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Law & Order: SVU Star Open About Her Own Rape Experience and Empowering Survivors

Mariska Hargitay understands what it resembles to suffer the injury of being assaulted, and has actually opened about doing what was required to survive it.


  • Mariska Hargitay exposes an agonizing individual experience of sexual violence and the terrible effect it had on her.
  • Hargitay describes how her own experience notifies her representation of Investigator Olivia Benson and her devotion to raising awareness about associate rape.
  • Through her function on Law & & Order: SVU, Hargitay has actually ended up being a source of strength for survivors, empowering them to challenge their own experiences and discover a method through.

As an essential part of the Law & & Order franchise,(* )star(* )has the look of being strong and totally in control, however in a current essay for Law & Order: SVU, the starlet opened about a time that she “had a look at of her body” when she was raped by a pal when in her thirties.Mariska Hargitay Mariska Hargitay plays Olivia Benson in the People Magazine Law & & Order(* )franchise, a devoted and caring investigator in the Unique Victims System of the NYPD. Benson focuses on examining delicate criminal offenses like sexual attack and kid abuse. For many years, she develops as a character, facing her own terrible past, forming strong bonds with coworkers, and

Now informing her own story, her capability to take advantage of Benson’s character is plainly driven by her own experiences. It wasn’t sexual at all. It was supremacy and control. Subduing control. in her very first individual piece, the starlet continues: developing a maternal instinct towards victims” He was a pal. Then he wasn’t. I attempted all the methods I understood to leave it. I attempted to make jokes, to be lovely, to set a limit, to factor, to state no. He got me by the arms and held me down. I was frightened. I didn’t desire it to intensify to violence. I now understand it was currently sexual violence, however I hesitated he would end up being physically violent. I entered into freeze mode, a typical injury action when there is no choice to leave. I had a look at of my body.”

The attack left Hargitay seeming like she might not enable the event to be part of her life moving forward, and for that reason totally shut it out. She discussed:

” I could not process it. I could not think that it took place. That it might occur. So I cut it out. I eliminated it from my story. I now have a lot compassion for the part of me that made that option since that part got me through it. It never ever took place. Now I honor that part: I did what I needed to do to make it through.”


Mariska Hargitay’s Law & & Order Function Has Actually Assisted Other Survivors.


Regardless of investing years shutting out what took place to her, Hargitay ultimately had a numeration that lastly permitted her to face what took place to her, and go on to be a beacon of wish for The 10 Best Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) Episodes


Mariska Hargitay portraying Olivia Benson in Law & Order SVU
” Now I have the ability to see plainly what was done to me. I comprehend the neurobiology of injury. Injury fractures our mind and our memory. The method a mirror fractures. I have actually browsed a great deal of undesirable advances. This was not for me to browse. This was beyond that. That’s why I have actually talked a lot about associate rape, since many individuals still think about rape as a male leaping out of the bushes. This was a pal who made a unilateral choice.”

Appearing in others who have suffered similar experiences Law & & Order: Unique Victims System

has actually offered others a character that they see in themselves, and one that has actually provided strength to face their unjustified sensations of pity and doubt over their experiences. She continued:

” Survivors who have actually viewed the program have actually informed me I have actually assisted them and provided strength. However they’re the ones who have actually been a source of strength for me. They have actually experienced darkness and ruthlessness, an utter neglect for another human, and they have actually done what they required to make it through. For some, that suggests making Olivia Benson a huge part of their lives– which is an honor beyond procedure– for others, it suggests developing a structure. We’re strong, and we discover a method through.” Hargitay kept in mind that she feels there are still concerns with the method society frequently makes rape victims question whether they were the ones to blame, which they “brought it on themselves.” She includes that for her, a huge part of processing what took place is desiring an apology from her aggressor, however made it clear that there is far more to her than the attack and its implications on her life. She concluded: ” This is an agonizing part of my story. The experience was awful. However it does not come close to specifying me, in the exact same method that no other single part of my story specifies me. No single part of anybody’s story specifies them. I’m turning 60, and I’m so deeply grateful for where I am. I’m restored and I’m flooded with empathy for everyone who have actually suffered.”

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