movie some material before the stars’ strike, and when Kevin Feige saw that product he was not persuaded by the outcome, and decided to rewrite the entire series and alter the group behind it.

The arrival of Blade is presently set as February 14, 2025, although this might be modified yet once again in the future.

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