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The 10 Wildest Episodes of Catfish, Ranked

MTV’s hit truth reveal Catfish has more than 200 episodes examining online relationships. Here are the 10 wildest episodes of Catfish, ranked.

MTV’s hit show Catfish: The TV Show initially debuted in 2012 after the success of Nev Schulman’s 2010 documentary entitled Catfish In his film, Shulman’s sibling and pal record him as he browses an online relationship through social networks with a girl called Megan after ending up being good friends with her entire household on Facebook. Sadly, things come crashing down for Nev when he finds out Megan and her more youthful sibling Abby are not who he believes they are, and he’s really been speaking to a female called Angela. This stunning awareness not just assisted develop the term ‘catfish’ we understand today however likewise influenced the television series that has actually surprised audiences for the last years.



Catfish: The Television Program has a basic episode format where somebody connects to Nev for aid with their online relationship. Nev and his partner, initially Max Joseph, today Kammie Crawford, examine the scenario, and assist bring individuals deal with to deal with and see if they’re truly who they are depicting online. Since 2023, there are over 200 Catfish: The Television Program episodes with stunning exposes andunexpected twists Here are the leading 10 wildest episodes of Catfish, ranked.

10 ” Kristina & & Faith “( Season 7, Episode 30)

Kristina and Faith Catfish

One wild episode of Catfish is from season 7, episode 30, “Kristina & & Faith. “This episode follows as Nev and his visitor co-host Tallulah Willis assist a female called Kristina, who fell for an individual online called Faith. Nevertheless, things get made complex when Kristina exposes she is engaged to somebody called Sami, who is entirely uninformed of her online love. After Kristina called Catfish and came tidy to Sami, the 2 broke off their engagement and took a trip to Michigan to see if Faith was genuinely the one for her.

In a stunning turn of occasions, the huge expose identified that Faith was really Kristina’s present partner, Sami. Sami declares she began speaking to Kristina in an online chat room to see if she would betray however wound up taking the act too far. The 2 chose to go their different methods to deal with themselves and build a friendship with one another.

9 ” Kayla & & Courtney “( Season 5, Episode 10)

Kayla and Courtney Catfish

Among the most outside-the-box Catfish episodes is from season 5’s “Kayla & & Courtney. “This particular episode does not concentrate on a couple however rather on a girl called Kayla, who touches with Courtney, a female declaring to be transporting the spirit of her departed dad. When Kayla was simply a young child, her dad killed her mom before devoting suicide, leaving her with a great deal of discomfort and unanswered concerns. Nev, Max, Kayla, and her auntie all set off for Jupiter, Florida, to satisfy Courtney and see if she is genuinely a psychic medium.

The meetup is stunning, as Courtney shows up and has the ability to offer information on Kayla’s dad and his life that few individuals would understand otherwise. This awareness not just assisted to alter the cast’s viewpoint of Courtney, however it likewise assisted to bring some much-needed closure to Kayla.

8 ” Paul & & Caitea “( Season 8, Episode 32)

Paul and Caitea Catfish

Season 8, episode 32, “Paul & & Caitea, “is among the more troubling episodes of Catfish, where the scenario begins to cross lines into the unimaginable. It begins with Samantha connecting to Nev and Kammie to assist identify if her fiancé Paul’s previous love is genuine or a catfish. Paul satisfied somebody he thinks is called Caitea on Xbox and fell for her before she ghosted him. Now, nearly a years later on, Samantha requires aid from Nev to reveal Paul that Caitea is not who he believes she is so the 2 can proceed with their own relationship.

Things take a down spiral when Caitea is a genuine individual however is not who Paul was speaking to. Paul was really speaking to Caitea’s mom, Martha, who was impersonating her minor child online. It’s exceptionally disturbing that Martha was speaking to minor kids online as an adult, though it’s not the very first time the program has actually revealed predatory habits.

7 ” Open Examination” (Season 6, Episode 12)

Catfish: The TV Show Open Investigation

” Open Examination” from season 6 of Catfish: The Television Program is a wild trip that follows Nev and Max as they assist get to the bottom of a celeb catfish case. This episode follows as they search for Shelley Chartier, a female who managed an elaborate scheme that catfished design Paris Roxanne and NBA star Chris Andersen. The team needed to take a trip to rural Canada to find Chartier, which is where they discovered she had actually been functioning as an unnoticeable intermediary in the star relationship.

They likewise discovered that Chartier had actually catfished others online under the alias of Tom with an unwary lady from Texas. Chartier had actually formerly been charged for these criminal activities of impersonating, extortion, and scams in 2013 and invested a year in jail before appearing in the 2017 episode, where she declared her life of online criminal offense lagged her which she was prepared to proceed.

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6 ” Lucas & & Lots Of” (Season 5, Episode 13)

Lucas and Manny Catfish

Among the most popular episodes of Catfish is when previous Playboy star Jayme looks for aid from Nev and Max after thinking her online partner Lucas is lying. The 2 satisfied essentially on Tinder, however both Jayme and her good friends ended up being suspicious of him after discovering he was utilizing phony images on his profile. The examination takes off as Nev and Jayme begin getting messages from other ladies declaring they, too, have actually been speaking to Lucas. It does not take wish for the group to find Lucas is really somebody called Zac, who has actually been taking advantage of unwary ladies online for a long time.

