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Jaws Star Richard Dreyfuss Was “Harmed” by His Representation in The Shark Is Damaged

The Broadway play The Shark is Broken information a supposed fight in between Jaws stars Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw.


  • Richard Dreyfuss slams Broadway play, The Shark is Broken, for illustrating him erroneously, stating it “harmed since it wasn’t real.”
  • Dreyfuss rejects the presence of a fight in between him and Robert Shaw, mentioning their on-set small talk as spirited and non-serious.
  • Dreyfuss blames Spielberg and film writer Carl Gottlieb for perpetuating fight reports, revealing frustration in their absence of factor to consider for his sensations.

The Shark is Broken, a Broadway play about the making of Jaws, has actually made strong evaluations, however one noteworthy figure is not a fan of the production. Richard Dreyfuss, who starred in Steven Spielberg’s 1975 thriller as marine biologist Matt Hooper, just recently informed Vanity Fair that he was portrayed as a fool in the play, which “hurt since it wasn’t real.”

Composed by Joseph Nixon and Ian Shaw ( Jaws star Robert Shaw’s child), the behind-the-scenes comedy-drama checks out the relationship in between co-stars Dreyfuss, Shaw and Roy Scheider, who typically experienced movie hold-ups as an outcome of mechanical problems with the sharks used in the movie. Seeing The Shark is Broken, Dreyfuss informs the publication was “quite horrible,” including:

” Ian [Shaw]– who has more than any right to compose whatever he desires– never ever called me and stated, ‘Offer me some background.’ Or, ‘Offer me your handle this and this.’ And they simply chose to make my character a huge jerk.”

A considerable point in the play’s plot concentrates on a supposed fight in between the Mr. Holland’s Opus star and Shaw. According to Dreyfuss, however, a fight in between the 2 stars was non-existent:

” There were individuals on the team who stated, ‘What’s this Richard Dreyfuss– Robert Shaw reveal that’s going on here?’ When we were surrounded by great deals of other individuals, Robert would take digs at me, and I would take a dig at him. However that was just to make the hours go much better, much faster. We didn’t take any of that seriously.”

Dreyfuss does confess that there was one heated event that took place in between the 2: after Dreyfuss tossed Shaw’s bourbon over the edge of the boat, Shaw responded by soaking Dreyfuss with water from a tube. Regardless of that misstep, The Academy-Award-winning star keeps there was no bad blood in between the 2:

” That was the only day I lost my funny bone. That was not a fight. A fight went on permanently. We never ever had any tension in between us, ever.”

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Richard Dreyfuss Blames Steven Spielberg for Spreading Out Fight Reports

Hooper wears a bucket hat in Jaws
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Reports of displeasure in between Dreyfuss and Shaw have actually flowed for many years, with outlets declaring that Dreyfuss’ arrogance and Shaw’s problems with alcohol were to blame. Dreyfuss states he captured wind of these reports thirty years after Jaws covered, and he blames Spielberg and film writer Carl Gottlieb for flowing a story they understood was not accurate.

” I do not believe they simply provided it any believed that it would injure me, and it did. I need to state that Carl and Steven understood much better, understood that there was no fight. There was a continuous type of humor in between us. If you just saw us on the set, then you may believe that there was something– a fight that was going on– however it was never ever genuine. Never ever. And I hold that versus Carl and Steven.” He includes: “I have huge regard for Steven’s skill as a director. I think I do not have as much for his skill as a pal.”

Following their partnership on Jaws, Dreyfuss and Spielberg reunited for 1977’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the 1989 romantic dream movie Constantly.

The Shark is Broken made its Broadway best in August, and efficiencies are arranged to end on Nov. 19, 2023. It stars playwright Shaw as his late daddy, Arrow’s Colin Donnell as Scheider, and Alex Brightman ( Beetlejuice the Musical) as Dreyfuss.

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