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John Wick: The Very Best Characters in the Franchise, Ranked

From lethal assassins, to a fascinating hotel supervisor and a suave concierge, here are the very best characters in the John Wick franchise.

John Wick rapidly sealed itself as one of the greatest action movies of all time, however might not precisely be understood for its supporting cast of characters, as it is for the franchise’s magnificent action series, genius world-building, and a famous efficiency by Keanu Reeves. Nevertheless, John Wick offers audiences a load of remarkable and genuinely amazing characters. The majority of the characters in the franchise are really proficient, lethal assassins who have a history or are merely fans of John Wick. However with the extensive assassin underworld, John Wick presents us to some exceptionally cool, suave, and intriguing characters who aren’t assassins.

Numerous remarkable characters have actually appeared over the franchise, with 2023 broadening the world with the most varied cast of characters in both John Wick: Chapter 4 and the Peacock series, The Continental From deadly marksmen to ghostly trackers, every character in John Wick comes equipped with something more than simply weapons. So, use your match and prepare yourself for vengeance as we rank the very best characters in this magnificent action franchise.

Update January 19, 2024: This short article has actually been upgraded with more characters from the John Wick franchise following the release of John Wick: Chapter 4 and The Continenta l.

Viggo Tarasov

Viggo Tarasov- John Wick

Viggo Tarasov was the primary bad guy of the very first movie in the franchise, John Wick His child was the one who eliminated Wick’s pet dog, Daisy, and let loose the rage of the Baba Yaga onto himself. Tarasov, who was really the individual who let John Wick retire and cope with his civilian better half after finishing a difficult job for him, understood the type of risk John’s anger brought. Despite the fact that he scolded his child for his actions, he still wound up attempting to safeguard him and stopped working ultimately.

After John lastly eliminates his child, Tarasov eliminates Marcus, who was John’s coach and assisted him get away. Despite the fact that he is a bad guy, Viggo Tarasov is a well-written character whose just objective is to conserve his child. However in the end, the fans were happy that he was exterminated by John in the end of the world of the movie.

Santino D’Antonio

Santino D'Antonio- John Wick

Santino D’Antonio, played by Riccardo Scamarcio, is a John Wick character who was made to dislike. Not just does he require John’s hand with the ‘marker’ John owes him to eliminate his own sis, however then attempts to double-cross and eliminate him to bind the loose ends. The criminal activity manager made John eliminate his older sis, who belonged to the High Table, to take her location, and after his lackeys stopped working to eliminate the Baba Yaga, he put a bounty on his head.

Appearing in the 2nd film, Santino was a really well-written bad guy who was genuinely despicable in his methods, that made the audience rejoice when John lastly eliminated him. His death, nevertheless, occurred within Continental premises, and John was excommunicated from the assassin world for the infraction. Even in his death, he developed a mess for John that he would invest the remainder of the 2 motion pictures tidying up.


Akira- John Wick

John Wick: Chapter 4 presented a great deal of appealing characters, one with the most prospective was Akira Shimazu Koji and his child Akira were the supervisor and concierge of the Osaka Continental and likewise good friends of John Wick. When John takes sanctuary in the hotel in the movie, he is gone after by Marquis’ right-hand male, Chidi, and the blind assassin Caine, who brings various assassins and releases hell upon the hotel premises. Both Akira and Shimazu show to be exceptional fighters, although the latter is exterminated by Caine.

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Akira is a trained and deadly assassin, and we see her once again in the post-credit scene of the movie where Caine goes to fulfill his child lastly, however sees a cruel Akira with knives, there to precise vengeance for her daddy’s death. We do not understand if the plot will be more checked out in a future installation, however we are thrilled to see more of this lethal and elegant assassin on screen.

Marquis Vincent De Gramont

Vincent De Gramont - John Wick

The primary bad guy of the 4th John Wick movie, De Gramont was played by Costs Skarsgard, who made the character incredibly despicable and pesky. Marquis De Gramont is a Camorra criminal activity manager and a member of the High Table who is tremendously threatened by John and chooses to do something about it versus him. Not just does he strip Winston of his responsibilities as the supervisor of The Continental, however he likewise employs Caine, a blind retired assassin and an ex-member of the High Table, to eliminate John.

When Caine declines to move versus John, who is a pal, he threatens him by stating he’ll eliminate his child. He likewise makes Caine take his location in the battle where he requires to deal with John. The minute when John eliminates him is among the best highlights of the movie. The character of Gramont made the last movie, and he is among the best-written bad guys in the franchise.


