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Star Wars: Finest Outfit Styles in the Franchise, Ranked

From Darth Vader’s renowned fit to The Mandalorian’s armor, these are the very best outfit styles in Star Wars.

Star Wars is a long-running science-fiction franchise embeded in a far galaxy throughout a various time when the Force rules, and force-wielders called Jedi can utilize the Force to move items in addition to forecast the future. The initial movie trilogy generated an overall of 8 other movies, numerous television series, and a number of effective computer game. Star Wars rules the sci-fi category, setting the requirement for many.



Thinking About that Star Wars is loaded with beloved characters and distinct settings, the style procedure should have been intriguing. In between the Western-style style of Han’s outfit and the intricacies of the Chewbacca fit, the outfit designers definitely had their work cut out for them. That being stated, these are the very best outfit styles in the franchise, ranked.

Update October 15, 2023: The Halloween season implies individuals are trying to find cool outfits to use, and following the release of Ahsoka on Disney+, Star Wars is now back in the spotlight, so here are a couple of fantastic outfit concepts from the cherished franchise.

15 Hera Syndulla

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Hera Syndulla in the Ahsoka Star Wars series
Disney Platform Circulation

Hela Syndulla initially appeared in animated programs Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: The Bad Batch before making her live-action launching in the Disney+ seriesAhsoka Her outfit stays mostly comparable in all 3 tasks. With her leather coat and flight safety glasses, her appearance is rather Amelia Earhart-esque, that makes sense offered her function as a pilot. This, integrated with her unique orange trousers similar to the more conventional X-Wing attire, makes sure that her appearance stands apart from the crowd. This is great, considered that Hera starlet Mary Elizabeth Winstead had to go through a lengthy transformation process when playing the function.

14 Tusken Raider Outfit

Tusken Raiders

The Tusken Raiders are the evasive race of individuals who live deep in the dunes of Tatooine. Initially presented in A Brand-new Hope, the Tusken Raiders, or “Sand Individuals,” are seen to be hostile towards outsiders, happy to go to fantastic lengths to safeguard themselves and their lifestyle. The Tusken outfit includes a light attire comparable to that used by farmers, however the most distinct and renowned part of the outfit is the mask. Created to keep wetness in the eyes and mouth, the Tusken mask makes them look terrible regardless of the reality that they are natural beings.

13 Lando Calrissian Cloud City Attire

Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian in The Empire Strikes Back

Han Solo’s old pal, Lando Calrissian, embodies design. As the smooth-talking bettor and playboy-esque Cloud City administrator, Lando is often revealed sporting sophisticated, advanced, and (probably) pricey clothing. The very best example of this is the extremely first outfit we see him in when Han, Leia, and the gang land in Cloud City inStar Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back He wears black trousers, a soft blue t-shirt, and a big black belt, all of which are trendy enough. However it’s his soft blue cape, total with a gold patterned lining, that actually makes a declaration. Which declaration is, “I’m cooler than you.”

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12 Qi’ ra’s Red Cape

Emila Clarke as Qi'ra in Solo A Star Wars Story

Keeping with the style of capes, next up is this little number used by Emilia Clarke’s Qi’ ra in 2018Solo: A Star Wars Story While that movie and the character stopped working to make much of an impression, it’s tough to reject that the romantic interest of Han didn’t look trendy throughout. In reality, it’s really remarkable the number of costume modifications Qi’ ra has throughout the one movie she appears in and the number of of them serve.

Her finest appearance happens midway through the motion picture when she tosses a scarlet red cape on top of the cream coat she is currently using. The cape, which is total with a black neck and shoulders and a diagonal zipper, stands apart from the grayer combination of the movie and provides the character an air of authority.

11 Praetorian Guards

Rey and Kylo in The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi is a questionable choice for some, however something it did have that many can settle on was incredible outfit style. In what is thought about the very best scene in the motion picture, Kylo Ren and Rey sign up with forces when Kylo strikes Snoke down, and his guards assault the set. As they battle, we get a great take a look at the guards’ distinct red armor and their similarly distinct weapons. With a difficult, red external shell and a helmet that conceals the face, these matches of armor are indicated to be frightening to any foe. Michael Kaplan even made an Empire Award for his efforts on Costume Design.

10 Captain Phasma’s Metallic Fit


Captain Phasma is very first presented to us in The Force Awakens, where we see her shot to discipline Finn before he leaves the Empire and discovers himself assisting the Disobedience. The most remarkable element of Phasma is her metal fit, thoroughly curtained cape, and matching weapon. While her character got much criticism for being overhyped regardless of the eventually bit part in the franchise, the aesthetic appeals did not go undetected. Captain Phasma merch offered effectively on the marketplace, showing that individuals liked the style of the outfit, though not always the character behind it.

9 Padme’s Lake Gown

Anakin and Padme on Naboo
20th Century Fox

With the intro of brand-new characters in the prequels came an entire brand-new chance for updated outfit style. Among the characters through which outfit style was try out was Padme Amidala. While Padme’s outfits differ from ugly to stunning, one outfit that stands apart is the lake gown she uses when she and Anakin are alone on Naboo in Attack of the Clones This yellow-to-purple ombre gown is the embodiment of summertime and develops a gorgeous shape on Natalie Portman that is unequaled by any other. This is likewise the most wearable design to emerge from the franchise.

