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The 10 Finest Scary Motion Pictures That Function Bigfoot, Ranked

There are numerous intriguing and terrible legends out there consisting of the one about Bigfoot. Here are the very best 10 scary movies including Bigfoot.

There are numerous tales of legendary animals that are given from generation to generation. Such animals have actually left an effect on everybody’s youth as they are retold once again and once again, with modifications included each time. One of these legends is of Bigfoot, whose story differs throughout the years. This animal has actually likewise been called Yeti, Bigfoot, and numerous other names that alter depending upon the culture and area. Whether Bigfoot is genuine is still up for argument, however even if we can’t understand the fact for sure, we can still delight in finding out about the animal.



Individuals’s fascinations with Bigfoot resulted in the production of numerous movies about the well-known beast. A few of these movies were really rather effective, while others stayed unknown. Now with many more sightings being reported about experiencing the historic animal, there is an excellent chance to discuss the very best movies about Bigfoot. While the tales connected with the animal are mainly scary, the movies made about Bigfoot cover numerous categories. From funny to experience, you will discover a movie about some type of this animal in practically all categories. The most fitting category, nevertheless, would be scary. For that reason, here are the very best scary motion pictures that include Bigfoot, ranked.

10 Bigfoot– 1970

Bigfoot in Bigfoot 1970
Ellman Enterprises

Among the earliest scary motion pictures made on this subject was Bigfoot, launched in 1970. At that time, the legend of Bigfoot was proliferating, mostly due to the fact that of the flow of the well-known Patterson movie, and it became part of popular culture too. While the movie is low spending plan, it still made a good effort to illustrate the animal. It begins when females in a forest beyond a town start vanishing one by one, and individuals think that Bigfoot lagged their disappearance. When the authorities do not do enough, bicycle riders in the town make it their objective to discover and save those who were abducted. The group encounters Bigfoot’s burrow which, naturally, does not work out for them, till they discover a method to utilize dynamite to beat the rampaging animal.

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What Makes It Terrific

One information about the scary movie that makes it intriguing to the audience is the reality that the film was shot in a number of areas in California where genuine individuals had actually reported sightings of Bigfoot. The movie, which was composed and directed by Robert F. Slatzer, likewise had the intriguing concept of providing a household made from a number of Bigfoot animals instead of just one. This effort might not be the very best out there, however it is still worth the reference. Bigfoot stars John Carradine, Joi Lansing, Judith Jordan, John Mitchum, and James Craig.

9 Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes– 2012

Bigfoot in Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes
Alameda Home Entertainment

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes was launched in 2012 and utilized the design of discovered video. The movie follows a well-known reporter called Sean Reynolds (Drew Rausch) who hada show covering paranormal activity His track record and profession are ruined when among the episodes on his program ends up being covering an incorrect phenomenon. Choosing to change sides and begin showing those who think in the paranormal to be lying, Reynolds is on a brand-new objective with the exact same team. When he finds out about a male called Carl Drybeck (Frank Ashmore) declaring that he has actually discovered Bigfoot, he chooses to choose his team and show him incorrect.

What Makes It Terrific

The scary begins quickly after the team arrive, as they understand possibly Drybeck was informing the fact and Bigfoot really exists. Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes is filled with stress that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. It likewise has fantastic dive terrifies that assisted impose the movie’s category as a scary one. The movie’s cast consisted of Rich McDonald, Ashley Wood, Noah Weisberg, and Japheth Gordon.

8 Animal from Black Lake– 1976

Bigfoot in Creature from Black Lake
Howco International Pictures

Launched in 1976, Animal from Black Lake is another movie that happens at an early time before Bigfoot movies prevailed. It follows the strange attacks taking place to anglers in the Louisiana swamps which individuals credit to an animal appearing like Bigfoot. As individuals keep speaking about what has actually been taking place, 2 males choose to go to the overload and take a look at precisely what sort of animal exists. The regional witnesses do not enter into much information about what they saw, however the hunt the 2 males go on leads them best to the beast.

What Makes It Terrific

The environment in Animal from Black Lake is definitely spooky, which fits the scary around the odd sightings of the unidentified animal. The film has actually given that ended up being a little a cult traditional among fans, due to the well done environment, in addition to the lively humor and local color included. Possibly among its cons is the absence of Bigfoot looks in the movie. It would have enhanced a lot if we got to see the beast a number of times instead of the couple of ones currently consisted of. The film stars Jack Elam, Dub Taylor, Dennis Fimple, John David Carson, and Jim McCollough Jr. (who likewise composed the script).

7 Primal Rage– 2018

Bigfoot in Primal Rage (1)
Blue Fox Home Entertainment

Primal Rage is a more current movie compared to the majority of the motion pictures launched about Bigfoot. It follows a couple checking out the Pacific Northwest, however they are consulted with numerous challenges that make their journey not the very best. Needing to handle the cruelty of nature, hostile residents, and coming face to face with Bigfoot, it is a journey they will always remember. The animal they come across is called by the residents as Oh-Mah and while it isn’t precisely the name typically connected with Bigfoot, the animal is really comparable to how we would explain Bigfoot.

What Makes It Terrific

What makes Primal Rage an excellent film is Bigfoot’s style, andthe special effects used in the film As a scary film it didn’t avoid tossing bodies around, so it will not be the very best choice for the faint of heart with the quantity of gore in it. The audience is handled a journey through the wilderness where the couple in concern attempt their finest to endure the monstrous animal. If Primal Rage had a more intriguing plot it would have been unequaled, specifically with the fantastic character style. Yet, it is still a great film about Bigfoot.

