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Shawn Levy Teases His Star Wars Motion Picture, States Kathleen Kennedy Desires ‘A Shawn Levy Motion Picture’

The Deadpool 3 director kept in mind that he has “faith that my impulses will be permitted to blaze a trail” when making his Star Wars motion picture.


  • Director Shawn Levy is still thrilled about his upcoming Star Wars motion picture and feels empowered to trust his impulses in its advancement.
  • Levy exposed that Kathleen Kennedy wishes to make “a Shawn Levy motion picture” within the Star Wars universe, providing him innovative flexibility.
  • Levy’s favorable upgrade on his Star Wars task is a great indication for the franchise’s future, revealing that directors might have more innovative control than formerly seen with Solo: A Star Wars Story

Director Shawn Levy has actually resolved his still-in-development Star Wars motion picture, and exposed that he’s still really thrilled to deal with the task. While talking with Variety, the Free Guy director offered a brand-new upgrade on his Star Wars movie and stated that he’s feeling “really empowered to trust my impulses in the advancement of this story and motion picture.” News of Levy’s partnership with Lucasfilm was initially revealed back in late 2022, however ever since, there has actually been an absence of updates on his upcoming Star Wars movie. Levy’s task, in addition to a variety of others, were pushed into a prolonged advancement procedure as an outcome of the WGA strike which has actually considering that ended.

Throughout his interview with Range, The Adam Task director shared his ideas about developing a Star Wars movie and kept in mind that he’s thrilled by the quantity of innovative flexibility he’ll have with the still-in-development task. Levy informed the outlet that Kathleen Kennedy wishes to make “a Shawn Levy motion picture.”

” When Katy Kennedy brought me on board to make a Star Wars motion picture, her main required to me was ‘I desire a Shawn Levy motion picture. I desire a story and a tone that shows you and your taste and what you give your motion pictures– with a Star Wars story.’ So I have actually felt very empowered. We remain in early days, regrettably, since the advancement procedure was quickly stopped briefly [due to the WGA strike], however I feel really empowered to trust my impulses in the advancement of this story and motion picture.”

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Shawn Levy Said That His Star Wars Task Is Still “In Early Days” of Advancement

Lucasfilm/ Disney

Later on, when asked if Levy thought that helming Deadpool 3 would provide him a great concept of what to get out of Star Wars, the Genuine Steel director stated:

” The experience that I’m presently having with Marvel on Deadpool is revealing me direct that it is undoubtedly actually possible to feel empowered and individual about making a film within a universe that is larger than any one movie.”

Levy then resolved his deal with the Deadpool follow up, including that it has actually made him feel positive about his upcoming Star Wars task:

” My Deadpool motion picture is ending up being precisely what Ryan [Reynolds] and I had actually hoped when we began. So I’m entering into the advancement of my Star Wars motion picture with a comparable optimism, and faith that my impulses will be permitted to blaze a trail.”

While Levy’s Star Wars movie is still a methods off, his favorable upgrade on the task seems a great indication for the franchise’s future, thinking about previous reports have actually suggested that there have actually been problems with the studio relating to filmmakers creative control of their work.

An example of this was seen with 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo’s initial directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were dropped from the task after investing months recording the motion picture. Ron Howard then took control of as their replacement and started comprehensive reshoots. While reports like this have actually recommended that there are problems relating to directors innovative control of their jobs, Levy’s upgrade is motivating.

While we wait for even more Star Wars updates, Shawn Levy’s Deadpool 3 is set up to be launched on May 3, 2024, as part of Stage 5 of the MCU.

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