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Star Wars Deserted a Sith Lord That Goes beyond Emperor Palpatine’s Power in A Brand-new Hope

Star Wars retconned a sith lord who might be more powerful than Darth Sidious.


  • Exar Kun, a Sith Lord from the Star Wars Legends timeline, is a distinct and effective figure who presented the double-bladed lightsaber.
  • The Terrific Temple on Yavin IV, which worked as the Rebel Alliance’s base in A Brand-new Hope, was initially a temple constructed by the Massassi, dedicated fans of Sith Lord Naga Sadow.
  • Exar Kun’s dark deeds and supreme defeat on Yavin IV are meant in the present Star Wars canon, using interesting possibilities for exploring his connection to the temple.

In the extensive and detailed web of the Star Wars story, the strength and expertise of Emperor Palpatine is exceptional. This renowned villain’s existence looms big throughout the galaxy. However what if there was another Sith Lord, similarly powerful, hiding in the shadows? One that shares an unexpected connection to an essential scene in Star Wars: A New Hope?

Per Screen Rant, Star Wars Legends, a precious however alternate timeline for fans considering that 2014, presented us to Exar Kun. First making his look in Kevin J. Anderson’s Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy and later on in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comics, Kun sticks out as a distinct Sith figure. His proficiency of the dark side is exceptional, and he’s likewise credited for presenting the double-bladed lightsaber. This weapon, later on notoriously wielded by Darth Maul, owes its origin to Kun. The legend of Exar Kun even more links with the story of A Brand-new Hope.

When we remember A Brand-new Hope, pictures of the Rebel Alliance’s concealed base upon Yavin IV may enter your mind. The enforcing stone structure that housed the rebel forces was initially a temple of the Massassi, an ancient subspecies linked tothe Sith lineage These Massassi, initially presented to fans through Marvel’s early Star Wars comics, were committed fans of the Sith Lord Naga Sadow. In honor of Sadow, they constructed the Terrific Temple on Yavin IV, the very same one that would later on work as a tactical base for the rebels.

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Exar Kun’s Shadow on Yavin IV: A Dark Past Satisfies New Canon

Exar Kun in Star Wars New Hope 2

Naga Sadow’s relationship with Yavin IV is extreme. Leading a dedicated army of Massassi, they built the really temple that stands as a testimony to their dedication. Under Sadow’s impact, the Massassi went through a change, turning more deadly as they ended up being imbued with the dark side’s power. Nevertheless, their legend took an awful turn with the arrival of Exar Kun. Showing a screen of power and ruthlessness, Kun ruled over the Massassi, requiring them to construct even grander temples. By bring into play their vital force to enhance his own strength, he guaranteed just a few Massassi endured his guideline.

Exar Kun’s tale has more layers yet to be discovered. His dark deeds overtook him on Yavin IV, where a deadly encounter with a group of Jedi triggered a catastrophic occasion. Kun, in his last desperate act, attempted to remove his dark spirit from his body. However the Jedi’s intervention indicated that while his body was wiped out, his dark spirit was caught on Yavin IV. This malicious existence, even in a non-corporeal kind, would later on present a considerable risk to Luke Skywalker‘s budding New Jedi Order. Luke and his disciples, with some unanticipated help, ultimately handled to overcome the spirit of this terrifying Sith Lord, putting an end to his dark machinations.

Surprisingly, the present Star Wars canon, post-2014, mean the presence of Exar Kun. A mindful audience may capture a recommendation to him in Solo: A Star Wars Story Sith Lord Naga Sadow, his Massassi fans, and their architectural marvel on Yavin IV have actually been acknowledged in the brand-new story, although information may vary. Nevertheless, the connection in between Exar Kun and Yavin IV’s future rebel base stays to be clearly discussed. Thinking about the abundant tradition at their disposal, it’s interesting to think about the possibilities that the Star Wars canon might check out in connecting this powerful Sith Lord to the renowned temple on Yavin IV.

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