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Margot Robbie Always Envisioned Barbie to be Like Austin Powers in One Method

Margot Robbie has actually been missing out on silly, wise funnies, which is precisely what she constantly saw Barbie as.


  • Margot Robbie saw Barbie as a ridiculous, wise funny, comparable to Austin Powers
  • The marketing at first made it uncertain what to anticipate, however the social satire ended up being apparent in the last trailers.
  • The movie intended to restore the sort of funny that might be delighted in by everybody, not simply a particular audience.

Was Barbie a social declaration, a commentary on the toy market’s influence on the world, or was it simply a ridiculous, wise funny? According to star Margot Robbie, it was certainly the latter– and there is one unexpected, x-rated Mike Myers funny that it quickly advised her of.

Although the preliminary marketing of Barbie made it uncertain precisely what to get out of what ended up being the greatest film of 2023, as the best of the movie drew more detailed, the social satire of the story started to filter into the last trailers. For Robbie, the film was constantly about something – being a ridiculous funny like the Austin Powers franchise. She informed Deadline:

” I ‘d actually been missing out on ridiculous funny. Ridiculous, wise funny. I constantly thought about the tone along the lines of Austin Powers, and when I check out the script, that was the tone that called out. A great deal of physical funny, a great deal of ridiculous however wise jokes, something extremely referential. That sort of funny had all however vanished from mainstream movie theater for a variety of years. Truthfully, most likely Austin Powers is the last time I felt it. Whatever ended up being extremely particular; funny for this sort of audience, or that sort of audience. We were missing out on the ridiculous, wise funny that might be a hit for everyone. I was actually delighted we might do that; that it didn’t seem like a film produced a particular group of individuals. No, this was for everybody.”

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Barbie Surpassed Expectations by Overturning Them.

Ariana Greenblatt as Sasha, Margot Robbie as Barbie, and America Ferrera as Gloria in Barbie (2023), driving in Gloria's car.
Warner Bros

Whenever the name Barbie is pointed out, the mind is quickly filled with intense animations, YouTube videos of kids having fun with Barbie dolls, and a limitless stream of pink, pink, and pink. While the majority of that is discovered someplace in Greta Gerwig’s take on the most renowned doll worldwide, that is just the start.

Prior to the release of Barbie, and before the “Barbenheimer” movement took control of whatever surrounding the release of the movie and its not likely cinematic bedfellow, numerous stars had actually discussed the script being among the very best they had actually ever checked out. Simu Liu, Ryan Gosling and Robbie all discussed the minute they were offered the script and understood that the movie was going to alter a great deal of understandings about the character of Barbie.

While few individuals thought that, after simply a couple of days on release it emerged that this was certainly the case, and Barbie had actually landed in a different way to any other time in her 60-year history. Although there have actually been concerns inquired about whether the film will get a follow up, it is plainly the incorrect concern to ask, as making a franchise from the movie was never ever the function of anybody associated with its development. While that does not suggest that there might be other stories to inform within the exact same Barbie world, in the meantime it appears that Barbie is, as its title character constantly has actually been, an iconic piece of pop culture in a league of its own.

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