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Margot Robbie Dislikes Movies ‘Condensed’ Into Two-Minute Trailers

Margot Robbie dislikes the method whole movies are so typically represented and their particular surprises are messed up by film trailers.


  • Margot Robbie dislikes film trailers that expose excessive of the movies they represent, choosing an aspect of secret.
  • Robbie recommends utilizing much shorter teasers, which are called cups, rather of standard trailers for marketing functions.
  • Robbie applauds Saltburn author, manufacturer and director Emerald Fennell’s storytelling abilities and the imaginative’s capability to immerse audiences in her movies.

Anybody who viewed the trailers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice understands where Margot Robbie is originating from. The addition of both Wonder Lady (Gal Gadot) and End ofthe world was infamously exposed before the superhero flick ever struck movie theaters. And the star of Barbie dislikes the method film sneak peeks typically destroy their particular movies. While Robbie might be best referred to as a starlet, the Hollywood gamer likewise produces jobs in addition to her co-founders, Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara, of the Los Angeles production business LuckyChap. And when it pertained to marketing and advertising Saltburn, Robbie exposed how she hates distributing a whole movie in a short film trailer. Robbie stated in a special interview with Variety:

” There’s got to be an aspect of secret. I dislike trailers that have the entire film condensed to 2 minutes. Everybody’s like, ‘It evaluated truly high.’ Obviously, it did; you offered somebody the entire film. Marketing an Emerald Fennell film is difficult due to the fact that she is the queen of plot twists, so all the best things, you can’t really reveal. Since then it would not be so amazing when you see it in the film.”

Robbie stated in the very same interview:

” Marketing is really uncharted area in many manner ins which everybody is sort of finding out together. And often what you do not understand is a terrific present. In the marketing of Saltburn, I resembled, ‘Why are we doing a 30-second teaser trailer? Why can’t we do something called cups, and it can be 7 to 10 seconds?’ And everybody’s like, ‘Yeah, let’s do that then. If it works, cool, and if it does not …'”

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Bringing Saltburn to Life.



Release Date

November 24, 2023.


Emerald Fennell


2hr 7min.




, Thriller


Emerald Fennell


A wonderfully wicked tale of advantage and desire.

While Margot Robbie and her partners at LuckyChap were hectic producing and marketing Saltburn, filmmaker Emerald Fennell was hectic using a trio of hats (author, manufacturer, director) as she helms the black funny. Embed in the mid-2000s, Fennell’s movie, which is likewise a mental thriller, follows an eclectic mix of characters led by star Barry Keoghan’s Oxford guy, Oliver Quick. And Robbie applauded the method Fennell can immerse others in her storytelling. Robbie stated in the very same interview:

” It didn’t feel that stunning in the script, due to the fact that Emerald immerses you into a world so rapidly. She’s so skillful at tone and plot; she gets you into it so rapidly– you’re simply instantly like, ‘I remain in this world.’ So, by the time you get to something like the tub scene, she’s primed you for it. She’s got you. You’re, like, choosing at a scab; you resemble, ‘I can’t assist myself.’ Or like popping a pimple: I understand I should not squeeze, however I’m gon na.”

Exist scandalous moments in Saltburn? The response is: definitely! However Robbie explains that Fennell’s technique to the product is as much erudite and thought-provoking as it is unapologetic and expressive in nature. Robbie likewise informed Range:

” I want I might consider a prettier one[analogy] However she does that. And I believe there’s something purposefully horrible and rewarding about where you get to in Saltburn. Like, I believe she desired you to be similarly as disgusted as you are turned on, and similarly as stunned as you are by discovering that wickedness in yourself. She gets in your brain and she sort of use the most base parts of it, so that you’re complicit in the story. That’s the watercooler minute– the important things that individuals are speaking about 2 weeks later on.”

The Talented Mr. Ripley– esque Saltburn is readily available to stream on Prime Video, at the time of this writing. And make certain to take a look at MovieWeb’s review of Saltburn and the movie’s trailer (listed below) today.

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