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Star Trek: 11 Famous Cast You Didn’t Acknowledge Remained In the Franchise

Throughout the years, Star Trek has actually seen a few of the most unexpected stars and cameo looks in television history.

Star Trek is among the longest-running franchises in tv and movie history, incorporating 11 various television programs and an extensive series of movies. All of it began with the initial Star Trek series in 1966, and rapidly progressed into among the most effective sci-fi IPs of perpetuity.

With that much history, it’s not unexpected that the huge multimedia franchise has actually seenits fair share of unexpected guest stars From small cameo looks to multipart arcs, numerous well-known stars have actually appeared in the Star Trek franchise for many years. In the list listed below, we have actually highlighted 11 stars that you may not understand remained in Star Trek

Kelsey Grammer – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation with Kelsey Grammer

Starting our list is Kelsey Grammer, comedy star extraordinaire! Grammer has actually made many tv and film looks throughout his long profession, consisting of supplying the voice of Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons and playing Frasier Crane on Cheers He quickly got his own program, Frasier, which was just recently restored on Paramount+. Although the star is best known for his Emmy-winning role as Frasier Crane, Grammer likewise played a remarkable function in Star Trek

Kelsey Grammer as Captain Morgan Bateson in The Next Generation

Grammer depicted USS Bozeman Captain Morgan Bateson in the Next Generation episode “Domino effect.” In the episode, Grammer’s character plays an important function in conserving the Business team from the destructive results of a temporal causality loop. Unlike a few of the stars on this list, Grammer isn’t camouflaged by alien makeup or anything, however his ultra-serious attitude in the episode makes him hard to acknowledge as the comedy star he is.

Kevin Peter Hall – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation with Kevin Peter Hall, star of Predator

Kevin Peter Hall was among the best beast stars of the 20th century. The seven-foot-two star brought a lot of the most unforgettable animal function bad guys to life in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, consisting of playing the titular monster in Predator He was no complete stranger to alien functions, and, as such, in shape extremely perfectly into the Star Trek universe.

Kevin Peter Hall as Leyor

Hall depicted a Caldonian called Leyor in the Next Generation episode entitled “The Cost.” For the function, Hall needed to being in the makeup chair for hours as the artists developed the character’s bigger cranium and long, boney fingers. Unlike Hall’s previous function as the Predator, the function of Leyor enabled far more of Hall’s real facial functions to be seen, and therefore acted as a much better display of his acting capability.

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Peter Weller – Star Trek: Business

Peter Weller is a hero to sci-fi fans all over, as he remarkably brought to life the titular automatic police officer in the initial RoboCop, along with inits highly-underrated sequel, RoboCop 2 What some sci-fi fans may not understand is that the skilled star later on provided his skills to a set of Star Trek: Business episodes.

Peter Weller as John Frederick Paxton and Alexander Marcus

Weller played the atrocious mine supervisor and extreme xenophobe John Frederick Paxton in the Business episodes “Satanic forces” and “Terra Prime.” For some, the star would be hard to acknowledge beyond his RoboCop getup, however the genuine factor for his being indistinguishable is his craven conduct. Weller likewise looked like Starfleet officer Alexander Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Jason Alexander – Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek Voyager with Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander is a Tony Acclaimed star and comic who is best understood for completely representing the constantly down-on-his-luck George Costanza on Seinfeld As it ends up, Alexander is an enormous fan of Star Trek, and had actually imagined appearing in the franchise for several years.

Jason Alexander as Kurros

Alexander got various invites to appear on the program as human characters, however chose to claim an alien function. He lastly got what he desired when he was caused to the set of Star Trek: Voyager to play the alien scholar Kurros. Kurros is the leader of a band of taking a trip alien thinkers, understood jointly as the “Believe Tank” (from the Voyager episode of the exact same name). Unlike his most well-known function as George Costanza, Alexander’s Kurros is thoughtful, extremely smart, and alarmingly misleading.

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Kirsten Dunst – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek The Next Generation with Kirsten Dunst

American starlet Kirsten Dunst has actually appeared in numerous amazing films considering that making her 1989 launching in the anthology movie New York City Stories, with most likely the most crucial to sci-fi fans being her function as Mary Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man In addition to that renowned efficiency, Dunst has starred in other classic films, like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and Michel Gondry’s Everlasting Sunlight of the Clean Mind

Kirsten Dunst as the Telepath Hedril

What some fans of hers may not understand is that a young Dunst made a visitor look on Star Trek: The Next Generation She appeared in the episode “Dark Page” as Hedril, a telepathic Cairn lady who plays an important function in a dispute in between Deanna Troi and her mom, Lwaxana.

