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Halloween Developer John Carpenter Hosts a Motion Picture Marathon on Godzilla Day Thanks To Shout! TELEVISION

Commemorate Godzilla Day with a film marathon suitable for the King of the Monsters, which will be hosted by Halloween’s John Carpenter.


  • Halloween filmmaker John Carpenter will host a Godzilla Day marathon on Shout! TELEVISION.
  • The Masters of Beasts marathon will include 8 hours of curated animal material by Carpenter, beginning at twelve noon PDT on November 3.
  • In addition to Yell! Television’s marathon, TokuSHOUTsu and Pluto television will likewise be providing kaiju material to commemorate Godzilla Day. Pluto television will have a 24-hour Godzilla marathon by itself devoted channel.

Can’t get enough Huge Beast films this Halloween? Well, fear not because Halloween filmmaker John Carpenter is keeping the scary season alive after All Hallows’ Eve has actually reoccured. The director accountable for bringing a brand-new “Forming” to scary will host a marathon committed to Godzilla Day on Shout! TELEVISION. Take a look at the discount for the Masters of Beasts occasion listed below:

The John Carpenter-led Masters of Beasts Godzilla marathon initially debuted in 2022, and its repetition will begin streaming at twelve noon PDT and run up until 8 p.m. on Friday, November 3. These are the 8 hours that Carpenter will curate animal material. Nevertheless, the Godzilla Day 24-hour event formally starts at midnight with Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956 ), which stars the late Raymond Burr as American reporter Steve Martin. Take a look at Shout! Television’s total schedule of flicks including probably the most well-known of all the kaijus on November 3 listed below:

Midnight PDT: Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956 )

2 a.m. Destroy All Beasts

4 a.m. Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

6 a.m. Kid of Godzilla

8 a.m. Mothra vs Godzilla

10 a.m. Fear of Mechagodzilla

Midday: The uncut variation of Gojira (1954)– Carpenter starts hosting

2 p.m. Rodan

4 p.m. Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Beast

6 p.m. The War of the Gargantuas

8 p.m. The uncut variation of Gojira (repetition)

10 p.m. Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla ( repetition)

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Commemorate Godzilla with 24-Hour Motion Picture Marathons


In addition to John Carpenter hosting the Masters of Beasts Godzilla marathon, Shout! Television’s sis website TokuSHOUTsu will use a week’s worth of films main to the King of the Beasts starting on Monday, October 30. Still require more kaiju material to commemorate Godzilla Day? Well, Pluto television has the fans covered, too. Starting at 8 p.m. EDT on November 3, Pluto will use an unique stream-along including a “precious” Godzilla installation, with unique visitors providing their ideas and commentary on the secret choice.

And make certain to tune into the King of the Beasts’ extremely own channel on Pluto television all day to commemorate with the platform’s own24-hour Godzilla marathon Fans can tune into the banner now and begin binge-watching Huge Beast film material right away. In truth, Pluto includes an essential movie in the franchise that will not appear throughout Shout! Television’s 24-hour occasion. Nevertheless, it can be seen as needed, thanks to the banner’s excellent library of titles.

Godzilla Raids Again is likewise readily available as needed through Pluto. The 1955 follow up to Gojira includes numerous turning points for the King of the Beasts’ series. Unlike the critical movie in 1954, Godzilla Raids Again supplies another kaiju for Godzilla to do fight with– and it’s the very first look of the spiky armored Anguirus. That makes the follow up the extremely first monster-mash match for Godzilla, too. In addition, Raids Again is the 2nd and last Godzilla movie to be shot in black-and-white, and the follow up likewise represents the King’s very first amazing resurrection from the dead!

Godzilla was apparently broken down by the Oxygen Destroyer at the conclusion of Gojira, however, thankfully, it didn’t slow him down. Today, Godzilla is commemorating almost 70 years on the Silver Screen. Plus, there’s lots of brand-new, initial material coming, consisting of Apple TV+’s critically acclaimed Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, Godzilla Minus One and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

See the Masters of Monsters official website for additional information on their 24-hour marathon. Now, take a look at all the methods to enjoy John Carpenter’s Godzilla protection, thanks to Shout! TELEVISION:

” Masters of Monsters programs can be seen on Shout! TELEVISION; in addition to the Shout! Television app on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple Television, and Android; and the following digital streaming platforms– Amazon Freevee, Resident Now, Plex, Pluto Television, Redbox, Samsung Television Plus, Sling Television, Stremium, TCL, Twitch, and XUMO.”

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