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The 10 Best Galactic Conquerors, Ranked

Everyone wishes to rule the world. Everybody on this list wishes to rule substantially more than one world.

Taking control of the world has actually been a staple bad guy inspiration because the start of storytelling. Nevertheless, as our understanding of deep space and deep space grows, so do the possible stories we can outline them. With the relatively unlimited possibilities, ultimately, someone will understand that they can rule all of it. As the renowned rock band Bauhaus sang (though not truly with stellar dominance in mind), “All we ever desired was whatever.”

As lots of movies and television programs have actually revealed, some characters have actually made noteworthy efforts to do simply that. This extends from the frightening world eaters to the leaders ofvast armies Let’s take a look at a few of the very best characters to have actually spread their may throughout deep space, ranking approximately who our company believe has actually done it the very best.

Update January 13, 2024: This short article has actually been upgraded with a lot more excellent galactic conqueror from throughout movie and tv.

Ming the Unforgiving – Flash Gordon

Ming the Merciless Flash Gordon
Universal Pictures

Making his very first look in the Flash Gordon cartoon in 1934, Ming The Unforgiving has actually appeared in television, movies, books, and comics, playing the villain to the titular Flash Gordon. This consists of Flash Gordon serials of the 30s and 40s and different short-term animated television series, consisting of Protectors of the Earth (1986– 1987) and the Flash Gordon animated series (1996 ). Nevertheless, his most renowned look came by means of the 1980 science fiction Flash Gordon, where Max von Sydow put on the name.

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The Self-Righteous Autocrat

As a ruler, Ming is a guy of severe intelligence and wit, having actually created his stellar supremacy over prepared intrusions backed by his command of innovation. Having access to magic and a master of the sword, he is a powerful enemy for Flash Gordon. What makes Ming the Unforgiving genuinely frightening is that he sees his reign as a required method to manage the mayhem in deep space which his severe procedures are constantly for the higher good.

Ming the Unforgiving only creeps onto our list, becoming part of the ‘Yellow Danger’ age of storytelling that utilized stereotypes to produce bad guys. We would like to see the character return in some capability, albeit with a style overhaul leaning into his strengths and moving far from the outdated image.

Admiral Atticus Noble – Rebel Moon

Atticus in Rebel Moon

A current entry into stellar conquerors, Admiral Atticus Noble made his very first look in Zack Snyder’s 2023’s Rebel Moon: Part One – A Kid of Fire Atticus Noble, played by Ed Skrein, leads ‘The Imperium,’ a stellar army that ends up being the considerable power that subjects other worlds to its violent type of justice at the tiniest viewed disobedience.

The Most Recent Stellar Hazard

Ruling with an iron fist, Atticus Noble wields the power of the imperium and is not fretted about utilizing it to its complete level. His appearing on any world is a factor alone to make its residents shudder in worry of the unidentified. Will he pertain to gather resources for the imperium or to rule down damage on its residents? The unidentified makes him a scary existence. With the 2nd part set for release and the very first part meaning a higher power behind the Imperium army, it stays to be seen if Exceptional Atticus Noble will continue his reign and show himself deserving of a greater area on this list.

The Irkens – Intruder ZIM

Still from Invader Zim

Invader Zim was produced by cult comics artist Jhonen Vasquez, who increased to prominence with his deal with the comics series Johnny The Bloodthirsty Maniac The Nickelodeon cartoon would bring Vasquez’s wit and customize it to a more youthful audience, eventually lasting a quick 27 episodes however acquiring cult status for its distinct mix of dark funny, sci-fi, and eccentric characters.

An Eccentric World Conqueror

The Irken Empire has a rather distinct technique of dominating worlds. They’ll send out a specialized soldier called an Intruder, arm them with a SIR pack, to penetrate a world and mix in with the regional residents to find out the target world’s weak point. When the weak point has actually been found and the world’s defenses weakened, the Irken Armada is hired to end up the task. Intruders are so proficient at their task that simply one suffices to take control of a world solitarily. It’s a good idea the Intruder sent out to Earth is the most inept Intruder the Irken Empire has ever utilized, isn’t it?

