How to View Every Law & Order Series in Order

Discover how to view the whole Order franchise in sequential order.


  • Law & & Order is an effective television franchise with numerous spinoffs, consisting of SVU, Crook Intent, and Trial By Jury.
  • The very best method to view the whole Law & & Order franchise is to begin with the initial 1990 series and follow in sequential order.
  • Law & & Order: Toronto Bad Guy Intent is the most recent spinoff, set to premiere in February 2024 and concentrating on the mental inspirations of lawbreakers.

Developed by Penis Wolf and produced by Wolf Home entertainment, Law & Order is among the most effective television franchises in the history of tv. The long-running crime drama introduced in 1990 and continues to go strong 34 years later on, with the Season 23 best arranged to air on January 18, 2024. With approximately 500 episodes produced in the primary series alone, it’s simple to misplace all the different Law & & Order(* )spinoffs that have actually been produced given that 1999. To date, there have actually been 5

Law & & Order(* )spinoffs produced in combination with the primary series, with a 6th slated for release in February 2024. While it is very important to keep in mind that lots of crossover episodes happen within the overarching Law & & Order(* )Universe and connect each series together, the very best method to view the whole Law & & Order franchise is to start in direct sequential order.
Law & & Order (1990-Present).
Release Date
September 13, 1990.


Law & Order

Law & Order

Jeremy Sisto.



, Alana de la Garza.


, Linus Roache Main CategoryAnthony Anderson SeasonsS. Epatha Merkerson


Sam Waterston

Shot on place in New york city, The initial

Law & & Order(* )series ranged from 1990 to 2010 before being restored in 2022. In spite of the 12-year hiatus, the revival was popular adequate to call for a 23rd season due in February 2024. The primary series has actually won 6 Primetime Emmy Awards to date. For those thinking about enjoying the whole Law & & Order(* )franchise from starting to end, it’s critical to begin with the initial 1990 series and end up being knowledgeable about such as Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach).

Law & & Order(* )is offered to stream on DirecTV.
Law & & Order: Unique Victims System (1999-Present).
NBC Introduced in 1999, Law & & Order: Unique Victims System (SVU)iconic characters and long-running cast members has actually exceeded the primary series to end up being the longest-running live-action scripted drama in American tv history. With 541 episodes and counting, the drama centers on Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), a wise investigator who climbs up the ranks of the NYPD by resolving a rash of raunchy criminal activities with her revolving partners. SVU has actually likewise won 6 Primetime Emmy Awards, most just recently for Ann-Margret’s 2010 visitor look.

With season 25 of SVU slated to premiere on NBC on January 18, 2024, SVU continues to be the most popular and popular

The cast of Law & Order: SVU poses together
Law & & Order(* )spin-off so far. Even after initial star Christopher Meloni left the series after a 12-year run as lead Investigator Elliot Stabler, the program has actually continued to transform itself with the impressive casting of Ice-T, Richard Belzer, BD Wong, and more. The good news is, there are no indications of the program ending anytime quickly.

Law & & Order: SVU(* )is offered to stream on Hulu.
Law & & Order: Bad Guy Intent (2001-2011).
Release Date
September 30, 2001.


, Kathryn Erbe.


, Jay O. Sanders.

Main Category Seasons


Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

See More

By the time

Vincent D’Onofrio Law & & Order: SVU Julia Ormond enjoyed its 3rd season, Penis Wolf developed

Law & & Order: Bad Guy Inten


t. The series follows NYPD investigators Robert Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) and Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) who typically disagree on how to fix cases. Throughout the series, Goren and Eames end up being more detailed by comprehending their individual and expert distinctions. As the subtitle recommends, the series tries to enter into the minds of the opponents by validating their criminal activities.

Law & & Order: Bad Guy Intent Law & & Order

franchise. Law & Order: Bad Guy Intent is offered for purchase on Apple television+.
Law & & Order: Trial By Jury (2005-2006).

A more unknown spinoff,10 Best Spinoff Prequel Shows

Law & & Order: Trial By Jury is a that lasted for just one season and 13 episodes. In a strong formula shakeup, the property of the program focused specifically on the criminal lawsuit instead of breaking each episode in half. Rather of portraying the prompting criminal offense, the matching investigator work, and after that the lawsuit, Trial by Jury depicts both sides of the defense and the prosecution, producing a standard courtroom procedural. In spite of the bold effort to shake things up and offer audiences a full-fledged peek into the courtroom procedures, the program stopped working to resonate amongst fans of the series.

Law & & Order’

The cast of Law & Order: Trial by Jury stands in an office
s main appeal is portraying a criminal offense at the start of each episode and pursuing a legal resolution in court at the end.

