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The Big Bang Theory: The 10 Finest Star Trek-Themed Episodes

These 10 chapters pay a caring homage to the renowned science fiction franchise in their own geeky, charming, and amusing method.

Comedies featuring an ensemble cast and following a number of arcs have actually constantly held an unique location in the show business, and produced a great deal of buzz. Pals, for example, is still estimated to this day, and its 6 primary characters have actually constantly been the topic of amusing memes.

The Big Bang Theory, developed by Chuck Lorre and Costs Prady for CBS, is another excellent example: it covered 12 seasons and was chosen 254 times, winning 79 awards in overall.

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The 6 primary characters, with their different backgrounds and shenanigans, definitely had a lot to do with the program’s appeal. There is Leonard (Johnny Galecki), a lactose-intolerant speculative physicist who shares a home in Pasadena with Sheldon (Jim Parsons), a talented theoretical physicist with an eidetic memory and an unpleasant variety of way of life guidelines. Their neighbor is Leonard’s love interest Cent (Kaley Cuoco), a hot, street-smart actress/waitress with a fondness for alcohol.

The other members of their social circle are Howard (Simon Helberg), an aerospace engineer who deals with his self-important mom and ultimately marries Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), a petite but headstrong microbiologist; Rajesh (Kunal Nayyar), a delicate Indian particle astrophysicist with selective mutism; and, beginning the 3rd season, Amy (Mayim Bialik), an uptight neurobiologist who slowly chills out and ends up being Sheldon’s sweetheart and Bernadette and Cent’s closest good friend.

The group is not just fantastic at their particular disciplines, however they likewise share a fascination with comics and computer game, and, as such, are huge fans of renowned franchises like Star Trek, DC Comics, Star Wars, and Marvel, leading to cameos from Adam West, LeVar Burton, Mark Hamill, George Takei, Stan Lee, and numerous others.

Here are 10 remarkable episodes that pay a caring homage to Star Trek in their own geeky, charming, and amusing method.

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The Codpiece Geography– Season 2, Episode 2

The Big Bang Theory - The Codpiece Topology

In ” The Codpiece Geography,” Sheldon is disturbed that Leonard is dating among his archenemies at work. On the other hand, the guys choose to go to a Renaissance Fair worn appropriate clothing, however Sheldon remains in an irritated state of mind and all the historic abnormalities he witnesses there in regards to food, outfits, and weapons.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

To get Sheldon to return with them to the reasonable another day, Rajesh makes an idea he understands he can’t withstand:

Rajesh: You can go impersonated a Star Trek science officer checking out a world extremely comparable to Earth in the 1500s.

Sheldon: You suggest like Spock?

Rajesh: Sure.

Sheldon: Interesting.

In the science-fiction franchise, area and temporal abnormalities and time travel are a routine incident, as is the discovery of unusual worlds withvarious types of alien lifeforms Sheldon has actually constantly appreciated Spock‘s love for science and reasoning and is ever prepared to embrace his personality, typically utilizing his renowned “Interesting” catchphrase.

Sheldon: [Dressed up as Spock, scanning the fair using a tricorder] Captain, I’m getting an uncommon reading.

Leonard: Yeah, that’s excellent. You guys desire corn pets?

Sheldon: That’s a temporal abnormality. Corn pets didn’t originate up until the very first half of the 20th century.

The Scary Sweet Finish Corollary– Season 3, Episode 5

The Big Bang Theory - The Creepy Candy-Coating Corollary

” The Scary Sweet Finish Corollary” presents the character of Bernadette, whom Cent establishes with Howard; regrettably, the date does not go as prepared, and Cent and Leonard attempt to offset the awkwardness. At the comics shop, Sheldon and Raj take part in a competition of Mystic Warlords of Ka’a, an imaginary trading-card video game.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

Initially, Sheldon hesitates to play, up until he discovers that Wil Wheaton, the star best understood for representing the young Ensign Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation ( TNG), has actually registered and is a huge fan of the video game.

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As a kid, Sheldon admired and related to the character, however when he fearlessly took a 10-hour bus trip (he has actually constantly disliked public transportation) in 1995 to satisfy Wil at a convention, the latter didn’t even trouble appearing, leaving Sheldon resentful for several years.

TNG aired in between 1987 and 1994, and the character of Wesley was done not like by a lot of fans since he was “irritating and big-headed,” and “got to pilot the flagship of the Federation regardless of his restricted experience, compared to the specialists he shared the bridge with,” per CBR.

Sustained by revenge, Sheldon chooses to beat Wil at the video game and practically comes out triumphant, however Wil techniques him and wins, therefore sealing himself as Sheldon’s bane.

The Wheaton Reoccurrence– Season 3, Episode 19

The Big Bang Theory - The Wheaton Recurrence

” The Wheaton Reoccurrence” sees Leonard blurting “I enjoy you” to Cent when they’re making love and her panicking and hesitant to state it back, casting a shadow of doubt on their relationship. It likewise continues the Sheldon-Wil fight legend in yet another gathering.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

” I’m the happy owner of,. net” – Sheldon

Still reeling from the card competition, Sheldon discovers himself betting a bowling group with Cent and the guys versus Wil’s gang; his archenemy definitely does not make things simple for him and even affects Cent’s choice about Leonard.

