Marvel’s What If …? Ditched a Star Wars Crossover Episode

What If …? director Bryan Andrews has actually exposed that a Star Wars crossover episode was pitched to Kevin Feige who chose not to do it.


  • Marvel’s What If …? thought about crossing over with Star Wars, however the concept was eventually turned down by Kevin Feige.
  • What If …? has actually acquired appeal for its departure from MCU connection, permitting audiences to delight in the program without anticipation.
  • A teaser for What If …? season 3 has actually been launched, meaning brand-new stories and including a trip with Red Guardian and the Winter Season Soldier.

Marvel’s What If…? has actually permitted the MCU to experiment with a few of its characters and stories in such a way the live-action arm of deep space can not. Nevertheless, it appears that this might have likewise consisted of a cross-over with another substantial franchise from under the Disney banner– Star Wars.

Last month, What If…? delivered its second season on Disney+, launching day-to-day episodes throughout the Christmas vacations to terrific recognition. As the highest rated Marvel project of the year, it is difficult to see how the series might be enhanced on, however there were some truly wild concepts that didn’t make it into the program. This consisted of an episode that brought the Star Wars franchise into the Marvel Universe. As director Bryan Andrews described, the crossover was pitched to Marvel employer Kevin Feige, who eventually turned down the concept. Andrews informed Moovy TV:

” So I believe it’s definitely manageable. I simply do not understand if [Feige] wishes to cross those streams, however it’s truly amusing. When you get to the awareness of why, you go: ‘Oh, that … oh, right!’ It absolutely makes good sense. It will not moisten anybody’s parade. However it was simply a love letter to old-school Star Wars. And it was terrific. And I do not understand if we’ll ever have the ability to do it. However we have actually thought of that things.”

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What If …? Has Actually Currently Teased Season 3.

Winter Soldier and Red Guardian in season 3 of What If

The Marvel Universe is frequently slammed for being too elaborately connected and requiring newbies to trawl through more than 100 hours of formerly launched motion pictures and reveals to discover essential info that is important to comprehending the story. What If …? removes the requirement for audiences to modify the franchise before enjoying, as the program discards the rulebook when it concerns MCU connection.

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This might be among the factors the series has actually been so well gotten, however whatever the factor behind its appeal, fans have actually currently been offered a taste of what to get out of season 3. A teaser was launched on Marvel’s site ahead of the season 2 ending, and consequently shared online. This teaser reveals a clip of what is presumed to be the opening episode of the brand-new season, and functionsRed Guardian and the Winter Soldier on an unexpected road trip You can take a look at the clip listed below.

Marvel Studios did not have an excellent 2023, however they will be wanting to make more from less in 2024. Deadpool 3 will be the only cinematic release of the year, while on Disney+ What If …? season 3 will be signed up with by Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, Your Friendly Community Spider-Man, X-Men ’97 andthe imminent full-series drop of Echo This implies that half of Marvel Studios’ 2024 material is animated, and its only motion picture is R-rated, something that in previous years would have been exceptionally out of character for the strictly PG-13 franchise. Nevertheless, the future of the MCU is presently being inspected and reassessed after the dissatisfaction of 2023’s efforts, and huge modifications are plainly on the horizon to get the franchise back on track.

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