Brainiac – DC

Brainiac made his launching in comics in 1958 in Action Comics # 242. The character has actually been reimaigined lots of methods throughout the years differing from a natural researcher turned mad bad guy to an expert system, however one constant that stays about him is his status as an intergalactic conqueror, ruining world while leaving a little portion of them to keep and keep their understanding. The very best understood variation of the character remained in Superman: The Animated Series and would return in the Justice League animation. He has actually because appeared in Smallville, played by James Marsters. His latest, and maybe most overwhelming, look can be found in the SyFy series Krypton, as played by Blake Ritson.

Superman’s Greatest Hazard

Brainiac is a living Kryptonian supercomputer with a really basic MO: He drains pipes a world dry of its understanding, then ruins it. He confesses that being the only individual having stated understanding makes it better, making him the most wicked hoarder you can possibly imagine. Still, Brainiac stays among Superman’s most dangerous opponents and is noteworthy for constantly returning,no matter how often his robot body gets destroyed A special conqueror, Brainiac’s conquests aren’t for cash or power, and the large variety of worlds he’s desolated makes him among the most frightening forces ever to threat deep space. While the character has yet to get the cinema treatment, lots of are wanting to see him appear in James Gunn’s DCU as the primary bad guy of Superman: Tradition

Sailor Galaxia – Sailor Moon

Sailor Galaxia in Sailor Moon

Sailor Galaxia is the primary bad guy of the last season (called “ Sailor Moon Stars“) of the Sailor Moon anime, which ranged from 1992-1997. Initially a brave character, Galaxia sealed the living personification of Mayhem inside herself to conserve deep space. Sadly, Mayhem wound up having her and setting her down the course of stellar conquest.

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Hero Turned Hunter

Head of the Shadow Galactica, a company trying to take the star seeds of every world’s appointed Sailor Guardian, Galaxia dominated a big part of the galaxy before appearing in front of Sailor Moon and her good friends. She likewise brings with her various minions, who, while pale in contrast to her power, assistance swarm Earth with numbers. With lots of star seeds in her belongings, Sailor Galaxia’s power extends alarmingly far, and her experience with when being the best hero and greatest Sailor Guardian just contributes to her dubious intentions.

Thanos – The MCU

Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

Produced by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich, Thanos initially appeared in The Invincible Iron Guy # 55 in February 1973, beginning as a genocidal ruler before transitioning to the ‘Em peror of deep space’ soon after his look. The character would stay a foreboding force in the comics and would make a very first look in the Silver Web Surfer animated series. Nevertheless, he would enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a huge method, being the main bad guy of the Infinity Legend and genuinely showcasing the complete scope of his power in Avengers: Infinity War.

Emperor of deep space

Before he started his mission for the Infinity Stones, Thanos would enact his supremacy in the old-fashioned method: by dominating every world. When he and his armies had actually done so, they would massacre precisely half of the world’s residents. His armies are rather effective, and the Black Order, in addition to Gamora and Nebula (before they changed sides, a minimum of), suggests that Thanos has a fair bit of muscle to toss around (he’s not called the Mad Titan for no factor). Nevertheless, what makes him so frightening is that he truly thinks what he states and is encouraged that he’s conserving deep space rather of ruining it.

Frieza – Dragonball Z

According to Dragonball developer Akira Toriyama, Frieza was motivated by realty speculators throughoutthe Japanese economic bubble of 1986-1991 The world conqueror initially appeared in the Dragon Ball Z manga, Chapter # 247, entitled “Dark Clouds Swirl Over World Namek,” released on October 24, 1989, in Shōnen Dive. Frieza’s very first look in anime came by means of Dragon Ball Z, and he has actually likewise appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’/ Dragon Ball Super

Anime’s Many Identifiable Conqueror

Among the most notorious world conquerors around, Frieza and his company, will dominate worlds, eliminate all the residents, and after that offer them to the greatest bidder. Frieza himself is a scary bad guy, efficient in ruining a world with one finger, as the Saiyans of World Vegeta learnt. His battling abilities are extraordinary, and it takes Goku changing into the famous Super Saiyan to get the upper hand. Even then, Frieza has actually seen a number of kinds, initially to 4th, Mecha, Gold, and Black, making him a constant existence throughout the iconic anime series.