So figured out is Sheldon to win that he even performs a Vulcan mind-meld with his bowling ball, triggering Wheaton to write on his website, “It’s extremely, uproarious. Jim wasn’t sure how to do it, so I showed on Simon, which I recognized later was most likely an intrusion of Simon’s individual area– Hey, in some cases my inner geek gets a little ecstatic.”

Sheldon: I SO hate you!

Wil: That’s right, Sheldon. Welcome the dark side.

Sheldon: That’s not even from your franchise!

Now that is one smooth poke at the timeless competition in between Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

The Thespian Driver– Season 4, Episode 14

In “ The Thespian Driver,” Sheldon is asked to provide a lecture at the university, however his stiff and pompous methods shows undesirable amongst the trainees in participation, triggering him to unwillingly employ Cent and her performing abilities in order to much better get across them.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

As a long-lasting Trekkie and a kid prodigy, Sheldon composed a fan-fiction novella at the age of 10, which he adjusted into a one-act play for his scene research study with Cent. It’s entitled, “Where No Sheldon Has Actually Preceded,” matching Captain Kirk’s renowned expression in The Original Series The entire property centers on a misconstrued, fantastic young boy from Texas who is transferred into the 23d century, “where his genius is not just valued, however commemorated.”

Sheldon: Sheldon’s mom, played by you, argues with an emissary of the United Federation of Planets, Mr. Spock, the function I will bring to life. (…)

Cent: Okay, the entire point of this is to loosen you up a little, so I’m believing you’ll play the function of your mom, and I will bring the life to Mr. Spock.

Sheldon: [Twitches] I’m sorry, YOU’ll be Spock?

Cent: [Imitating Spock’s raised eyebrow] It’s just sensible.

The Russian Rocket Response– Season 5, Episode 5

Brent Spiner and Wil Wheaton, The Big Bang Theory

” The Russian Rocket Response” centers around Howard being picked by NASA to go on the International Spaceport station, much to Sheldon’s discouragement and Bernadette’s issue. Another problem that upsets Sheldon is Wil welcoming Raj, Leonard, and Howard to a personal celebration however intentionally omitting him.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

Naturally, Sheldon crashes the celebration when he discovers that the important invitee is none aside from Brent Spiner, among the respected actors who played several characters on Star Trek however is primarily cherished for the function of the charming android, Information

Wil then chooses to broker peace with Sheldon by doing what he must have done back in 1995: provide him a signed initial Wesley Crusher action figure, therefore eliminating his name from his list of archenemies … Just to be changed by Spiner after the latter opens the figure’s product packaging and ruins its worth: a significant faux-pax in geekdom.

Brent: I’m sorry, slim. I have some Mr. Data dolls in the truck of my automobile. Do you desire me to sign one for you?

Sheldon: You currently signed something, Brent Spiner … your name on my list. From this minute on, you are my mortal opponent!

Wil: Do not stress; it does not use up a great deal of your time.

The Habitation Setup– Season 6, Episode 7

The Big Bang Theory - The Habitation Configuration

In ” The Habitation Setup,” 2 couples remain in severe difficulty: Amy and Sheldon, and Bernadette and Howard. The previous battle as they movie a brand-new episode of “Enjoyable with Flags,” their YouTube program that teaches vexillology.

When it comes to the latter, they are now wed and need to handle the uphill struggle of vacating Howie’s possessive and co-dependent mom’s home.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

In this specific chapter of “Enjoyable with Flags,” Sheldon discuss the different flags utilized in the science-fiction franchise and generates Wil (his brand-new friend) as a co-host. Amy is directing, however she keeps disrupting Wil and slamming his efficiency, therefore putting Sheldon in a conflicted position.

Wil: Issue, newbie director?

Sheldon: Oh, none that I might see. I saw a male who liked flags practically as much as I do. I got goosebumps.

Amy: He was overacting on function.

Sheldon: Actually? He advised me of a young William Shatner.

Shatner, who played Captain Kirk, was typically indicated out by critics for overdramatizing his scenes, however his fans have actually constantly been entertained by this propensity since it befitted the character’s brazen and enthusiastic character.

Given that Sheldon is typically not able to check out social hints, he initially makes the error of siding with Wil rather of his sweetheart.

After recognizing his faux-pas, he channels his inner Texan and heads to Wil’s home to safeguard Amy’s honor; Trekkies fasted to discover that your house number, 1701, was a nod to the starship U.S.S. Business (NCC-1701-D) in TNG

The episode ends with Sheldon generating LeVar Burton (TNG’s Geordi La Forge) to co-host “Enjoyable with Flags” in exchange for a complimentary meal, however Amy discovers him even worse than Wil.

