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Star Wars: David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Reveal Their Canceled Film Had To Do With the First Jedi

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have actually verified reports that they were intending on checking out the early days of the Jedi in their Star Wars motion picture.


  • Video Game of Thrones developers, Benioff and Weiss, exposed their shelved Star Wars movie would have been called The Very First Jedi and checked out the origins of the Jedi Order.
  • Their good friend Rian Johnson’s movie, The Last Jedi, annoyed them due to the fact that it damaged their apparent title for their job.
  • Lucasfilm eventually chose not to pursue their Very First Jedi story, leading Benioff and Weiss to leave the job and sign a multi-year handle Netflix.

Video Game of Thrones developers David Benioff and Dan Weiss have actually exposed what their Star Wars movie would’ve had to do with had the job not been shelved by Lucasfilm. Throughout a chat with The Hollywood Reporter promoting their brand-new Netflix job 3 Body Issue, the duo exposed that their Star Wars motion picture would’ve been The Very First Jedi and, as Benioff puts it, would’ve had to do with, “Generally, how the Jedi Order became, why it became, the very first lightsaber …” Nevertheless, Weiss playfully reveals aggravation when their good friend Rian Johnson, director of The Last Jedi, “damaged” their title.

” And we were frustrated as hell when [Rian Johnson, the duo’s longtime friend and 3 Body Problem [producer] called his motion picture The Last Jedi. He entirely damaged the apparent title for what we were dealing with.”

In 2018, Disney revealed that Benioff and Weiss would compose and produce a brand-new series of Star Wars movies after the conclusion of Video Game of Thrones in 2019. By August, the duo worked out an unique multi-year movie and tv handle Netflix that was supposedly worth $200 million. Per their dedications to Netflix, the pair exited their contract to produce their Star Wars movie, however Benioff offers more information regarding what failed with the job they were pitching:

“[Lucasfilm] wound up not wishing to do a Very first Jedi story. We had a really particular story concept in mind, and they eventually chose they didn’t wish to do that. And we absolutely get it. It’s their business and their IP, however we weren’t the androids they were trying to find.”


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Star Wars jobs have actually often been revealed and later on canceled.

Lucasfilm revealing and after that canceling Star Wars projects is no huge surprise. Wonder Female director Patty Jenkins was revealed to be helming a one-off experience Star Wars movie in 2020 called Rogue Squadron, which was set to be the next motion picture on their docket. Nevertheless, in 2022, Disney pulled the movie from its arranged Dec. 2023 release date and later on exposed that it was no longer in active advancement at the studio.

Marvel employer Kevin Feige was likewise anticipated to helm a Star Wars job that was revealed in 2019. Fans even started to hypothesize that this was a subtle transfer to put him in line to change Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, however that showed not to be the case. Feige’s Star Wars job was still alive in 2022 when film writer Michael Waldron, who penned Physician Strange in the Multiverse of Insanity and is doing the very same for what might still be Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, was stated to be dealing with Feige’s Jedi experience. After Waldron was worked with to handle more Marvel jobs, the Star Wars news decreased, and it was ultimately revealed that his project wasn’t moving forward either.

Despite The Fact That their Star Wars job never ever became, their sci-fi legendary 3 Body Issue seems among the riskiest ventures yet for Benioff and Weiss. The series is an adjustment of Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past book trilogy, which information humankind’s efforts to make it through an upcoming intrusion from alien forces that are running away from a passing away world. The book trilogy ended up being preferred in China in 2008 and was eventually equated and launched in the United States to a lot more excitement.

3 Body Issue premieres March 21st on Netflix, and you can take a look at the trailer listed below.

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