Zero - John Wick

As a huge fan of John Wick, No simply beams with pleasure and enjoyment that he gets to battle with his good example. This enjoyment is transmittable as No’s overconfidence and giddiness makes all of his battle scenes that far more amazing. Played by Mark Dacascos, a really gifted martial artist who offers it his all in this function. He revealed audiences his ferociousness and ability as a martial artist, and as a lethal assassin on the planet of John Wick.

In addition to No being an exceptionally lethal assassin, he likewise features an army of lethal and effective Shinobi. The Shinobi show to be lethal, a minimum of before John beats them all with their weapons. When taking on versus “The Baba Yaga”, No happily fanboys over John Wick, displaying to his good example, eventually resulting in his death.


Aurelio John Wick

Aurelio is a character who hasn’t had a great deal of screen time in the franchise, with his short look in the very first film and his cameo in the 2nd. However with John Leguizamo starring in the function, we can not assist however get thrilled whenever we see Aurelio appear in the franchise. Aurelio is a mechanic in the John Wick universe, part of the assassin underworld, and a buddy to John Wick. He’s spruced up John’s cars and truck sometimes.

John Leguizamo easily makes Aurelio an exceptionally cool character, and although he isn’t an assassin, his relationship with John and status within the mechanic empire make Aurelio stick out amongst a cast of proficient assassins. Aurelio appeared in the very first 2 John Wick motion pictures, however we have actually not seen him given that. Definitely, if John Wick 5 does occur, ideally, Aurelio will return.


Cassian- John Wick

Cassian is a lethal assassin and old buddy to John, who has actually given that testified safeguard Gianna D’Antonio, sis to Santino D’Antonio. Up until John is worked with to assassinate Gianna, which pitted the old good friends versus one another in 2 dazzling battle scenes. Typical brings his all and offers us how effective Cassian is as an assassin. Revealing ruthless choreography and a savage combating design, Cassian is among the couple of assassins to really show a difficulty and a deserving challenger to John Wick. The last time we saw Cassian, John plunged a knife into his chest. Nevertheless, he wasn’t dead, and we hope we may see him once again in the future.


Marcus= John Wick

Willam Dafoe is constantly a pleasure to see on screen, whether an excessive comics bad guy or a lighthouse keeper who loses his mind. Here is no various; Marcus is a little bit more grounded character than Dafoe’s typical work, however it is no less amusing. Marcus chooses to utilize a sniper rifle, which he is really proficient at, making his character stick out from many assassins in the John Wick universe.

Marcus, an assassin and buddy of John Wick, is worked with by Viggo to eliminate John before he can eliminate Viggo’s child. Nevertheless, with Marcus’ connection and relationship with John, Marcus assists John on his vengeance spree, which sadly results in Marcus’ disastrous death. In spite of just remaining in one movie, Dafoe left an effect, and fans were definitely dissatisfied a young variation of Marcus did not appear in The Continental

Mr. No One

Mr. Nobody- John Wick

Mr. No One or The Tracker is among those characters whom you see and instantly need to know more of their baclstory. Played by Shamier Anderson, Mr No one seems a fugitive hunter who waits on the bounty on somebody’s head to reach its acme before eliminating them. That is why he does not engage with John Wick the very first time he encounters him however assists him get away rather, since he believes the bounty on John’s head might be higher.

Later On, when John conserves his pet dog’s life, he chooses to end up being John’s ally rather and shows to be a terrific assassin who eliminates a great deal of his opponents, consisting of Chidi, Marquis’ right-hand male, who was showing to be a repeating issue. Mr. No one was among the most appealing characters of John Wick: Chapter 4, and individuals specifically liked his commitment to his pet dog. We intend to see more of this character in future movies.


Sofia- John Wick

Sofia was composed particularly for Halle Berry, as she asked the manufacturers to be in the film before the script was even composed, and Berry did not dissatisfy. Halle Berry provided credible physicality, carrying out the gorgeous choreography and with dignity dispatching her opponents with numerous headshots. However many remarkable of all, we lastly see some pet dog action in a series so greatly focused around male’s friend, as Sofia’s 2 pets create chaos upon their opponents.

Sofia, who owed John a favor as he conserved her child and put her in a safe home, was among the most dangerous allies who ever combated along with him. She showed that she is among the most distinct assassins in the John Wick universe in among thebest action scenes in the franchise Sofia sadly did not appear in the 4th John Wick, however Halle Berry stated she is reportedly set to star in a spin-off series.