The Bat Container Opinion– Season 1, Episode 13

” The Bat Container Opinion” includes Sara Gilbert as Leslie Winkle, Leonard’s periodic capture and Sheldon’s bane at work. There is a Physics Bowl competition, and the gang, fed up with Sheldon’s shenanigans and managing methods, toss him out of their group and generate Leslie rather, triggering him to form his own group of minions to complete versus them.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

The plot starts with the guys sharing their enjoyment about the brand-new Star Trek film and going over Spock’s uncommon conception, given that he’s half-Vulcan, half-human. Sheldon hesitates to take part in the Physics Bowl initially, however Leonard encourages him by paraphrasing Spock’s popular passing away words, “The requirements of the numerous outweighs the requirements of the couple of or the one.” To which Sheldon responds with the Vulcan salute, completely contract.

After they toss him out of their group, he makes a brand-new one and gowns the members up in red Trek t-shirts; naturally, just he is in shape enough to put on the captain’s standard golden t-shirt. The last scene portrays Cent quizzing Leonard and Sheldon about popular culture, however not just do they provide incorrect responses, they likewise keep referencing Trek

Cent: What star holds the record for being called Individuals’s publication’s sexiest guy alive?

Sheldon: William Shatner!

Leonard: I do not believe it’s Shatner.

Sheldon: Then it’s got to be Patrick Stewart!

The Spock Resonance– Season 9, Episode 7

The Big Bang Theory -The Spock Resonance
CBS/Warner Bros.

Following his break up with Amy, Sheldon is injured and puzzled; in a stunning confession, he exposes to Cent and Leonard that he was intending on proposing to her. All he requires now is an indirect push from an unforeseen visitor to propose. On the other hand, Howard is not able to come to terms with his mama’s death, as Bernadette is attempting to refurnish the household home.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

” The Spock Resonance” is a tribute to the iconic First Officer and checks out the origin of Sheldon’s fascination with him. Thanks to his relationship with Wil, he is spoken with by Leonard Nimoy‘s child Adam, for the documentary For the Love of Spock

Adam: Great to satisfy you.

Sheldon: Oh, it’s great to satisfy YOU. I appreciate your dad’s work quite. It’s not every day I get to satisfy somebody whose life’s journey started in my hero’s scrotum.

Wil: [to Adam] I informed you this guy is gold.

In his testament, Sheldon states that “the whole point of replicating Spock was to increase above human feelings.” However when Cent remarks that the character is likewise a thoughtful half-human, Sheldon chooses to say sorry and propose to Amy.

” If she states yes, we can put his behind us and resume our relationship. And if she states no … well then she can simply ponfo mirann!” [Vulcan for “Go to hell”]

The Bakersfield Exploration– Season 6, Episode 13

Kunal Nayyar, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, & Simon Helberg on The Big Bang Theory
Warner Bros.

” The Bakersfield Exploration” is an amusing expedition of geeks’ fascination with cosplay and conventions and how they’re typically badgered by other individuals. The guys excitedly head to Bakersfield Comic-Con, while the girls take a look at some comics to see what the difficulty is everything about and discover themselves uncommonly invested.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

The gang gown in TNG outfits: Howard is a Borg drone, Sheldon is Data (regardless of Spiner making his list of mortal opponents), Raj is the Klingon Lieutenant Worf, and Leonard is Captain Picard, total with a baldness head.

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They hop in Leonard’s automobile “at lightning speed” and make a stop at Vasquez Rocks, the recording area of a number of Star Trek episodes, to take some images completely clothing, phaser and all. Sadly, they take method a lot of postures, leaving the automobile ignored; it is taken, in addition to their routine clothing, phones, and cash.

Left stranded in the desert, they pretend they’re a landing celebration in hostile area while meticulously strolling to the closest restaurant, where the waitress and clients tease them. When they lastly return home, they overhear the ladies arguing about comics characters and get their stages prepared in case they have actually been transferred to an alternate universe.

” However set phasers to stun. If we vaporize Cent, I’ll never ever discover a sweetheart that quite once again.” – Leonard

The Transporter Breakdown– Season 5, Episode 20

The Big Bang Theory - The Transporter Malfunction

Sheldon frequently hints to Cent that she is a freeloader since she never ever pays them back for takeout and constantly utilizes their Wi-Fi. Feeling sorry, she cashes a recurring check and purchases him and Leonard valuable collectible items from the comic book store.

How the Episode Associates With Star Trek

The products in concern are 2 similar vintage 1975 Mego Star Trek Transporters, and the guys are elated that they remain in mint condition. Left alone, Sheldon chooses to have fun with his Spock figure (whom he dreams about and envisions is speaking with him) and selfishly opens Leonard’s box rather.

Sadly, he breaks his good friend’s transporter and covertly changes packages. The voice of Spock then attempts to interest Sheldon’s conscience, so he can do the best thing and admit his misbehaviour.

Mr. Spock: Well, I am dissatisfied.

Sheldon: I believed where you originate from, they do not have feelings.

Mr. Spock: I originate from a factory in Taiwan.

What makes this episode so excellent is that the little Spock figure was voiced by Leonard Nimoy himself in an uncommon cameo, making it his last ever television credit (disallowing archival video footage and audio in Discovery and Prodigy). With the decent cameo and adorable scene, this makes it the very best Star Trek– themed episode in The Huge Bang Theory

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