The genuine twist in the episode is when Jayme and numerous others Zac lied to face him and let them understand how breached they felt by his actions. Things just worsen when they find out Zac’s done this to numerous ladies online and appears to have little regret for his lies.

5 ” Spencer & & Katy “( Season 5, Episode 15)

Spencer in Catfish.

” Spencer & & Katy “is a Catfish episode you require to see to think. It follows as Nev and Max attempt to assist Spencer, a guy who thinks he remains in a relationship withpop icon Katy Perry He declares the 2 have actually been talking for 6 years and are incredibly in love, in spite of the reality they have actually never ever video-chatted or satisfied personally. A little investigator work from the cast figures out that Spencer has really been speaking to somebody called Harriet, who is likewise a Katy Perry fan. They all meet Harriet, so she can describe to Spencer she is genuinely the one he had actually been talking to over the last couple of years, however Spencer is still suspicious.

Even after the expose, Spencer shares that he has doubts about the entire scenario and still thinks there’s an opportunity he was consulting with Katy. He continued to message Harriet after the program as if she were Katy, though Spencer declares he had actually pertained to terms with the fact. It’s a rather unfortunate yet unforgettable episode that demonstrates how tough it can be to let go of a dream.

4 ” Falesha & & Jacqueline “( Season 4, Episode 13)

Falesha and Jacqueline Catfish

Season 4, episode 13, “Falesha & & Jacqueline, “follows as Nev and Max attempt to assist a female called Falesha who’s handling a kind of identity theft online. Basically, somebody is taking Falesha’s images and utilizing them as a profile for somebody called Jacqueline, who is bullying and assaulting others online. This has actually been taking place for many years and is beginning to take a heavy toll on Falesha’s individual life.

The examination exposed that Jacqueline was really somebody called Tracey, who passes the alias Tracey Barbie. The expose where the cast and Tracey satisfy up is downright stunning, as she has definitely no regret for all she put Falesha through. Her responses are so disturbing that it makes it tough for Nev, Max, or Falesha to truly get across her and assist her recognize the gravity of the scenario.

3 ” Gemini & & Myranda “( Season 8, Episode 10)

Gemini and Myranda Catfish

Season 8 is among the most extreme of all the Catfish episodes, and episode 10, “Gemini & & Myranda, “has a wild turn of occasions. This episode includes Gemini, a guy who fell for somebody he thinks is called Myranda. The 2 talked for 7 years, yet Gemini has actually never ever had the ability to satisfy her, producing doubts about whether she’s informing the fact. As Nev and Kammie dive into the case, they find out that Myranda is really Ashley Taylor, a repeat wrongdoer who was formerly on the program for the season 8 best.

Nev and Kammie choose to stage an intervention for Ashley by bringing Gemini and Red from episode 1 of the season face to deal with. It’s stunning to see a catfisher appear on the program two times, however Ashley was somebody who required to recover her long-lasting problems and injury. She went on to be included on the TLC program My 600-Lb. Life and declares to no longer utilize any social networks platforms.

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2 ” Antwane & & Tony “( Season 3, Episode 2)

Carmen in Catfish.

Among the best Catfish episodes is season 3, episode 2, “Antwane & & Tony. “It begins with a female called Carmen calling the program in an effort to assist her cousin, Antwane, satisfy his veteran online partner, Tony. He’s never ever seen a photo of Tony or satisfied him personally, producing suspicions about his real identity. Nev and Max research study Tony and discover a telephone number linked to somebody called Diana Thomas. Nev, Max, Antwane, and Carmen travel to numerous various addresses to discover Diana, just for Carmen to expose she had actually been talking to her cousin as Tony.

Carmen declares she pretended to be Tony for 3 years due to the fact that Antwane had actually body-shamed her numerous years prior, and she desired vengeance. The jaw-dropping expose stays among the most renowned in all of Catfish, specifically with how delighted Carmen appears to be with her misleading work. The episode upgrade reveals audiences that Carmen connected to apologize with Antwane however did not get a reaction.

1 ” Artis & & Jess “( Season 2, Episode 9)

Artis and Justin in Catfish.

” Artis & & Jess” from season 2, episode 9 of Catfish, stays among the most wild exposes in the program’s history. It begins with Nev and Max satisfying a guy called Artis, who fell for a female called Jess, whom he satisfied on Facebook. Regardless of the reality that Artis remained in a relationship and had actually just seen one picture of Jess, he was desperate to satisfy her and begin a life together, even if that implied running the risk of things with his present sweetheart. The meet-up takes an unanticipated turn when a guy called Justin shows up and exposes he has actually been speaking to Artis as Jess.

The expose is warmed as the 2 argue, and Justin declares his catfish intentions were to teach Artis a lesson for betraying in their relationship. Justin is aggressive and appears to take pleasure in remaining in the spotlight, which shows real as he and Artis began making YouTube videos together after the program aired. Artis declares the occasions made his present relationship more powerful, however Justin’s expose and the entire property of this episode made it among the most unhinged in the Catfish brochure.

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