Mean Ladies: How the 2024 Musical Film Needs To Vary From the 2004 Initial

The 2024 Mean Ladies might substantially alter the dynamic of the 2004 initial, and it deserves checking out.


  • Mean Ladies (2024) accepts meta-humor, calling out sex, feminism, bullying, and social requirements in a more specific and appealing method.
  • Social network will play a larger function in the plot of Mean Ladies (2024 ), highlighting its impact in spreading out reports and offering bullies power beyond school hours.
  • The brand-new Mean Ladies movie will discuss more specific subjects like sex, diving much deeper into them and using a fresh viewpoint compared to the initial motion picture.

It’s been 2 entire years given that the initial Mean Girls launching, and it is thought about a modern-day funny classic and among thebest feminist comedies Ever since, the author of the 2004 movie, Tina Fey, likewise composed the 2018 phase musical adjustment of her motion picture. The phase play not just consisted of even more musical numbers than simply the winter season skill program however was improved for this period where social networks has actually ended up being an important part of bullying, spreading out reports, and so on. The initial motion picture was based upon the 2002 book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman, detailing the numerous high school social clichés and how bullying can harm the lives of high schoolers, particularly teen ladies.

These problems still exist today, and we require movies like Mean Ladies to assist advise us of that. With the movie adjustment of the musical coming out on Friday, Jan. 12, we can anticipate to see modifications from when we were initially presented to the Plastics. Which’s not even if it’s technically not a remake of the 2004 initial. While some modifications will impact the general runtime (like cutting a great deal of tunes from the play to make the movie less stagey), others will have an influence on the general story. And those modifications are determined to how teens are today.

Altering the Humor of Mean Ladies.

mean girls

Mean Girls (2004)

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April 30, 2004.


Mark Waters





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The humor of the 2004 Mean Ladies was top-tier for its time and fit completely with the2000s and best decade of comedy It was present with that period of high school, although it didn’t feel all that long earlier. A lot has actually altered in our society in twenty years. That includes our humor. As movie theater develops gradually, we discover that specific elements of our preferred categories match with what is trending.

For instance, we have actually had more paranormal-related scary movies in the previous 5 years than any other subgenre of scary (like zombie or beast movies). That’s since the ghost subgenre of scary is the most popular. For funny, according to The Numbers, Barbie is presently the most popular and highest-grossing funny movie regardless of a current release date. Its commentary on what it implies to be a female in society today spoke with audiences and resonated with fans of the movie.

What made Barbie such a big success in the funny category? Did you observe in the Mean Ladies trailer that the funny is more specific than the 2004 initial? And we’re not simply discussing the PG-13 call-out joke at the start. The humor brings more attention to the disputes provided in the movie: sex, feminism, high school bullying with women, social clichés and requirements, peer pressure, and so on. It calls out these problems in a manner that’s appealing.


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This kind of humor is much better referred to as meta-humor, in which the humor provided is intentionally self-aware, like a character calling out by themselves paradox or breaking the 4th wall. An excellent example comes directly from the trailer when Gretchen (Bebe Wood) notifies Cady (Angourie Rice) that concerning a Halloween celebration in a frightening outfit rather of a “slutty” outfit is “slut-shaming” the ladies at the celebration. The paradox here is that if everybody gowns like a “slut”, then nobody is, however Cady opposes that by can be found in a frightening outfit.

Consisting Of Social Network in Mean Ladies.

Mean Girls Poster

Mean Girls (2024)

Release Date

January 12, 2024.


Samantha Jayne.

, Arturo Perez Jr.


Reneé Rapp.

,Angourie Rice

,Auli’i Cravalho

, Bebe Wood.

, Avantika.

,Jon Hamm

, Tina Fey



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Tina Fey

Among the more considerable modifications is having social networks more associated with the plot than the 2004 Mean Ladies Social network did not have a total direct participation in the initial movie merely since it wasn’t as huge an offer as it is now. Whatever is on the web now, from political involvement to TikTok cooking hacks, viewpoints versus truths, online trolling, and anything else you can think of. Social network is likewise how we can get in touch with individuals outside our lives, however it likewise provides bullies simpler access to spread out reports or bug someone beyond school hours.

With the brand-new Mean Ladies movie offering social networks a more popular function, we might see how quickly it can be utilized to spread out the rumors/lies from Regina’s Burn Book. It might likewise be utilized as a source of power, with the Plastics abusing social networks to assert supremacy over everyone at school beyond school hours. Something for sure is that it will be utilized to spread out reports, as the trailer demonstrates how rapidly somebody presumed that Cady pressed Regina (Renee Rapp) throughout the winter season skill program. Furthermore, the movie will call out how rapidly style patterns begin with another person’s experience, like Regina’s ruined makeup developing into a TikTok-like pattern.


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Retouching On Particular Subjects in Mean Ladies.

Some particular subjects in the initial Mean Ladies were quickly discussed or meant however weren’t included much in the main story. One, for instance, handle sex. Sex was a secondary background plot point unimportant to the primary story, however the 2024 trailer revealed us that sex would be among the primary plot points in the movie with the intro of the health and human sexuality course. The make-out scenes are more specific, talk of prophylactics and kinks like choking, and so on. Considered that the trailer and the brand-new cast of Mean Girls reveal the humor behind how specific the subject may be, the movie might dive much deeper than that, using a brand-new viewpoint that was mostly disregarded in the initial motion picture.

Mean Ladies premieres in theaters on Friday, Jan. 12.

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