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Greta Gerwig’s The Chronicles of Narnia Netflix Adjustment Gets Promising Update

Greta Gerwig’s adjustment of The Chronicles of Narnia is now going for a 2024 production start.


  • Greta Gerwig, understood for her success with Barbie, will direct a brand-new adjustment of The Chronicles of Narnia for Netflix.
  • Netflix intends to begin production on the very first film in 2024, wanting to bring the renowned story back to the screen.
  • The choice to develop a movie legend rather of a series is unexpected, thinking about previous adjustments and the obstacles of bringing Narnia to life. Nevertheless, having Gerwig on board is an appealing start for Netflix.

While Greta Gerwirg continues to delight in the success attained with Barbie, her next huge task is getting better. The well-known filmmaker will direct the very first movie of a brand-new adjustment of The Chronicles of Narnia for Netflix, and production on the film might begin actually quickly. After Disney tried to bring the well-known story developed by C.S. Lewis to the cinema with a high-budget movie legend in 2005 (which they could not even complete), Netflix acquired the rights to The Chronicles of Narnia and revealed its intents to adjust the books into a brand-new series of films a long time back.

The one selected to direct the very first installation, and potentially numerous more, is Greta Gerwig, who is going through among the best moments of her career thanks to Barbie For that reason, it is not a surprise that the streaming business wishes to speed up the procedure of bringing The Chronicles of Narnia to the screen as soon as again with Gerwig at the helm.

Netflix Head of Movie Scott Stuber verified to Collider that they’re intending to start production on the very first film in the legend in 2024:

” Well, I believe individuals understand that we’re aspirationally attempting to get Greta Gerwig’s [The Chronicles of] Narnia together and get that film, which will be next year.”

The Chronicles of Narnia follows the story of the Pevensie brother or sisters, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, who throughout The Second World War are sent out to a home in the countryside to keep them safe. In their momentary home they find a closet that conceals a door to another world. Narnia is a substantial kingdom controlled by a wicked witch, and the Pevensies will supervise of assisting Aslan, a wonderful lion, to develop and lead an army of rebels to dismiss the overbearing program and free Narnia.

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Would The Chronicles of Narnia Work Better as a Series?

Still from The Chronicles of Narnia.
Walt Disney Pictures

Adjusting the huge universe and folklore constructed by Lewispresents a major challenge Whether it is for the huge or little screen, The Chronicles of Narnia needs a big production release to equate the settings of the books to the screen and has a substantial brochure of characters and stories. So for numerous it was a surprise that Netflix chose to adjust the story into a brand-new movie legend and not a series, particularly when the very first effort stopped working.

In addition, other similarly popular book franchises, such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, have actually likewise selected to make brand-new adjustments of their stories as television programs instead of films. When it comes to the story composed by Rick Riordan this was due to the fact that the films did not exercise well then either, and when it comes to the Wizarding World it’s most likely due to the growth of the franchise with Fantastic Beasts also not being particularly successful.

For Netflix, which has actually stuck out far more in world-building in series such as Complete Stranger Things, it will be a difficulty to handle something like The Chronicles of Narnia However while it represents an excellent threat, it might likewise be among the business’s greatest hits. And having Greta Gerwig behind the task is currently an excellent start.

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