Is Star Wars Relying Too Greatly on its Animated Reveals?

With characters like Bo-Katan, Ahsoka, and Thrawn leaping from animation to live-action, Star Wars is ending up being reliant on Dave Filoni and animation.


  • The Star Wars animated series, particularly The Clone Wars, supplies extra backstory and advancement for the core characters of the prequel trilogy, making the general age feel more total.
  • The animated programs have actually begun to crossover into live-action programs and motion pictures, raising issues about the intricacy of the core Star Wars stories and the commitment to enjoy numerous seasons of the animated programs.
  • Nevertheless, Dave Filoni, the imaginative force behind the animated programs, has actually mentioned that brand-new audiences do not require to enjoy the old animated programs in order to comprehend and delight in the more recent installations in the Star Wars franchise.

The Star Wars franchise has actually broadened tremendously over the last years. In the years considering that Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the variety of brand-new Star Wars movies, programs, books, comics, and more has actually escalated. After the acquisition in late 2012, the choice was made to de-canonize the majority of the formerly existing Star Wars stories that weren’t in the Skywalker Legend in order to tidy up the franchise’s timeline and supply a lot more space to work when establishing brand-new stories. Among the couple of jobs to endure the purge of Star Wars’ extended universe was the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which had actually been supervised by series developer George Lucas and his padawan Dave Filoni.

The Clone Wars animated series is precious amongst die-hard Star Wars fans, as the program supplies a great deal of extra backstory and advancement for the core characters of the prequel trilogy. It fills a great deal of the spaces left by the motion pictures and makes the general age of the prequel movies feel a lot more total and well-thought-out. Due to the fact that of the program’s success, Disney has actually continued to position a focus on animated series set within the Star Wars universe, mostly under the imaginative control of Filoni.

Nevertheless, since late, the characters and stories of the animated programs have actually begun to crossover into the live-action programs and motion pictures. Some individuals have actually stated this choice has actually unnecessarily made complex the core Star Wars stories and strained audiences with the commitment to return and enjoy numerous seasons of a number of animated programs. Here’s what you require to understand about the animated Star Wars programs and their value to the general galaxy.

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The History of Star Wars Animation

There have actually been over a lots various Star Wars animated programs and micro-series for many years, and it can be frustrating attempting to determine which ones are crucial and which ones can be avoided. The very first animated Star Wars series was technically the series Star Wars: Androids, which worked on ABC in 1985 and ’86. The animated series Star Wars: Ewoks likewise performed at about the exact same time on ABC. Those 2 programs do not supply anything of repercussion to the general franchise, however they are offered to enjoy on Disney+ if you remain in the state of mind for a retro handle the galaxy far, far.

The next significant animated Star Wars story premiered on Animation Network in 2003, which was the collection of 2-D animated shorts from Samurai Jack developer Genndy Tartakovsky entitled Star Wars: Clone Wars (not to be puzzled with the 3-D animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars, from Lucas and Filoni). All 3 of these programs– Androids, Ewoks, and Clone Wars— were gotten rid of from the Star Wars canon by Disney.

When It Comes To Lucas and Filoni’s series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which detailed the wartime occasions in between the movies Episode II– Attack of the Clones and Episode III– Vengeance of the Sith, that reveal premiered in 2008 following the theatrical release of an animated movie that served as a pilot for the program. The series ran undisturbed up until Disney revealed in 2013 that the program would be “unwinding” as Lucasfilm moved focus to brand-new movies and series. In spite of this unexpected stop to the series, the choice was made to keep the occasions of the program as canon within the Star Wars universe so that they might be built on progressing. The 6th season of the series was ultimately launched on Netflix in 2014 before the series was restored for a seventh and last season that was launched on Disney+ in 2020.

The series that Lucasfilm and Filoni moved their focus onto after The Clone Wars‘ seeming cancelation in 2013 wound up being Star Wars Rebels, which ran for 4 seasons on Disney XD from 2014 to 2018. Rebels was embeded in the 5 years before the original Star Wars film ( Episode IV– A Brand-new Hope), and lots of familiar characters from both the initial trilogy and Filoni’s Clone Wars series emerged in the series. Ever since, there have actually been a handful of other canon Star Wars animated series that have actually been produced. Star Wars Resistance ran for 2 seasons on the Disney Channel and worked as a start to the follow up trilogy of movies.

