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Mean Women TikTok Impact Safeguarded as Paramount Clarify Marketing Confusion

Mean Women directors protect making use of TikTok in the movie while Paramount exposes why they didn’t clearly market the film as a musical.


  • The brand-new Mean Women film includes social networks and TikTok to speak the language these days’s teenagers, without exaggerating it with innovation.
  • Paramount deliberately prevented marketing Mean Women as a musical to interest a bigger audience and prevent pushing away audiences who might deal with musicals in a different way.
  • In spite of the concealed musical element, 75% of the audience understood the film was a musical before purchasing tickets, revealing that the marketing method achieved success in drawing in a wider audience.

” This Isn’t Your Mom’s Mean Women!” That was the very first tagline utilized to promote the brand-new spin on Mean Girls, which isn’t precisely a brand-new spin at all. This analysis is an adjustment of the Broadway musical, which, in turn, was an adaptation of the 2004 film and pop-cultural phenomenon. The initial film is turning up on its 20th anniversary in April and while much of its styles and humor are classic, the brand-new film is speaking with young people that are maturing in a TikTok generation, and does not excuse it.

While talking with Rolling Stone, directors Samantha Jayne and Arturo Perez Jr. went over how it was necessary to integrate social networks and TikTok into the movie. This is something that required a fair bit of research study, that included speaking with drama trainees at Perez’s old-fashioned, as it is something that has actually ended up being an inescapable part of youth culture. They stated:

None people wished to exaggerate the phone, however I believe it’s actually crucial to speak the language of teenagers now.

Although it was necessary to make social networks platforms like TikTok appropriate in the movie, Jayne states that they didn’t wish to exaggerate it with the innovation and make it self-important:

” However all of us concurred we didn’t wish to exaggerate it with innovation. We didn’t wish to have everybody on their phones all the time or continuously utilizing filters or tech. We desired those minutes to have effect when we did utilize them. So we tried to find locations to integrate it into the movie.”

Why Paramount Did Not Clearly Market Mean Women as a Musical.

The story beats of the brand-new Mean Women remain in line with the initial story, which sees Cady Heron (Angourie Rice) relocating to Illinois where she browses the numerous inner circles and hierarchies of high school life. The crucial distinction is that this take consists of singing and dancing, something Paramount’s President of Global Marketing Marc Weinstock desired not to clearly expose in the movie’s marketing. Throughout a chat with Variety, Weinstock exposed this is something that was deliberately done to prevent pushing away a big part of the audience:

” We didn’t wish to go out and state it’s a musical since individuals tend to deal with musicals in a different way. This film is a broad funny with music. Yes, it might be thought about a musical however it interest a bigger audience. You can see in [trailers] for Wonka and The Color Purple, they do not state musical either. We have a musical note on the title, so there are tips to it without being self-important.”


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Mean Girls ruled the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday box office with $28 million in 3 days and $33.2 million over 4 days, going beyond ticket office tracking. It would appear that concealing the truth that it was a musical did operate in some style since Paramount shared exit ballot following its weekend victory that exposed 75 percent of the audience understood it was a musical before buying tickets, while 16 percent were uninformed or left “dissatisfied” by the category. Whether the bait-and-switch marketing was reasonable can be disputed, however the movie did draw in a part of the audience that might have prevented the film had they recognized entering.

Mean Women is presently playing in theaters across the country.

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