Dean Stockwell – Star Trek: Business

Dean Stockwell was a dazzling star, understood for a long profession loaded with scary and sci-fi greats, consisting of a number of partnerships with director David Lynch. He is maybe finest remembered today for co-starring with Scott Bakula on the traditional program Breakthrough

Dean Stockwell as Colonel Grat

Stockwell appeared in the Star Trek: Business season one episode “Apprehended” as Tandaran Colonel Grat. Grat is the resentful warden of a detention center, and enters bitter dispute with Captain Jonathan Archer. The visitor look was a remarkable one for Breakthrough fans, as it reunited Stockwell with co-star Bakula.

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Michael McKean – Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek Voyager With Michael McKean

Michael McKean is the funny genius behind precious characters Lenny Kosnowski from Laverne & & Shirley and David St. Hubbins from the Rob Reiner movie This Is Spine Tap He has actually likewise appeared in Much Better Call Saul, a number of movies with regular partner Christopher Visitor, and the Short Circuit franchise.

Michael McKean as the Clown

McKean provided his comical perceptiveness and amazing acting ability to the Star Trek: Voyager episode “The Thaw,” in which he represents a maniacal and entirely scary holographic being referred to as the Clown. McKean is difficult to acknowledge in his wild clown makeup, and bets type as a vicious being that gets enjoyment out of abuse and horror.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek Voyager with the Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a Hollywood icon and retired expert wrestler, understood for his action functions. His epic character and predilection towards explosive entertainment make him an odd option for a visitor star on television’s most cerebral sci-fi program, however the developers of Voyager discovered the ideal area for him.

The Rock is the Galaxy’s Champ

Johnson appears in the Voyager episode “Tsunkatse” as a champ fighter in a Norcadian blood sport, and uses amazing alien makeup while doing fight with oppositions in the ring. He memorably goes toe-to-toe with 7 of 9 in an extreme battle to the death.

Tom Morello – Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek Voyager guest starring Tom Morello

Tom Morello is the well-known guitar player for the band Rage Versus the Device, and has actually likewise made various surprise visitor looks in all sorts of movie and television tasks. Many unexpected, maybe, was his cameo in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Great Shepherd.”

Tom Morello as Crewman Mitchell

The Grammy Award-winner and hardcore Trekkie looked like USS Voyager Crewman Mitchell in “Great Shepherd,” in which his devoted and mild attitude makes him hard to acknowledge as the hard-rocking guitar player and political activist that fans understand him as. Morello likewise appeared in an extremely little and unassociated cameo function in Star Trek: Insurrection

Mick Fleetwood – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Mick Fleetwood is popular to music enthusiasts as a co-founder and the drummer of the band Fleetwood Mac, however he has actually likewise operated in movie and television a number of times throughout his profession. In addition to many musical contributions, Fleetwood has actually acted in movies such as The Running Guy and Absolutely No Tolerance

Mick Fleetwood as an Antedian Dignitary

Fleetwood functioned as an Antedian Dignitary in the Next Generation episode “Manhunt.” The function is famous for totally obscuring the popular rockstar below pounds of makeup and latex animal style. While his contributions to music have actually made dozens of movies and TV shows better, it’s seldom that the well known drummer gets to bend his acting chops. That makes his little however unforgettable look on Star Trek: The Next Generation all the much better.

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Rainn Wilson – Star Trek: Discovery

Rainn Wilson is the seriously well-known star and comic behind The Workplace‘s Dwight Schrute. He likewise works as an author, director, podcaster, and author, and has actually made various unforgettable movie and tv looks for many years.

Rainn Wilson’s as Harry Mudd

The comedy genius and star of The Office made an against-type look in Star Trek: Discovery‘s very first season as veteran franchise repeating character Harry Mudd. Mudd is a curly-mustache-sporting conman who initially appeared in Star Trek: The Original Series, and has actually appeared in numerous subsequent entries in the franchise. Wilson’s take on the renowned character is quickly the very best, and an accomplishment for the star that shows he can be more than Dwight Schrute.

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