Pokémon Concierge Is the Wholesome, Charming, Stop-Motion Netflix Series to Make Your Day Much Better

The brand-new Netflix series Pokémon Concierge is whatever fans might wish for while likewise being an outstanding entry point for brand-new audiences.

The Pokémon series has actually long been among the most effective multimedia franchises in modern-day home entertainment. Because the Pokémania of the 1990s, started with the initial Nintendo Video game Kid video games and the anime tv series, Pokémon has actually continued to grow with countless animated films, reveals and computer game, not to point out the extremely effective trading card video game and the unlimited retailing of the entire thing.

A big part of the success the Pokémon franchise has actually experienced is the outcome of the series’ continuous growth into brand-new area while still supplying fans with the very same wholesome experience that made them fall for the series to start with.

The most recent addition to the Pokémon franchise is the brand-new stop-motion animated series Pokémon Concierge, which debuted on Netflix near completion of the year. The brief series was produced by The Pokémon Business in addition to Dwarf Animation Studios, and it is the most recent cooperation in between Netflix and the Pokémon franchise, which have actually slowly grown more carefully related to one another over the last years.

The series is a light-hearted and easy-to-binge collection of narratives set on an island resort that is home to all sorts of native Pokémon and going to visitors. Here’s what makes it worth taking a look at.

Recording the Enjoyable of Pokémon.

The story of Pokémon Concierge centers on a character called Haru (voiced in the English variation by Karen Fukuhara), as she starts a brand-new task as the concierge for the Pokémon Resort that the program is developed around. After a series of demanding and dismal occasions in her individual life, Haru views this brand-new task as a chance for a new beginning.

Throughout the program, she gets to delight in the relaxation that the resort supplies, while likewise making all sorts of brand-new buddies and assisting various Pokémon with a range of issues.

It’s a relatively uncomplicated idea, which is among the most significant reasons that it works so well. Pokémon Concierge isn’t attempting to be anything more than it is. It’s not linked to a bigger story, nor does it try to establish much of a throughline to the remainder of the franchise. Pokémon Concierge is a really available series, a lot so that you do not truly require to be knowledgeable about the broader Pokémon franchise to get pleasure out of it.

It’s simply an easy, wonderful little program that is mostly concentrated on informing feel-good, fun-loving stories that include all sorts of lovable Pokémon throughout– which are incredibly brought to life in the stop-motion animation of the series. It’s the sort of simple enjoyable that made Pokémon so pleasurable to start with. The easy going tone of the program is similar to a few of the best episodes of the Pokémon anime, and the general idea feels comparable to a few of the surrounding Pokémon spin-off video games like Pokémon Snap or Pokémon Secret Dungeon

On the other hand, die-hard fans of the general Pokémon franchise will likewise get a lot out of it, as the program concentrates on much more Pokémon than the normal mascots like Pikachu or Eevee. Various Pokémon are offered their own opportunity to shine, consisting of typically ignored ones like Lampent, Skiploom, Trubbish and the elemental-monkey trio of Pansage, Pansear and Panpour (which are still not offered in any Pokémon video game for the Nintendo Change console).

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It’s a Breeze to Make it through.

Pokémon Concierge brings a great deal of pleasure throughout each of its episodes, and it has the ability to do that in a really brief quantity of time. The program just includes 4 episodes, which differ in length from 14 to 20 minutes. The whole program can be quickly enjoyed in a single sitting, as the launching season just represents an overall of about 70 minutes of view time.

This makes the program a really small dedication to enjoy. It’s custom-made for casual watching. You can either knock out the whole thing in a single mini-binge, or you can parse it out throughout a couple of days, for a bit of a happy lift when you require it.

If anything, the only drawback here is that there isn’t more Pokémon Concierge to enjoy yet. Regretfully, a 2nd season of the program has yet to be revealed, and there have actually not been any public remarks from anybody included that would suggest a 2nd season is on the method. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that this sort of stop-motion animation takes a great deal of time and effort from all the creatives included.

This brief launching season most likely took a long time to craft, and it may be a while before anymore is launched on Netflix. Offered how terrific the program looks, and the constant and remarkable attention to information throughout the whole thing, we ‘d more than happy to wait any quantity of time for more of this, as long as the very same terrific quality is kept.

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The New Period of Pokémon Tv.

Over the previous numerous years, Netflix has actually ended up being increasingly more bought the Pokémon franchise. In the mid-2010s, the banner signed an offer to end up being the brand-new home for the popular anime and its various seasons and models. Since of this, reveals like the timeless Pokémon: Indigo League have actually been uncovered by fans that matured seeing them, while brand-new programs like Pokémon: Journeys were launched as Netflix Originals in the United States.

The very same will continue to hold true for Pokémon Horizons, the most recent Pokémon anime– the very first without the renowned lead character Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu buddy– which debuts on the banner in the U.S. in February.

The release of Pokémon Concierge is simply the next part in the modern-day development of Pokémon tv. The marketing push that Netflix has actually gone through for the program has actually revealed a commitment to broadening the audience for Pokémon on the service, and it will not be the last brand-new Pokémon series established particularly for Netflix.

Though it has yet to be formally revealed, reports have actually shown that Netflix is likewise establishinga new live-action Pokémon television series This brand-new program would follow in the steps of the 2019 movie Investigator Pikachu, which presented Pokémon into live-action through a story focused around brand-new characters.

While this brand-new series would likely be entirely detached from Investigator Pikachu, as that movie was produced by Warner Bros. Photos (which is likewise establishing a follow up to it), the capacity of a live-action Pokémon series is enormous. Netflix has actually currently revealed a constant desire to adjust different anime, manga and similarly-styled stories to live-action programs and films, varying from One Piece to Cowboy Bebop and the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender A live-action Pokémon series fits perfectly with these efforts.

Pokemon Concierge

Pokémon Concierge

Release Date

December 28, 2023.


Karen Fukuhara

,Josh Keaton

, Lori Alan.

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If this program can effectively take advantage of the remarkably enthusiastic existing fan base while likewise interesting the fond memories of lots of others, then Netflix might have another significant hit on its hands. If the quality of Pokémon Concierge is any indicator, then the future of Pokémon adjustments on Netflix deserves tingling about.

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