Trial By Jury invested excessive time inside the courtroom and robbed audiences of the investigator expertise of Lennie Briscoe that made the initial series so engaging. Law & & Order: Trial by Jurylong-forgotten crime show is offered for purchase on Prime Video.
Law & & Order: UK (2009-2014).

For those thinking about the distinctions in between the American and British legal systems, Law & & Order: UK is the next series to view in sequential order. Technically an adjustment of its American equivalent, the series occurs in the UK and follows the fundamental format of the initial Law & & Order Nevertheless, after presenting the main criminal offense and the investigator treatment before portraying the legal resolution, the program concentrates on the mechanics of the English legal system. RELATED: Law & & Order: UK(* )lasted for 8 seasons and 53 episodes were produced in between 2009 and 2014. Unlike its American equivalents, the radio frequency of episodes (approximately 6 per season) fell in line with how British television programs prefer quality over amount. Unfortunately, the program ran out of steam by its 8th and last season. Although ITV has actually not formally canceled

Law & & Order:

The cast of Law & Order: UK poses in an office
UK (* ), since 2024, the program is apparently on an indefinite hiatus.

Law & & Order: UK(* )is offered to stream on Spectrum.
Law & & Order: LA (2010-2011).
NBC In another vibrant departure from New york city City, Law & & Order: LA

took the renowned television franchise from the East Coast to the bright coasts of Los Angeles. 10 Underrated British Crime Drama Series

follows an entire brand-new crop of investigators who examine criminal activities in the higher Los Angeles location, with private investigators Tomas Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll), Jonah Dekker (Terence Howard), and Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina) blazing a trail. In spite of the amazing cast, innovative distinctions in between the authors and initial star Skeet Urlich caused his unfortunate death on the program, which lots of credit to the program’s cancelation. Regardless, Law & & Order: LA(* )premiered in 2010 quickly after the primary Law & & Order(* )series ended its 20-year run. The short-term spinoff lasted for simply 1 season and 22 episodes. In spite of the amazing modification of environment from New york city to Los Angeles, the unchanged format of presenting a criminal offense and revealing its prosecution started to run its course. On the other hand, Law & & Order: UK was running simultaneously with Law & & Order: LA, which might have harmed its viewership. Law & & Order: LA

is offered to stream on Freevee.

The cast of Law & Order: LA poses in the hills
Law & & Order Real Criminal Offense (2017 ).


, Josh Charles.

, Sam Jaeger.

Main CategoryThe premise of the TV police procedural Categories

, Seasons


Introduced in 2017, Law & & Order: Real Criminal Offense is the next franchise series to view in sequential order. Much various than the reliable formula,

Real Criminal Offense

Law & Order True Crime

Law & Order True Crime


Edie Falco that concentrates on one main criminal offense throughout of the season. The inaugural chapter worries the notorious Menendez Brothers’ 1996 murder case, with Edie Falco playing real-life defense lawyer Leslie Abramson. Falco made a Primetime Emmy nod for her excellent efficiency.



Law & & Order: Real Criminal Offense

Crime has actually not been formally canceled by NBC, the program stays on an undetermined hiatus. The program took motivation from such other criminal offense anthologies as Documentary

American Criminal Offense Story
, taking a viewpoint of one genuine prominent criminal case instead of presenting a brand-new criminal offense in each episode. While the outcomes might be unequal, developer Rene Balcer continues to press the innovative limits of the long-running police procedural and its different spinoffs.

Law & & Order: Real Criminal Offense
Law & & Order Toronto: Bad Guy Intent (2024 ).

NBC Lastly, it deserves keeping in mind that a brand-new Law & & Order(* )spinoff is slated for release in February 2024. Entitled Law & & Order Toronto: Bad Guy Intent, the series will happen in the capital of Ontario, Canada. Comparable to the an anthology TV miniseries Bad Guy Intent

series embeded in New york city, the Canadian spinoff will concentrate on the mental inspirations behind the lawbreakers included on the program. The very first season will consist of 10 episodes and air on Citytv. After the brand-new Law & & Order spinoff was revealed in June 2023, casting information ended up being public the following October. Law & & Order Toronto: Bad Guy Intent is set to star Aden Young as Investigator Sgt. Henry Graff, Kathleen Munroe as Investigator Sgt. Frankie Bateman, Karen Robinson as Inspector Vivienne Holness, K.C. Collins as Deputy Crown Lawyer Theo Forrester, Nicola Correia-Damude as Dr. Lucy De Silva, and Araya Mengesha as Mark Yohannes. Up until more spinoffs are revealed, Law & & Order Toronto: Bad Guy Intent

is the last series to view when finishing the franchise in sequential order.

Poster art for Law and Order Toronto

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