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Ray Liotta’s Last Scene In-depth by the Late Star’s Last Director and Co-Star

Unsafe Waters director John Barr explains Ray Liotta’s last scene as “so effective” and “a testimony to how amazing he was as a star.”


  • Ray Liotta’s last scene in Unsafe Waters is applauded by director John Barr as “art” and a testimony to his amazing skill as a star.
  • The scene was shot with differing tones, slowly getting darker, permitting an effective and impactful efficiency from Liotta.
  • Liotta’s co-stars Odeya Rush and Eric Dane likewise reveal their adoration for his enthusiasm, regard, and outstanding deal with set, highlighting the effect he had on the filmmaking neighborhood.

The last scene shot by the late, fantastic Ray Liotta has actually been applauded by Unsafe Waters director John Barr, who explains the Goodfellas star as “confident” and “incredibly outstanding to view.” Speaking specifically with MovieWeb, Barrr might not load sufficient appreciation on Liotta and his skill as a star, with Unsafe Waters marking among the star’s last motion picture functions.

” What he attains in a 6 or 7 minutes period is simply art. The arc that he goes through, from innocent to scary, it’s so effective and it’s a testimony to how amazing he was as a star. The manner in which we played that scene was actually fascinating, since we discussed it a lot, and we generally played the scene in those different tones several times, like innocent throughout the entire take, and after that simply gradually, slowly got darker and darker to where it where it wound up. So we might sort of pick when we were modifying where we desired the turn to begin to occur. I believe he simply was confident. He would simply go darker and darker. It was incredibly outstanding to view.”

Directed and composed by John Barr, Unsafe Waters sees a cruising vacation spiral out of control when a teenage child discovers the dark past of her mom’s brand-new sweetheart.

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Unsafe Waters Star Odeya Rush Talks Starring Together With Ray Liotta

Dangerous Waters with Ray Liotta and Odeya Rush
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The appreciation for the fantastic skill that was Ray Liotta continues thanks to his co-stars Odeya Rush and Eric Dane. Rush, who appears in the last scene along with Liotta, explains what it resembled continuing the task following his death in May 2022.

” Yeah, I believe Ray’s technique to filmmaking originated from a lot enthusiasm and regard, so when we needed to continue, that’s simply something that was constantly on the front of our minds for everybody, simply to honor him and remember him. For me, he’s simply kept in mind as somebody that would care a lot and cared so deeply, and was such an enjoyment to deal with. So it had to do with continuing that also.”

Liotta’s last scene in Unsafe Waters assures to be something truly special, as Odeya Rush’s Rose and Liotta’s The Captain handle the functions of predator and victim, with Rush holding her own versus the powerhouse that was Ray Liotta.

Rush continued, stating:

” So what’s fascinating is, I seemed like on my protection, what Ray was doing was providing me much more of that. And he was simply we did that scene. We took a whole day to do that scene. And I believe the scene simply improved and much better as it went on. And I seem like whatever he brought, I was simply soaking up that and responding to that. So yeah, that was an actually wedding, and I seemed like I existed to respond is amazing work that he had actually done. It felt extremely genuine.”

Eric Dane on the other hand explains Liotta as “a force on screen” and understands that the whole filmmaking neighborhood will miss him.

” I believe undoubtedly the acting neighborhood will miss him. However I likewise believe that the writing and directing neighborhoods will miss him also. I believe he was someone that individuals taken pleasure in dealing with. He was a vibrant star and a force on screen.”

Unsafe Waters was launched in theaters and video as needed on October 13, 2023.

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