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Jackie Chan’s 10 Greatest Motion picture Stunts

Jackie Chan has actually carried out lots of unbelievable stunts throughout his profession, and the following are a few of the most interesting ones.

Jackie Chan is commonly considered among the best action stars of perpetuity, and his work frequently promotes itself. A South China Morning Post short article when described him as the “Jackie of all Trades,” a precise label, thinking about that he can act, compose, direct, fracture jokes, and carry out stunts all by himself. Numerous people have a hard time to master simply among these specific abilities, so Chan should have all the appreciation he can get.



Throughout the years, Chan’s stunts have actually left action motion picture fans blown away since of their complex and non-traditional nature. Getting on top of a cars and truck or diving while shooting is never ever enough for the Hong Kong-born star, so he constantly pursues more. In the Guinness World Records, the honor of “Many Stunts by a Living Star” still comes from Chan and the following are probably the very best ones he has actually ever performed.

10 The Window Slide– Who Am I? (1998 )

Jack Chan's sliding stunt in Who Am I?
Columbia Pictures

” Who am I?” That’s the concern Jackie Chan’s character asks himself after awakening in a South African town without any memory. The locals think this is his name, so they go on to describe him by that concern therefore does he. His look for responses to the Willemswerf structure in Rotterdarm, where he discovers himself on the top after being gone after by henchmen. Cornered, he chooses to move down the structure’s window panes.

The Who Am I? stunt is lovely since it never ever looks like a choice before it occurs. Anybody watching can quickly wager that the lead character is either going to battle or give up rather of moving down the windows, yet he does simply that. The stunt is possible since the structure is developed to appear like a triangle, thus it has actually one inclined wall. He, for that reason, simply relaxes and unwind. Still, there stays the threat of among the windows breaking under his weight, so audiences are required to hold their breath for a number of seconds.

9 The Bus Chase– Authorities Story (1985 )

Jackie Chan's bus stunt in Police Story
Golden Harvest

The examinations carried out in Police Story are comprehensive adequate to make it among the most recommendable detective movies of the ’80s, however it’s the stunts that actually impress. In among the scenes, Sergeant “Kevin” Chan Ka-Kui (Chan) sticks onto a double-decker bus that crooks are utilizing as their vacation lorry. He does not do it with his bare hands however with the deal with of an umbrella, thus doubling the threat.

So great is the stunt that it has actually been reproduced in some kind in various films throughout the years. A current example can be discovered in The Flash where Batman connects his grappling hook to an automobile that burglars are utilizing and slides through the highway, with his feet on the ground, as he finds out a method to get in.

8 28-Foot Leap– Rumble in the Bronx (1995 )

Jackie Chan's stunt in Rumble in the Bronx
New Line Movie Theater

Chan’s characters constantly have fantastic judgment when it pertains to when to eliminate and when to run away. In Rumble in the Bronx, Hong Kong police officer Keung (Chan) does the latter by jumping some 28 feet from the top of one structure to the veranda of the next. Prior to that, Keung appears in the Bronx for his uncle’s wedding event, just to discover himself handling a well-known bicycle rider gang.

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It’s clear that even members of the production group were impressed with the stunt, as it’s replayed 3 times from various angles. By the end of the 3rd view, anybody who had doubts about its awesomeness gets encouraged. It’s hence not a surprise that this is the motion picture that made Chan a family name in America.

7 Fall from a Clock Tower– Job A (1983 )

Jackie Chan's clock stunt in Project A
Golden Harvest

In Job A, Hong Kong marine Dragon Ma (Chan) is concentrated on stopping a group of modern-day pirates, however the task winds up being a lot more difficult than he anticipated. In among the scenes, he discovers himself hanging from a huge clock tower before dropping some 70 feet to the ground. Thanks to outline armor, he endures and goes on to eliminate some more baddies.

The stunt isn’t precisely initial. It is influenced by Harold Lloyd’s clock stunt in Safety Last! The renowned quiet movie looks much more hazardous since Lloyd occurs to be hanging above moving traffic. Nevertheless, unlike Chan, he does not drop all the method to the ground. Because of that, Chan should have to be admired for taking a physical pounding to guarantee his variation appeared cooler.

6 The Helicopter Leap– Supercop (1992 )

Jackie Chan's helicopter leap in Supercop (1992)
Measurement Movies

Supercop‘s story about a Hong Kong lawman attempting to bust a drug ring in China before whatever gets messed up by his checking out sweetheart, is as standard as action motion picture plots get. Still, the motion picture towers above much of its kind since of its dependence on amazing stunts. The weather scene, where the lead character jumps from a helicopter’s ladder to a train’s cart, suffices to certify it as one of the best ‘90s Hong Kong action films.

