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Magnum P.I.’s Jay Hernandez Reveals Discontent With Series Ending, Wants To Make a Standalone Film

Jay Hernandez wishes to make a standalone movie as he ‘didn’t enjoy the program ending.’


  • Jay Hernandez reveals frustration with Magnum P.I. ending, recommending a standalone movie might supply a more gratifying conclusion. #Magnum #PI #finalbow.
  • Regardless of an exhilarating rollercoaster of twists, Hernandez hints that there is more story delegated inform. Fans left hypothesizing about the future of Magnum’s story.
  • The impactful tradition of Magnum P.I. and its charming leading male will continue to resonate with fans, leaving a tradition of experience, relationship, and the attraction of the Hawaiian islands.

CAUTION! This short article consists of Magnum P.I. Season 5 spoiler.

The intense sundown of NBC’s Magnum P.I. has actually left its star, Jay Hernandez, yearning for a more gratifying conclusion. Hernandez, understood for his representation of the suave private detective Thomas Magnum, required to Twitter to voice his discontent with the series ending and teased the capacity for a standalone movie to offer Magnum the sendoff he should have.

Audiences were riveted by the ending’s rollercoaster of unanticipated twists, producing a genuinely exhilarating conclusion. Higgins, played by Perdita Weeks, finds Magnum has a gleaming engagement ring, causing a series of misconceptions and a last face-off including a diamond ring, a martial arts bad guy, and a high-stakes blackmail plot including the greatest tiers of power. Regardless of the action-packed conclusion, Hernandez revealed a particular frustration, hinting that there was more story delegated inform. Hernandez shared (by means of X):

” I in fact drifted the concept of a standalone movie. I expect it’s still possible. If I’m being absolutely sincere I didn’t enjoy the program ending how it did.”

The series, a contemporary reboot of the renowned 80s program, saw its last bow, leaving fans and cast alike assessing the journey. While the reboot handled to cheat death as soon as, moving from CBS to NBC, the drape has actually formally closed on Hernandez’s Magnum, a previous Navy SEAL turned private detective.

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Magnum’s Last Bow: A Tradition of Secret and Brotherhood in Paradise.

As Magnum P.I. quotes adieu, it leaves a tradition of high-speed chases after, tropical secrets, and a brotherhood formed in the line of responsibility. Hernandez, together with his gifted co-stars like Zachary Knighton, Stephen Hill, and Amy Hill, brought to life a world of intrigue and risk, combined with the beautiful charm of Hawaii. Assisted by the vision of showrunner Eric Guggenheim and manufacturers like Justin Lin, the series differentiated itself in the congested world of tv.

Regardless of the program’s end, the sociability and devotion of the #magnum #ohana, as Hernandez fondly describes the fanbase, have actually not gone undetected. The star stopped briefly to reveal appreciation to the unfaltering fans and teased what may follow for Magnum’s story.

As networks and studios continuously look for the next hit series, the abrupt end of Magnum P.I. and Hernandez’s subsequent remarks unlock to speculation and hope amongst fans. Could there be a Magnum P.I. movie on the horizon, or is this really completion of Magnum’s experiences? Just time will expose the fate of our cherished private investigator. Nevertheless, something is specific: the effect of Magnum P.I. and its charming leading male will continue to resonate with fans, leaving a tradition of experience, relationship, and the everlasting attraction of the Hawaiian islands.

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