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Patrick Stewart Fondly Keeps In Mind Enjoying Opted For the Wind with the Movie’s Extremely Own Star Vivien Leigh

Sir Patrick Stewart thinks back about his relationship with Vivien Leigh and the time they enjoyed Opted for the Wind together.


  • Sir Patrick Stewart had the unique chance to enjoy Opted For the Wind with Vivien Leigh, and it was an amazing experience.
  • Regardless of needing to use an utilized supper coat, Stewart was happy and enjoyed be sitting beside Leigh while viewing the renowned movie.
  • Leigh was deeply touched by the movie and ended up being psychological, exposing her unhappiness over the loss of her associates. Stewart was moved by her genuineness and compassion.

Conan O’Brien appropriately compared what follows as somebody having the unique chance to enjoy Resident Kane (1941) with Orsen Welles. Throughout his life time, Sir Patrick Stewart has actually attained a variety of memorable turning points, especially expertly where movie and tv are worried. However throughout his life, Stewart satisfied and ended up being good friends with Scarlett O’Hara herself: starlet Vivien Leigh. In reality, Stewart even had the opportunity to enjoy Opted For the Wind (1939) with its Golden era star and her sweetheart, John Merivale.

Years before he ‘d be attended to as Sir Patrick Stewart, and years before he beinged in the captain’s chair of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, a much more youthful Stewart discovered himself dealing with Leigh in a theatrical exploring business running out of London.

In reality, when Stewart was welcomed to enjoy Opted For the Wind along with Leigh– actually in the seat beside her– the 20-year-old needed to scratch together the cash to acquire an utilized supper coat for the celebration. It didn’t matter, however, since he was viewing among the best movies of perpetuity with among Hollywood’s real legends. Stewart informed O’Brien on the Team Coco podcast:

We’re sitting side by side. And I am so fired up and delighted and happy to be sitting along with her.

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Patrick Stewart Keeps In Mind Buddy Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind
MGM|Warner Bros.

Sir Patrick Stewart joked with Conan O’Brien that the coat he used that night to enjoy Gone with the Wind looked like “a blanket!” In the end, it didn’t matter since Stewart was taking pleasure in director David O. Selznick’s four-hour legendary with its star, Vivien Leigh. While Stewart enjoyed the night and the movie, he could not assist however see Leigh gently cleaning tears far from her eyes throughout the screening. Stewart informed O’Brien in the exact same sit-down:

” She turned to me, and she took my hand. And she stated, ‘Patrick, I have actually going to need to leave. This is so distressing, you see. Numerous of these charming individuals I dealt with are dead– and it’s distressing me a lot. So, thanks for sharing this. I hope you delight in the night.’ And she got up. And she and John [Merivale] went out.

I was so touched. She might have simply left– she didn’t need to state, ‘Thank you for coming, and it’s great of you.’ And describe to me why she was weeping. She was a super star of her day. There’s no starlet today that’s ever been larger than Vivien was.”

Stewart went on and applauded the Hollywood starlet– she was absolutely among the most stunning females to grace the Silver Screen– for her acting skill, which won her 2 Academy Awards for Finest Starlet ( Opted For the Wind, A Tram Called Desire). Having actually understood Vivien rather well, as good friends, Stewart gushed about her being a “good individual,” however he likewise remembered her “mood.”

Leigh and Stewart collaborated in 3 productions– they were entertainers in London’s Old Vic Theatre– among which was William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Stewart invested 15 months carrying out with the Opted For the Wind star, and she even went to Stewart’s 21st birthday celebration. Leigh provided Stewart a golden scarf as his present, and it was “sprayed with the fragrance that she constantly used.” After moving a number of times for many years, Stewart lost the scarf for a time, however just recently discovered it. Stewart informed O’Brien:

The odor was gone, however the memories were still in location.

Take A Look At the Group Coco podcast including Patrick Stewart and his fantastic story about Opted For the Wind’s Vivien Leigh in its whole listed below:


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