The appeal of the stunt depends on the computation. A helicopter ladder isn’t the most steady thing, since it keeps swaying, so Chan’s character is needed to have some kind of mathematical precision if he is to prevent striking the ground. The exact same sort of precision is needed when he leaps from a structure to the ladder. Remarkably, he pulls it off rather quickly.

5 Legend of the Drunken Master (1994 )

Jackie Chan's coal stunt in Legend of the Drunken Master
Golden Harvest

Wong Fei-hung is both the funniest and most competent Jackie Chan character since he battles like an alcoholic while still handling to wipe out lots of challengers. The standout minute of Drunken Master II plays out in the weather battle in between Wong and the bad guy’s chief enforcer, John. At one point, Wong falls under a bed of flaming coal, requiring him to crawl through it, somewhat getting burned while doing so.

The series, when again, reveals the lengths Chan is ever going to go to guarantee audiences get worth for their cash. Throughout shooting, the star demanded doing the stunt 3 various times, and it’s throughout the last take that he got somewhat burned. Today, small scars can be seen on his hands as evidence of the sacrifices he made simply to captivate action motion picture fans.

4 The Hot Air Balloon Dive– Armour of God (1986 )

Jackie Chan jumps towards a hot air balloon in Armour of God (1986)
Measurement Movies

Jackie Chan has actually never ever been asked to discuss where he drew motivation for Armour of God, however the concept is most likely from the Indiana Jones films. The star plays a traveler who goes on an objective to save a lady who has actually been abducted by cultists looking for armour that has supernatural powers. This is likewise among thosemovies where actors got seriously injured While trying a tree dive, Chan knocked his head on the ground, leading to major damage to the temple.

Nevertheless, the tree stunt is surpassed by the lead character’s dive onto the top of a hot air balloon throughout the ending. Basing on the edge of a cliff, he understands that his only escape path pushes a balloon that’s flying lots of miles below. He, for that reason, jumps into the air, and even he is amazed when he makes a soft landing. Director Eric Tsang was clever adequate to end the motion picture there, conscious that no other minute would to this.

3 Roller Skating in Traffic– Winners & & Sinners (1983 )

Jackie Chan roller skating in traffic in Winners & Sinners (1983)
Golden Harvest

Winners & & Sinners isn’t as popular as other Jackie Chan films. That’s since he is just a supporting character in it. Occasions in it focus on a group of just recently launched convicts and Chan plays an error-prone officer charged with recovering a brief-case that they have actually simply taken. As he is pursuing them, he roller-skates through traffic, triggering an enormous pileup.

The stunt is incredible to see since does almost whatever audiences would anticipate to take place in this circumstance. He quickly pushes the ground and permits an automobile to pass over him, acrobatically leap-frogs bikes, and weaves through speeding lorries, which he just prevents hitting by a hair. He breaks no sweat while doing all this, showing that he was born for such minutes.

2 The Snowboard Leap– Descent On (1996 )

Jackie Chan's snowboard leap stunt in First Strike (1996)
New Line Movie Theater

In Descent On, Jackie Chan plays a Hong Kong officer dealing with the CIA to find a lady who is declared to be dealing with a terrorist. Quickly, it’s exposed that the terrorist goals to get nuclear weapons, so the lead character needs to stop him before it’s far too late. Among the early scenes sees him snowboarding down a mountain as he leaves from pursuers. A helicopter easily appears simply as he reaches the edge, so he times his dive completely and hangs on to its landing skid.

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It’s yet another scene that highlights the star’s daredevilry. The existence of snowboards on his feet indicates he is much heavier than typical, however he does not care. He takes the threat and it settles. The enjoyable does not end there either. Right before the helicopter blows up, he releases himself and drops 100 feet down into a frozen lake.

1 The Pole Slide– Authorities Story (1985 )

Jackie Chan's pole slide in Police Story (1985)
New Line Movie Theater

Authorities Story makes another look on the list since of its renowned shopping mall battle. In it, Ka-Kai combat various henchmen by himself on top flooring. At the same time, a brief-case consisting of delicate details falls all the method down flooring. In order to recover it, Ka-Kui slides down a pole covered in hot bulbs and crashes through the glass right before he strikes the flooring.

Covered from different angles, the stunt wows audiences generally since of the style. Viewing Chan’s character beat everybody before dropping wonderfully to get what he came for is something everybody who sees the motion picture is not likely to forget. Nevertheless, pulling it off wasn’t as simple as it may appear. Chan dislocated his hips and suffered second-degree burns, and rather of toning it down, he went on to carry out more hazardous stunts in the future.

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