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Secret Science Theater Season 14 Will Lastly Riff on the Ultimate Bad Motion Picture

Joel Hodgman teases the tacky motion picture future of MST3K as the charity event for Season 14 continues.


  • Secret Science Theater 3000 is crowdfunding for season 14, and you can assist money more episodes and become part of the production procedure.
  • The brand-new season will include sci-fi motion pictures like Strategy 9 from Deep Space, Fight Beyond destiny, and Deathsport
  • Fans who contribute to the project can get advantages like product, box sets, and even the chance to be an associate manufacturer and check out the set.

Secret Science Theater 3000 is a downright organization, having actually come from very first public tv, then Funny Central (called the Funny Channel at the time), the Sci-Fi Channel, and Netflix for various seasons. It ended up being let loose and devoid of any network when initial co-creator Joel Hodgson purchased the rights and started crowdfunding so that the fans might really assist form the program. That was how the wonderful season 13 was birthed into presence, which revived Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, and Patton Oswalt in their terrific functions, and consisted of the terrific addition of Emily Marsh and Hodgson himself.

Another crowdfunding project has actually started, this time for season 14. In addition to the 48-hour Turkey Day Marathon with 24 classic MST3K episodes, Hodgson and the program’s authors have actually been actively engaging with fans and taking part in MST3K enjoy celebrations together online. The 3rd and last watch celebration of the project will be on Tuesday, Nov. 21, at 8 PM Eastern and will consist of Hodgson and the authors in the livestream of MST3K’s really first Halloween episode, The Mask (a 1961 movie). Hodgson has actually likewise revealed 3 of the incredibly tacky motion pictures that they will cover in season 14, consisting of among the all-time so-bad-it’s- excellent flicks, Strategy 9 from Deep Space It should be extraordinary– what took them so long? Hodgson revealed the news on the crowdfunding website:

MST3K is happy to lastly riff the motion picture that began all of it; the motion picture that won the Golden Turkey Award for “Worst Motion Picture of Perpetuity,” however we’ll leave that to the audience to choose. It has actually because gone on to be deified in Tim Burton’s terrific Ed Wood, and it includes Tor Johnson (” Time for go to sleep.”), Vampira, and a tip of Bela Lugosi.

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MST3K Season 14 Has a Concentrate On Sci-Fi Movies Up Until Now

Mystery Science Theater

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Release Date
November 27, 1988

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In addition to Strategy 9 from Deep Space, Hodgson has actually revealed a number of other titles, and the 3 movies are predominately science-fiction. In addition to Ed Woods’ bad classic, there’s Deathsport and Fight Beyond destiny, 2 sci-fi action flicks. Hodgson informed us about 2 of these other motion pictures he wishes to consist of in season 14:

Up until now, we revealed Fight Beyond destiny, which is a truly lovely, dreamlike Star Wars swindle. It’s truly cool. And after that after that, we revealed Deathsport, which stars David Carradine. It’s much like Death Race 2000, however it’s contemporary. It’s Death Race on motorbikes, generally.

Hodgson explained Deathsport to his fans, composing, “Kaz (David Carradine) is recorded by the wicked Lord Zirpola (David McLean) and is to complete in his deadly sporting video game, Deathsport, which has no relationship with Death Race 2000 (likewise starring Carradine). This motion picture seems shot around an uninhabited lot beyond Chatsworth, CA. It likewise includes a surplus of stunts on ‘destructocycles,’ if you can think that.”

The crowdfuning effort has actually reached $1.7 million, however requires fans’ assistance to money more episodes. As Hodgson composes, “We require to keep pressing to reach our $4.8 m objective!” That would be the minimum for 6 episodes of season 14, and more cash would permit more production objectives, as set out in this chart:

MST3K Crowdfunding

There are a range of advantages and benefits individuals can get for contributing, consisting of merch and clothes, home media box sets, the addition of your name in the credits, and some much larger advantages. Hodgson discussed:

” We are including a couple of more Partner Manufacturer benefits, because the preliminary offered out on the really first day of the project. At this level, you’ll get to join me for a series of production upgrade conferences by means of Zoom, and you’ll likewise get a signed script and an unique present. Most importantly, you’ll get to join us throughout production for an in-person set see, in addition to see your name in the credits as a Partner Manufacturer for 3 episodes of the brand-new season.”

You can sign up with the crowdfunding campaign here, and have a look at older episodes of Secret Science Theater 3000, in addition to sign up with the livestream for Tuesday night’s episode, at The Gizmoplex listed below.

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