My Life With the Walter Boys Ending, Explained

With romantic entanglements and complex household relationships to boot, My Life with the Walter Boys is a must-see teenage drama.


  • My Life With the Walter Boys has actually gotten polarizing fan reception, with some praising it as a terrific romantic teenager drama and others slamming its impractical technique to sorrow and love triangles.
  • Regardless of blended evaluations, the series has actually recorded the attention of the streaming audience and has actually burglarized Netflix’s Leading 10 ranking.
  • The very first season ending of My Life With the Walter Boys sees Will and Haley’s wedding event, romantic unpredictability in between Jackie, Cole, and Alex, and mean possible stories for a 2nd season.

Considering that premiering on Netflix on Dec. 7th, 2023, fan reception towards the small-screen episodic adjustment of author Ali Novak’s young person unique My Life With the Walter Boys has actually been polarizing, to state the least. On the one hand, the program’s very first season has actually been praised by some as a terrific romantic teenager drama. Nevertheless, others have actually had a more crucial technique to the program, calling out its impractical technique to sorrow and uncomfortable love triangles. In spite of some bad evaluations, the series has actually unquestionably recorded the attention of the streaming audience. Not just has My Life With the Walter Boys burglarized Netflix’s Leading 10 ranking, however is likewise among the most liked programs on the platform.

Nikki Rodriguez stars as a fifteen-year-old woman, Jackie, who was gradually following all of her hopes and dreams while residing in New york city City and participating in a distinguished independent school. Her goals to go to Princeton and attain brand-new levels of scholastic and expert success are all interrupted when she gets stunning news that her moms and dads and older sis were eliminated in an abrupt automobile mishap. Easily, young Ms. Howard is blended away to rural Colorado to cope with her brand-new legal guardians: her mom’s buddy, Katherine Walter, her spouse, George Walter, and their 10 kids.

While the modification of surroundings (and daily life) is something to get utilized to, there is ample area on the Walter farm to accommodate the brand-new woman. The one problem appears to be discovered within Howard’s growing relationship with 2 of the Walter Boys, Cole and Alex (who are played by Noah Lalonde and Ashby Gentry). With the oldest kid’s wedding event likewise looming and Jackie’s maternal uncle, Richard, getting here in Colorado to see if she wishes to go back to New York City, let’s dive into what’s taking place to all of these characters in My Life With the Walter Boys

My Life With the Walter Boys Ends With Will and Haley’s Wedding event.

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Throughout the very first season, the oldest kid of Mr. and Mrs. Walter is seen to remain in a rocky relationship with Haley Young (Zoë Soul). Moved by his stopping working profession as a real estate agent, he chooses to develop a nighttime occasion at his spouse’s dining facility called Lark After Dark, which appears to bring them back together. Thinking about that Haley was not sure about the marital relationship this entire time (and returning her bridal gown at the same time), the reunited set lastly chose that this is as great a time as any and have an event at Will’s moms and dad’s farm. This occasion ends up being the driver for the tenth episode, which is entitled “Gladly Ever After.” As all of us understand with season endings however, the abovementioned capitivating termdoesn’t usually signify happy endings The very same uses here. Related: My Life With the Walter Boys: Character Ages, Family Tree, & Cast Guide

While one kid, Nathan (Corey Fogelmanis), has actually discovered himself in a rewarding relationship with Skylar Summerhill (Jaylan Evans) after a rough start including playlists and tailored tunes, there is lots of romantic unpredictability focusing on Cole, Alex, and Jackie in this last episode. At first, Cole and Alex end up being envious of each other’s efforts at a relationship with Jackie till Cole eventually steps aside due to the fact that he sees how pleased the other 2 are together.

Who Does Jackie Wind up With?

With minutes distributed throughout the program that teased Jackie and Cole coming together (that included the latter creating a damaged teapot that came from Jackie’s moms and dads), the inescapable occasion that put area in between Jackie and Alex was when Alex informed Jackie that he enjoyed her in an intoxicated haze at the wedding. Despite the fact that Alex informs her that she does not need to state it back, he rapidly ends up being distressed later by her silence and attempts to consume more before he is accompanied into your home by his other female pal, Kiley. There is a minute when the 2 will kiss till Alex makes a disparaging remark about her being among the guys, and she strolls off, leaving him to sleep.

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Bewildered by the abrupt statement, Jackie discovers herself a lot more upset when she encounters the repaired porcelain piece later in the night. Sustained by feeling and with the household treasure in her hand, Jackie goes to the farmhouse and challenges Cole, who is dealing with a vehicle. Quickly, they begin to kiss, and the electronic camera cuts away quickly after, indicating an intimate scene. The next early morning and getting rid of his hangover, Alex makes a fast breakfast for Jackie and heads to her space, wanting to describe his outburst from the night before. Discovering the teapot and a note composed discussing Jackie’s lack, Alex storms into his older bro’s space where he tosses the note at him. It is then exposed that, in addition to Danny, Jackie is on an airplane with her uncle headed for New York City.

Will My Life With the Walter Boys Have a 2nd Season?

Besides the primary story, it appears that not all is best with Will and Haley even after their splendid wedding event. While in bed together, Haley’s phone rings. After seeing that it is from somebody called Morgan, she overlooks the call and informs Will that it is Tara, her pal. Mentioning Tara, she appears to be another one who is romantically split in between Nikhil Choudhry (a colleague) and Jackie’s uncle. In her last minute on-screen, she hugs Nikhil vibrantly however appears to be considering Richard.

Behind all of these entanglements, Katherine and George remain in difficulty economically and will perhaps offer the home. With many of the drama’s stories discovering open endings, and thinking about the appeal of the program, it promises that it will return for another season. Will Jackie remain in New york city with her uncle? Who is the mystical Morgan? What is the fate of the Walter farm? All of this stays to be seen. Stream on Netflix.

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