8 Kylo Ren’s Fit

Kylo Ren from Star Wars
Walt Disney Studios Movement Pictures

Among the most significant interest the brand-new bad guy of the follows up was the reoccurrence of a masked character. Based upon his grandpa’s fit, Kylo Ren’s mask and fit is no doubt a distinct outfit that stood out of fans all over. Presented in The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren’s closet struck worry into the hearts of his opponents as he charged forward with his cape streaming behind him and his hood hanging over his eyes. His outfit is a mix of Vader’s fit and the Emperor’s cape. Not just does this pay tribute to the bad guys of the past, however shows Kylo’s commitment to the dark side.

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7 Leia’s Servant Outfit


In Return of the Jedi, Leia is recorded by Jabba the Hutt together with her pals however is offered a much even worse fate as she is chained to Jabba’s side and is put in an extremely skimpy swimsuit. While this hyper-sexualization of the character appeared rather unneeded, the style of the swimsuit itself has actually turned into one of the most identifiable outfits in the whole franchise. Sadly, the outfit itself was rather uneasy for Carrie Fisher as the product was not flush with her skin, leaving her sensation naked.

6 The Armorer’s Fit

Mandalorian Armorer

The Mandalorian revived Star Wars to the previous splendor seen with the initial trilogy of movies. It brought us Din Djarin, Grogu, and the ever-elusive Armorer. While very little is learnt about the Armorer, she can still hold her own in a battle and shows that she is faithful to the Mandalorian method as, when Din exposes that he voluntarily eliminated his helmet to reveal Grogu his face, she informs him he is no longer invite for breaking their cardinal guideline. The Armorer’s fit is her own distinct model of the conventional Mandalorian armor, with horns on her helmet and a fur cape.

5 Queen Padme Amidala’s Throne Space Dress

Padme Amidala in Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace

Throughout Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, both Padme and her decoy rock some really trendy and over-the-top appearances. The very best, and perhaps most renowned amongst them, is the Throne Space Dress. Used while she talks about political matters at her Royal Palace on Naboo, the striking red silk gown with gold embroidery definitely provides the Queen a sense of regality. The skirt is likewise embellished with big orange gems, which function as a screen of status. The appearance is rounded off with a gold and red headdress, firmly intertwined hair, a gem on her forehead, and white makeup, all of which aid to make her appearance decisively otherworldly. As the Queen, Padme would have a variety of strong appearances, however this was, without a doubt, the boldest.

4 Stormtrooper Armor

Stormtroopers Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope

20th Century Fox

Stormtroopers are up there with Darth Vader, C3PO, and R2D2 as renowned images connected with the franchise. They are so common within the Star Wars universe that it can be simple to forget simply how cool their style is. The armor used by the Stormtroopers in the initial trilogy works in its simpleness: all white with black functions, and a shiny shine to it. The helmets, which are fitted with purification systems, are immediately identifiable and make sure an absence of uniqueness amongst the soldiers.

The initial style has actually been messed around various times throughout the movies and television series, with variations on the helmets, various colors contributed to various ranks, and other plot-specific additions. Most just recently, the Disney+ series Ahsoka presented Stormtroopers covered in red plasters, in addition to Captain Enoch, a Night Cannon fodder with gold functions. Nevertheless, the initial style stays the very best.

3 The Mandalorian’s Beskar Fit

The Mandalorian
Disney Platform Circulation

In the start of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin’s armor is quite regular, however when he provides the Kid to the Customer, he gets his payment of Beskar steel and takes it to the Armorer to have a match of Beskar armor made. Beskar is amazing since of its capability to deflect even the blade of a lightsaber. The style of Din’s armor resembles that of Boba Fett’s, with some noteworthy distinctions. Undoubtedly, the Mandalorian armor is perhaps now more renowned than Boba Fett’s.

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2 Boba Fett’s Armor

The Book of Boba Fett
Disney Platform Circulation

Among the most renowned Star Wars outfits is Boba Fett’s armor. Based upon his dad’s Mandalorian armor, Boba’s fit is right away identifiable, even when he’s not using it. Till just recently, we constantly presumed that Boba passed away in his armor in the Sarlacc Pit, when the armor was taken by Jawas and discovered its method to the Marshall, who made Fett make his armor back. Regardless of this, the armor on the Marshall is right away identifiable by the audience as Boba’s regardless of none of the characters understanding.

1 Darth Vader’s Fit

Darth Vader in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
20th Century Fox

Without a doubt, the very best outfit style goes to Darth Vader’s fit. Fans have actually invested years pulling apart every piece of the fit and understanding all the ins and outs. The fit not just functions as a ventilator for Anakin, who can no longer breathe on his own however likewise includes a variety of needles that assist relieve his charred skin while serving as his nerves, which link his synthetic extremities with his brain so that he can manage the fit. The fit is created to trigger discomfort and keep Anakin crazy so that he will remain under the thumb of the Emperor.

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