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Highlander Director Chad Stahelski’s Reboot Will Function the Matchless Music of Queen

Queen’s extraordinary tunes from the initial Highlander movie will be included into director Chad Stahelski’s reboot.


  • Director Chad Stahelski verifies that the Highlander reboot will consist of music from Queen, however in a various method than anticipated.
  • Stahelski intends to record the essence of the initial Highlander while including more depth and world-building, while still keeping it enjoyable and fantastical.
  • The Highlander reboot will begin production “quickly,” and Stahelski is passionate and devoted to developing a fascinating movie.

” Here we are! Born to be kings … we’re the princes of deep space!” Fans of the Highlander franchise are well-acquainted with those fantastic lyrics sang by Queen’s late, prima donna Freddie Mercury. And for those who so truly associate Queen’s music with Highlander, there’s terrific news from the reboot’s director, Chad Stahelski. Throughout an interview, while going over the probability that John Wick: Chapter 4 may get some Oscar acknowledgment, Stahelski was asked if the Highlander remake would consist of the music of Queen. Stahelski stated (per The Wrap):

Yes. Most likely in a various method than you believe, however hardcore yes.

Because 2014, Chad Stahelski has actually been hectic helming the immensely effective Child Yaga legend including Keanu Reeves in the titular function of John Wick Stahelski has a variety of tasks in advancement, however his Highlander reboot will include Henry Cavill as the lead. And in addition to including the music Queen composed and carried out for the initial Highlander ( 1986 ), Stahelski is attempting to develop a remake the fans will genuinely like. Stahelski stated in the exact same interview:

” We’re attempting to encapsulate whatever you enjoyed about the initial with more– significance we wish to ground it, we desire it to be an excellent opportunity at world-building and folklore. However we still wish to keep it enjoyable. It resembles the ‘Wick’ motion pictures. You wish to experience this world, you wish to think it’s genuine. However it’s likewise 5 degrees off from truth.”

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Highlander Will Be Restarted ‘Quickly’



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March 7, 1986

Russell Mulcahy

Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney, Alan North


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The music of Queen, especially the tunes Princes of deep space and Who Wishes To Live Permanently, comprises a big part of the mystique that endears Highlander to the fandom, even today. However Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown’s efficiencies as the very first movie’s immortals set an extremely high bar for director Chad Stahelski and his group to attempt and clear. However he means to do simply that with his Highlander reboot including Henry Cavill. Stahelski likewise informed The Wrap in the exact same interview:

” This is a motion picture with immortals running around slicing each other’s avoid. There’s a specific ridiculousness to it. It resembles the ‘Wicks.’ We ride the tone. Everyone in the motion picture believes it’s genuine. However we as an audience can get our heads around it– appearance, suspend shock. We’re attempting to get you on board for this fantastic journey with individuals who have actually lived centuries. It’s an obstacle. However I’m extremely thrilled.”

Unfortunately, Stahelski hasn’t pin down a specific start date for the start of production on his Highlander reboot. The closest date Stahelski can provide the fans is “quickly.” Stahelski went over starting the Highlander production in an interview with Collider:

” We do not have a date, however let’s state within a year[laughs] Quickly, quickly as I can. I have actually been establishing 2 programs side by side: Ghost of Tsushima and Highlander. Those are the ones that I like. I have a number of other ones that I actually like. I have Rainbow 6 and a couple of other things, however they’re still in advancement in the script stages. I have actually been attempting to do Highlander now for 8 years.

Here’s what fans can rely on, at the time of this writing, when it concerns Stahelski’s Highlander movie. Initially, it will be an authentic reboot and not a follow up to the other motion pictures or tv series. Second, Cavill will depict the titular character. Finally, Lionsgate’s Highlander reimagining will boast a $100-million budget.

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