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Margot Robbie Reacts To George Clooney Recommending She is His Mom in the Ocean’s Eleven Prequel: ‘That is very full marks’

Margot Robbie is flattered that George Clooney believes she is playing Danny Ocean’s mom in the upcoming prequel.


  • Margot Robbie is flattered George Clooney believes “it makes good sense” that she’s playing his character’s mama in the Ocean’s Eleven prequel.
  • Robbie and her LuckyChap co-founders dismiss the concept, neither validating nor rejecting it.
  • Robbie does not have strategies to make a Barbie follow up, choosing to concentrate on producing more initial movies with terrific filmmakers and spending plans.

Margot Robbie put the kibosh on Danny Ocean’s moms and dads. Throughout a sit-down together with her LuckyChap production business co-founders, Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, Robbie resolved the report that George Clooney believed, “It makes good sense,” when it concerned the reports that Robbie will play Danny Ocean’s mom in the upcoming Ocean’s Eleven prequel. Robbie stated in the interview with Variety:

Truthfully, I’m so chuffed to hear that. That is very full marks. Wow, how interesting!

Ackerley reacted:

That wasn’t a plot point that we have actually verified or rejected. We’re still dealing with the script.

An unique report published on Showbiz411, which Roger Friedman composed back on December 3, 2023, exposed that his sources had actually found out that the Ocean’s Eleven prequel would be entitled Oceans Friedman likewise reported that Robbie and Oceans’ co-star Ryan Gosling would depict the moms and dads of Danny (Clooney) and Debbie (Sandra Bullock) Ocean. Robbie included the exact same interview with Range:

I do not understand who his moms and dads will eventually be or not be.

Ackerley continued:

Or if their moms and dads are even in the film.

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Oceans of False information?

George Clooney, Ocean's 11
Warner Bros.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling were believed to be playing Danny and Debbie Ocean’s parents in the upcoming prequel. Nevertheless, Robbie and among her LuckyChap co-founders, Tom Ackerley, have actually refuted the news. Could it be that they’re just attempting to shake off the fans, so they will not understand what to anticipate in the Ocean’s Eleven prequel? Or could it be that Roger Friedman’s report for Showbiz411 was unreliable? LuckyChap co-founder, Josey McNamara, stated in the exact same interview with Range:

I want I might be on the chatter channels all this info originates from. We hear it in the workplace.

Robbie included:

” I likewise checked out a lot things that’s not real. ‘Margot Robbie’s doing that!’ And I resemble, ‘I’m 100% not, and I have actually never ever even heard that.’ I understand individuals do that simply to work up a purchasing craze. I imply, we need to take it as a compliment.”

What’s not in concern is whether Robbie will return for any follows up to last summertime’s bright-pink smash hit, Barbie Regardless of the reality that Greta Gerwig’s adventures in Barbieland made $1.44 billion throughout its 2023 theatrical run, Robbie does not have any intent of repeating the function. Robbie informed Range:

” It’s amusing, that knee-jerk response in this day and age for everybody to instantly inquire about a follow up. I do not believe it resembled that twenty years back. This wasn’t created to be a trilogy […] Whatever entered into Barbie– which’s how Greta works. She ends up every film on empty, seeming like she might never ever make another film due to the fact that she put whatever she had into that a person. So, I do not understand what it would require to fill that cup up once again for her. Or for us. I believe Warners would likewise concur.”

Robbie continued:

” I do not understand what more might even appear like. We wish to make more movies that have the result that Barbie has. I do not understand if it needs to be Barbie 2. Why can’t it be another huge, initial, strong concept where we get a remarkable filmmaker, a huge budget plan to have fun with, and the trust of a substantial corporation behind them to go and truly play? I wish to do that.”

It may make best sense thatGeorge Clooney sees Margot Robbie playing Danny Ocean’s mom However Robbie rejects it. A release date for the Ocean’s Eleven prequel is still to be identified, however fans of Robbie’s work can stream Barbie on Max, at the time of this writing.

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