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Test Woman Author on Dealing With Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, and Crafting an Individual Film

Funny author Jen D’Angelo goes over how she established the Test Woman script and her exceptional cooperation with Awkwafina and Sandra Oh.


  • Funny author Jen D’Angelo established the script for Test Woman after being influenced by her sibling’s fixation with video game programs like Jeopardy.
  • D’Angelo did not have any specific stars in mind when composing the characters and was happily amazed when Awkwafina and Sandra Oh signed up with the movie.
  • D’Angelo, Oh, Awkwafina, and director Jessica Yu formed a close bond while dealing with the movie, sharing stories and experiences that enhanced the task.

Funny author Jen D’Angelo goes over how she established the Quiz Lady script and her exceptional cooperation with Awkwafina and Sandra Oh.

Directed by Jessica Yu, Test Woman surrounds Anne (Awkwafina), a shy game-show fanatic, and her separated eccentric sis (Oh). The strong supporting cast is comprised of Holland Taylor, Jason Schwartzman, Tony Hale, rap artist Jon “Dumbfoundead” Park, Tawny Newsome, Will Ferrell, andthe late Paul Reubens On September 9, Quiz Lady premiered at the 2023 Toronto Movie Celebration.

D’Angelo states she produced the script’s property through motivation from her sibling, who, like Awakfina’s Anne, is consumed with insignificant video game programs, particularly Jeopardy (by means of Screenrant).

So, my older sibling is really comparable to Anne because he is a genius and simply keeps in mind actually every truth he’s ever discovered. He has actually been consumed with Jeopardy his entire life, he’s experimented with several times, he constantly makes it into the participant swimming pool, however never ever gets the call to be on the program. When I initially relocated to LA, I was working as an assistant on a Sony program, so I would need to drive on to the Sony lot all the time, and I would drive past the Jeopardy phases, and I would simply resemble, “It’s right there. If I might simply get my sibling onto the program, it would make his entire life.” That concept was sort of the genesis of this entire thing of the concept of having what seems like a really basic objective, however since of all the feelings included, and external stakes, it ends up being a truly huge offer for these characters.

Likewise understood for her manufacturer deal with Solar Opposites and Workaholics, D’Angelo discusses that while she sees herself in both characters with her “shy extrovert” character, her characters were not composed with any specific stars in mind.

I began composing this script truly having no concept what would occur with it. I simply resembled, “I have this concept that makes me laugh, and I wish to simply compose it, and I’ll see what occurs. Worst-case circumstance, I have another function script that is simply a sample.” And as I was composing it, I arrange of understood the only manner in which this would ever truly get made is if we get 2 amazing stars connected to play these 2 siblings, so I simply was sort of keeping it open, since I wished to have anybody that we would perhaps have an interest in, I simply wished to have the ability to have them come on board if they were interested. I simply was crafting these characters, sort of in a vacuum.

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How Sandra and Awkwafina Raised Test Woman

Quiz Lady

Quiz Lady

Release Date
November 3, 2023

Jessica Yu

Awkwafina, Sandra Oh, Will Ferrell, Holland Taylor, Jason Schwartzman, Tawny Newsome


1hr 39min


The 35-year-old comical author exposed that Awkwafina was the very first to check out the script and sign up with the movie. D’Angelo described that Sandra Oh rapidly signed up with after, and they were both enjoyed be apart and had the ability to get in touch with the characters.

And after that, right when I completed the script, I sent it to my supervisor, and she right away resembled, “I believe this would be truly terrific for Awkwafina.” That was beyond my wildest dreams, I resembled, “Oh my gosh, yeah, that ‘d be fantastic.” So, she was the very first individual to check out the script, and when she signed on, I could not think it. It ended up being so amazing to then think about Anne as depicted by Awkwafina and sort of discovering methods to bring parts of her into that character, and likewise make that character something that we’re not utilized to seeing her play. The very same with Sandra, they’re both betting type, so when Sandra came on board, that was likewise simply the most amazing present of perpetuity, I could not think it, I resembled, “Wow, we truly did get 2 amazing stars.” It was so amazing to have them begin, and fortunately, we had a great deal of time, we had the ability to deal with the characters together and truly craft them together, which was amazing.

D’Angelo applauded Yu, Oh, and Awkwafina for their professionalism and genuine enjoyment towards the movie.

It was such a fantastic procedure, right when Jessica came on board, all of us got to invest– Jessica, Sandra, Awkwafina and I– a week together in London, where we were simply dealing with the script, and sharing stories about our households, and simply speaking about embarassment, and being humiliated. And it was so enjoyable, it was such a fantastic bonding experience for the 4 people.

Test Woman is now offered for streaming on Hulu, and have a look at our review here.

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