6 The Abominable Snowman– 1957

Character in The Abominable Snowman
Unique Movies

The Abominable Snowman provides itself as proof that our interest in Bigfoot returns several years earlier, given that this scary film was launched in 1957. The black-and-white movie follows a researcher and a group of individuals as they go on an exploration in the Mountain ranges to discover the well-known Yeti, which is the local name for an animal really comparable to Bigfoot. The more the group searches for the animal in the snowy mountains, the more stress develops in between them. Things get more made complex when some members of the group have ulterior intentions for looking for the Yeti. This brings into the film the style of commercialism pitted versus science, as some members wish to make use of the animal for cash– if they handle to discover it.

What Makes It Terrific

The Abominable Snowman is filled with fear, which is communicated to the audience through the fantastic efficiency by the cast. The animal style was likewise scary, which contributed to the scary in the movie. Directed by Val Visitor, the film talks about the concept of guy being the genuine wicked guy needs to deal with, and not the Yeti. This concept likewise returns several years, so it is a good mix to contribute to the Yeti story. The movie’s cast consists of Forrest Tucker, Peter Cushing, Maureen Connell, Richard Wattis, and Robert Brown.

5 Night of the Satanic Force

Scene from Night of the Demon
Megastar Movies

Night of the Satanic Force stays among the most terrible movies about Bigfoot given that it was launched in 1980. The movie concentrates on an anthropologist and his trainees after a series of murders happen. Thinking that Bigfoot lags these murders, the trainees and their teacher attempt to track him down. While the story might appear easy, the movie had several turns and twists that made it more intriguing

What Makes It Terrific

Night of the Satanic Force ends up being much more intriguing to anybody who is a fan of excessive gore. The movie had numerous gory scenes in it, it was identified as “video nasty” in the UK. We get to see a number of the murders through flashbacks, and they leave no information obscured. There is a comic aspect in the movie too– a few of the deaths even come off as amusing. All of this makes Night of the Satanic Force an excellent scary movie about Bigfoot.

4 Exists– 2014

Bigfoot in Exists
Lions Gate Movies

Given that its release in 2014, numerous would think about Exists to be among the very best Bigfoot movies out there. The film likewise utilizes discovered video, a fitting design for the topic. And like the majority of movies about the animal, Exists happens in the woods. It was developed by Eduardo Sánchez, who likewise did The Blair Witch Task The movie follows a group of teens who go camping in the woods, just to come face to face with Bigfoot. For the remainder of the movie, we see the group attempting to endure before they are eliminated in a vicious method by the animal.

What Makes It Terrific

Something about Exists is that it completely portrays Bigfoot, which one would anticipate when Sánchez is included. The animal style made you think that you were actually seeing Bigfoot instead of a star. In spite of that, the movie was slammed for its absence of strong characters and possibly if it had actually focused more on refining the characters then it would have been more recognized.

3 The Legend of Boggy Creek– 1972

Scene from The Legend of Boggy Creek
Howco International Pictures

The Legend of Boggy Creek is another early effort at portraying Bigfoot, and it managed the story well. The movie is performed in a documentary design, and it was really rather groundbreaking at the time of its release. It concentrates on a variation of Bigfoot discovered in Fouke, Arkansas, called the “Fouke Beast,” as it keeps intimidating individuals there.

What Makes It Terrific

A few of the genuine individuals who declared to have actually seen the well-known beast really appear in The Legend of Boggy Creek which contributed to the audience’s interest. The movie was likewise effective at package workplace, making $20 million. The documentary design contributes to the scary, making the movie feel genuine, and likewise added to how it discovered success. The Legend of Boggy Creek sufficed to motivate a number of scary movies about Bigfoot later on. The docudrama likewise consisted of beautiful landscapes, which later on played a part in how scary Bigfoot seemed as it interrupted the natural appeal in the movie. It is an example of how a low-budget movie can be a success in spite of monetary restrictions.

2 Abominable– 2006

Bigfoot in Abominable 2006
Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

Abominable follows Preston Rogers (Matt McCoy) who remained in a climbing up mishap and has actually ended up being paralyzed. Rogers goes back to his cabin in the woods so he can rest and recover there, however things take an unanticipated turn when he spies Bigfoot in the woods. Given that he is accompanied by others, Rogers attempts to persuade them of what he saw, however that shows to be challenging, and he needs to see while the beast abducts his next-door neighbor, and nobody appears all set to think him.

What Makes It Terrific

Following its release, Abominable rapidly acquired fan-favorite status, specifically with the gore it included and how fantastic the beast looks. What made it much more satisfying is how likeable the primary character Rogers is, that makes the audience wish to know what occurs to him. Abominable‘s cast likewise consists of Haley Joel, Christien Tinsley, Karin Anna Cheung, Jeffrey Combs, Lance Henriksen, and Natalie Compagno.

1 Willow Creek – 2013

A couple listens to sounds outside a tent in Willow Creek.
Dark Sky Movies

Willow Creek is another movie that leans on the discovered video design, and it might be argued that it is the very best of them. It follows Jim (Bryce Johnson) and his sweetheart Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) as they go to Willow Creek where Bigfoot was thought to be seen for the very first time. While Jim thinks in the presence of the vicious beast, Kelly is a skeptic, however she wants to accompany her partner in order to make him delighted.

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What Makes It Terrific

We see a practical representation of what will occur when 2 individuals go an experience like this as we have a look at the relationship issues they deal with and likewise the cautions they get from those around them. While Willow Creek is a slow burn, it still stays scary specifically as it develops to an excellent ending. It likewise feels reasonable, when we see this ignorant couple who wishes to record Bigfoot, yet they are not all set for what is waiting on them. It had simply the correct amount of twists and turns that made it the very best scary movie including the famous Bigfoot.

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