Darkseid – DC

Produced by renowned comic artist Jack Kirby, Darkseid initially appeared in Superman’s Buddy Jimmy Olsen # 134 in December 1970. As holds true with comics, the character has actually been retconned a couple of times over. Still, his usually most identifiable and renowned type is the ruler of Apokolips, a wicked planetary force. Darkseid has actually appeared on the screen as far back as Super Buddies: The Famous Super Powers Program (1984 ). Still, he is most identifiable for appearing in the Snyder Cut of Justice League (2017) and the Justice League animated series.

Ruler of Apokolips

Darkseid is a callous totalitarian whose wicked nature extends past his mission to control other worlds. Significantly, the whole set-up of Apokolips is established to abuse others into submission to the empire or pass away through harsh trials supervised by among Darkseid’s lots of subordinates (all effective in their own right). This consists of Steppenwolf, who appeared in Justice League (2017 ), and other more eccentric characters like Granny Goodness, who manages the world’s orphanage/training center.

While initially a Superman villain, Darkseid has actually ended up being a more considerable hazard to all superheroes, making him the perfect villain to the Justice League in both the animated and cinematic universe. The figure’s overwhelming image makes it most likely he will appear eventually once again in the live-action DCU.

Borg Queen – Star Trek

The Borg was presented in the Star Trek canon in The Next Generation episode “Q Who” on May 8, 1989. Nevertheless, it would be a number of years before their queen appeared in Star Trek: First Contact as the ruler over the sentient force that accepted innovation to acquire galactic-wide dominance. After the Borg Queen‘s (played by Alice Krige) very first look, she would appear 2 more times in the series: Star Trek: Voyager in the “Endgame” episode and Star Trek: Picard

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The Face of Among Area’s Many Lethal Forces

Throughout the run of Star Trek and its lots of models, lots of have actually attempted to stake their claim to being stellar conquerors. Out of all of them, it is tough to reject that the threatening force,’ The Borg,’ is among themost menacing threats Starfleet has ever faced While the Borg Queen might not have actually had as much of an existence as other villains, her being a token suffices to land her high up on the list. Additionally, The Borg is among the couple of groups in Star Trek whose origins have actually stayed unclear and uncertain, providing lots of speculation regarding how they ended up being a dominant stellar force.

The Borg Queen likewise makes a high area on our list due to her return in Star Trek: Picard, with one Borg Queen appearing in season 2 with the main primary one making her look in the last episodes of season 3, where the Borg make a considerable effect both in absorbing members and behind-the-scene impact on lots of occasions leading up to the ending. Moreover, her look provided closure to 7 of 9 and her interactions with the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Voyager. Consisting Of the Borg Queen was the perfect method to end the popular 3rd season, and they will ideally appear in the 4th (if there is one).

Emperor Palpatine – Star Wars

When one thinks about intergalactic conquerors, the given name individuals most likely consider is Emperor Palpatine Palpatine is a Sith Lord and the overarching bad guy of not simply the initial Star Wars trilogy however likewise the prequels and follows up. The prequel movies demonstrated how he went from an easy senator to the supreme chancellor to the ultimate Emperor, while the initial trilogy provides him as the supreme personification of evil. The follow up trilogy later on retconned him as the primary bad guy of that series (in some way, he returned), with him being in command of an ancient Sith cultist group who wanted to dominate the galaxy. As a Dark Lord of the Sith, Palpatine’s capability to utilize the Force makes him among the greatest, most frightening dangers in the whole galaxy. He can hold his own in a lightsaber battle with Yoda, clouding his real identity to penetrate the Jedi Council.

An Effective Mastermind

Palpatine declares the leading area for the large sparkle of his political maneuvering. He orchestrates a war between the Separatists and the Republic and the notorious Clone Wars. While much of the conquerors on this list utilized the large powers of their armies, Palpatine played the long video game in the shadows utilizing shrewd political strategies. He managed a dispute that required individuals to offer him power voluntarily (liberty passed away with thunderous applause) and after that had the ability to utilize the army to keep order throughout the galaxy through worry and intimidation. With an effective weapon like the Death Star and a Sith Lord like Darth Vader at his side, it is simple to see why lots of seemed like they lacked hope. Palpatine is the popular culture picture of stellar conqeuror that lots of people consider when the expression is said.

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