The Bowery King

The Bowery King- John Wick

There are various minutes in the John Wick motion pictures that will make your jaw drop and have you yelling in enjoyment, and among them is the intro of the Bowery King Primarily since it’s a fantastic reunion of Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne after the time invested together in The Matrix motion pictures. However the Bowery King is likewise a fascinating and appealing character, which rises by Fishburne’s excessive and magnificent efficiency in the function.

The Bowery King is the king of another assassin underground, which utilizes homeless individuals and pigeons to get details on practically whatever. John Wick currently has an engaging assassin underground, however the world just broadens and deepens when the Bowery King and his empire is presented. In John Wick: Chapter 4, he is among the most relied on allies of John and Winston, and it is a reward to see the characters connect with each other on screen.


Charon- John Wick

A concierge, a skilled shooter, and a trusted pet dog caretaker, Charon is among the sweetest and likewise lethal characters in the John Wick universe. Charon functions as the dependable concierge at the New york city Continental Hotel, serving John’s every requirement, a lot so that he even provides to care for John’s pet dog, which just makes us like his character that far more. All this before he shows his weapon performance when the Continental he testified safeguard comes under attack.

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Lance Reddick brings an indisputable suaveness, compassion, and comical timing to the function to make Charon among the very best characters in the franchise. Regrettably, in the 4th installation, Charon is eliminated by Gramont, and we see a sad Winston grieving his loss at his tomb. Charon’s background is likewise checked out in the spinoff series The Continental where Ayomide Adegun plays the function of a young Charon. While Riddick passed away shortly before the release of John Wick: Chapter 4, he did movie his scenes for the spin-off movie, Ballerina, which will mark his last time as the character.


Winston- John Wick

Ian McShane brings a cool and uncomplicated design to the function, a lot so that we could not see anybody else as the hotel supervisor of the New york city Continental. Winston is among the numerous characters John has an alliance and a relationship with, and since his very first look, audiences have actually been mesmerized by him. McShane is accountable for numerous amazing minutes and, more particularly, the very best speeches throughout the course of the franchise, which assisted raise his character and made him quickly renowned. Despite the fact that Winston isn’t an assassin, nor have we yet seen him in action, he is a terrific character.

The supervisor of the New york city Continental (a safe house for assassins) has actually shown a terrific buddy to John and has actually assisted him on numerous events. A lot so that John assisted safeguard his kingdom from the High Table, up till Winston shot John. In John Wick: Chapter 4, he assisted John leave the control of the High Table and showed to be an ally to him up till the very end. His character was unclear adequate to deceive individuals about his genuine intentions, however we are happy that he was on John’s side. Audiences got to understand more of Winston’s story with the release of The Continental, which saw Colin Woodell play a more youthful variation of the character and his journey to taking control of the New york city Continental.


Caine - John Wick

Although he is technically a villain, the character of Caine is so well-rounded that it’s difficult not to provide him such a high ranking. Among the most terrifying challengers John has actually ever dealt with, Caine, utilized to be a pal of John before Chapter 4. However in the current movie, Marquis requires the retired High Table assassin to pursue John to conserve the child of his life As a blind assassin, Caine appears to have a remarkable, nearly supernatural capability for following noises that led to his unequaled combative abilities.

He is a guy of virtue that you can not assist however regard, as till completion, he attempted to assist his buddy, although his hand was being required by an effective male. In the post-credit scene, we see him when again in Paris, reconnecting with his child when Akira appears wielding knives. It will be intriguing to see what the movies choose to do with their story.

John Wick

Keanu Reeves as John Wick wearing a suit and tie with blood on his face in John Wick Chapter 4

The titular character of the franchise is the male, misconception, and legend himself, John Wick Not just is he the best character in the motion pictures, however he is likewise the best and coolest assassins in the action category. Promoted as the Baba Yaga for his ruthlessness and abilities, John has actually been showing given that the very first film why he is worthy of such a terrifying label. Keanu Reeves is extraordinary as John Wick, carrying out all the action himself, making Reeves the real-life John Wick.

John Wick is among the most deadly assassins of perpetuity, providing numerous headshots and effective eliminates while refilling and eliminating 3 guys in a bar with a pencil. Sporting a black match and all set to shoot hooligans in the head, John is the most feared assassin in the franchise. Through his name alone, he strikes worry through even the most difficult of assassins. To others, yes, he is more than simply feared, however to us, John is a pleasant and rather relatable character with an awful backstory before exacting his deadly revenge.

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