Saw: Is Mark Hoffman a Better Jigsaw Than John Kramer?

John hired him. Hoffman betrayed him. Jigsaw takes lots of kinds, however who is the very best?


  • Mark Hoffman’s traps were more physically taxing and ruthless compared to John Kramer’s, however John’s traps were technically appropriate and sure-fire.
  • John developed the Jigsaw personality, and much of the traps utilized by his apprentices were his own conceptions.
  • While Hoffman lasted longer as Jigsaw than John, he neglected John’s approach and concentrated on dealing with his opponents instead of redeeming them.

Lots of have actually attempted, however none have actually matched the expertise of Saw‘s initial Jigsaw killer, John Kramer. In his years as Jigsaw, John transformed lots of apprentices to work along with him, studying his approach in the hopes that a person day, among them would exceed him to continue his tradition.

In Saw II and Saw III, much of John’s work is left in the hands of Amanda Young, a drug abuser who endured her trial and worshiped John as a coach. From Saw IV up until his open-ended death in Saw 3D, previous investigator Mark Hoffman brought the Jigsaw mantle. The sole survivor of the Bathroom Trap, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, along with the franchise’s existing Jigsaw killer, Logan Nelson, complete John’s merry band of fans.

As formerly discussed, Mark Hoffman ran as Jigsaw throughout the occasions of Saw IV to Saw 3D up until his assumed death at the hands of Dr. Lawrence Gordon. He discovered whatever from John Kramer, however is Mark Hoffman a much better Jigsaw?

Hoffman Is More Callous Than John

Saw IV

Saw IV

Release Date
October 25, 2007

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Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell, Lyriq Bent, Athena Karkanis



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Criminal Offense

When we compare the traps John created with those of Amanda Young and Mark Hoffman, they are distinctly more physically taxing and ruthless. The meaning of a ‘great’ Jigsaw is open to analysis; does a great Jigsaw kill effectively or guarantee their video games stay well balanced and reasonable? If the meaning teeters more towards the previous, Hoffman will take the edge, however if we think about John’s real techniques, Hoffman is method off the mark.

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John was a civil engineer and designer at one moment, so it makes good sense that his video games would be technically appropriate and sure-fire. When it comes to Hoffman, he did not have the useful abilities that John had actually discovered, many of his traps were needlessly tough and complex. He does, nevertheless, make more of a name for himself in the precinct as police notices his gruesome criminal activities.

John Conceived the Jigsaw Personality

When somebody copyrights a specific trick, it’s difficult to envision that a copycat might compare to the initial. John Kramer is Jigsaw, and as several Saw films have actually shown, even the hardest stain on his tradition never ever rather taints his track record. Even a years or more after his death, John Kramer is still believed of managing the various Jigsaw-esque traps that Hoffman himself had actually created.

Either Hoffman remained in over his head, or he could not take on Kramer’s ideology. John was the mastermind behind lots of styles that both Amanda and Mark took on their own and recreated. When we see John’s sketchbooks in later films, much of the traps his apprentices rigged were his own conceptions. If you need to attempt and beguile Jigsaw, you most likely should not be Jigsaw.

Hoffman Lasted Longer as Jigsaw Than John

Nevertheless, we’ll provide credit where it’s due, as Hoffman outlived John by a nation mile. He even exceeded Amanda Young, the preferred to take control of John’s work after he passed away. John ran as Jigsaw from Saw to Saw III, however Hoffman lasted from Saw IV to Saw 3D, and even then, he wasn’t validated dead. Let’s resolve the elephant in the space: John wasn’t as physically capable as Hoffman and had a hard time seriously with his health problem, so he had a significant downside versus cops like Eric Matthews, who might utilize him as a punching bag without much retaliation.

It is very important to keep in mind that what John does not have physically, he offsets in psychological sharpness. Like a tactical video game of chess, John is constantly 5 actions ahead. When it comes to Hoffman, he definitely has brute strength, however he can be negligent and neglectful sometimes, which ends up being his undoing.

John Made Hoffman His Follower

Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman in an all-black suit, with a shotgun strapped to his body and neck as Tobin Bell's John Kramer holds something sharp in his hands, pointing it at Hoffman in Saw Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman in an all-black suit, with a shotgun strapped to his body and neck as Tobin Bell's John Kramer holds something sharp in his hands, pointing it at Hoffman in Saw Costas Mandylor as Mark Hoffman in an all-black suit, with a shotgun strapped to his body and neck as Tobin Bell's

When John abducted Hoffman in the elevator and strapped him to the Shotgun Chair, he held all the cards. John had Hoffman in a metaphorical checkmate and might have eliminated his ill-mannered copy cat on sight if he so happy. That being stated, John allowed Hoffman to live on the condition that he assist John (physically) in establishing tests for future victims. If Hoffman declined, John would anonymously notify the cops department that he killed Seth Baxter in cold blood and framed Jigsaw.

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If John had not chosen to take Hoffman under his wing, it would have been lights out for Mark, whom his associates would have discovered in a swimming pool of his own blood– most likely missing out on half his face. In the end, Hoffman owes a lot to John, however he never ever rather acknowledges him as his exceptional.

Hoffman Ignored Jigsaw’s Approach

Joris Jarsky as Seth Baxter, a man with tattoos all over his body, strapped to a stone slab in Saw V

Much Like Amanda Young, Hoffman likewise rigged many of his traps to be inevitable. When screening Seth Baxter, who finished the essential requirements to totally free himself, Hoffman got a kick out of enjoying the pendulum piece him in half. It’s an ethical argument whether Hoffman was validated in eliminating his sis’s killer or if he must have let justice run its course. Regardless, he straight opposes John’s approach, a pattern that continues long after John passes away.

As soon as he triggers a competition with Peter Strahm, Hoffman does whatever he can to seal Strahm’s doom. He handles to carry out a tracheotomy on himself to endure Hoffman’s very first trap, however Hoffman exacts his vengeance anyhow by skillfully deceiving Strahm in Saw V

If there’s something that John can’t stand, it’s killers. That’s abundant originating from him, however we will not open that can of worms. John thinks that his tests are methods lost souls can redeem themselves and find their will to live. Hoffman does not share this belief and rather discovers pleasure in dealing with his most significant opponents. If we consider what Jigsaw means– whether one concurs with it or not– then Hoffman would be an extremely, extremely bad Jigsaw.

If the objective was to kill everyone in sight, then gold star to Investigator Mark Hoffman.

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