On top of that, there have actually been 3 brand-new animated series on Disney+. The greatest of these 3 is The Bad Batch, which works as a direct follow up to Filoni’s Clone Wars series. There have actually likewise been 2 various anthology series. The very first, Tales of the Jedi, checks out the stories of numerous Jedi in the Star Wars universe. The 2nd, Star Wars: Visions, is a non-canon series that sees numerous animation studios from around the globe offered the possibility to establish their own mini Star Wars stories in their own design. The Bad Batch, Tales of the Jedi, and Visions have actually all been restored for brand-new seasons that will debut in the next year or more.

Dave Filoni’s Dive to Live-Action

In the last few years, Filoni, the primary imaginative behind The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Bad Batch, and Tales of the Jedi, has actually ended up being progressively included with the live-action side of Star Wars On Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, Filoni has actually worked as a manufacturer considering that its very first season. He has actually stayed associated with the series throughout its run, and he has actually composed and directed a number of episodes in all 3 seasons.

Furthermore, Filoni haswritten all eight episodes of Ahsoka He is likewise the series co-creator with Favreau. It makes good sense that Filoni would be so completely associated with this series, as he developed the character of Ahsoka almost twenty years ago for his Clone Wars series. He has actually been the steward of the character since, as she has actually appeared in Rebels, The Mandalorian, and The Book of Boba Fett ever since.

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The Ahsoka series likewise appears to be pulling a lot from Filoni’s 2nd animated Star Wars series, Rebels Various protagonist from Rebels, such as Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, have actually returned in main functions in the Ahsoka series. This is why some have actually identified Ahsoka as a 5th season of Rebels

Do Casual Audiences Required To View the Animated Reveals?

Thinking about just how much the Ahsoka series is going to pull from Rebels, and just how much The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett have actually currently included product from both The Clone Wars and Rebels, it’s clear to see that Filoni has an interest in bringing much of the product from his animated series into live action.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian upgraded Bo-Katan Kryze, a character from The Clone Wars and Rebels, into what was basically a co-lead for the program. For factors like this, lots of people have actually started to question if the animated Star Wars programs are needed seeing at this moment. Nevertheless, Filoni understands individuals’s issues, and he does not desire audiences to seem like they need to do research in order to comprehend what is going on in Star Wars

In an interview with IGN Filoni quite securely stated that brand-new audiences do not require to return and enjoy the old animated programs in order to stay up to date with these more recent installations. He mentioned, “We never ever wish to produce a circumstance where you seem like you need to have actually seen these things due to the fact that then you’re losing out … No. You do not need to have actually seen [Clone Wars to understand Ahsoka].”

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He likewise included that Star Wars as an entire begun with Episode IV, so the franchise has a long history of tossing audiences into the middle of the story. Filoni is doing the exact same with Ahsoka by leaping straight into the story and letting audiences end up being knowledgeable about the characters and the world along the method. When The Mandalorian brought components from the animated series into live-action, Filoni and Favreau headed out of their method to re-establish those characters and stories so that they make good sense for brand-new audiences.

Fans May Get New Star Wars Movies Quickly

Star Wars fans who aren’t too delighted with the television programs will just need to wait a bit longer to get brand-new function movies. New Jedi Order is set to start production in 2024, and it’s set 15 years after Star Wars: The Increase of Skywalker. This motion picture will be important in the franchise’s timeline, considering that it’s a terrific minute for Rey Skywalker’s return, as the follow up trilogy motion picture occasions happened throughout a complete year.

Another motion picture to be delighted about is James Mangold’s Dawn of the Jedi This one will concentrate on the origins of the Jedi Order and how they made their connection to the Force in the very first location. There’s likewise the Mandalorian motion picture to anticipate, which Filoni will direct, which we can anticipate Jon Favreau to be greatly associated with too, so there will be something for everyone quickly. Stream the Star Wars animated programs on Disney+.

Ahsoka fans can take a look at some enjoyable truths about the series listed below:


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