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Friday the 13th Remake Writers Reveal Killer Opening Series From Their Unmade Follow Up

Jason Voorhees graphically gets rid of a zipline rider to open Friday the 13th’s (2009) unmade follow up.


  • Friday the 13th film writers shared an unmade follow up script that consisted of a stunning kill scene including Jason Voorhees and a zipline rider called Val.
  • The scene illustrates Val being halved by Jason, with her lower half flying. The authors compare Jason’s swing to Bryce Harper’s in a World Series video game.
  • The script likewise consisted of a prolonged opening series embeded in winter season, followed by the resuming of the summer season camp. Shannon and Swift launched extra pages including a flashback series with a young Jason and both of his moms and dads.

Jason Voorhees eliminating a zipline rider is definitely an unique concept. And if the Friday the 13th film writers had their disgustingly innovative method, such a jaw-dropping series would have opened their follow up to the reboot. Damian Shannon and Mark Swift penned the 2009 reimagining of Sean S. Cunningham’s initial Friday the 13th (1980 ), and their follow-up would have discovered a new character, Val, being halved by the hockey-masked maniac.

After Val zooms throughout the zipline, she notifications the world’s most unsafe mommy’s kid waiting on her at the end of the trip. Keep in mind how the Master Control Program continuously stated, “end of line,” in Tron? Well, this never-before-seen death brings an entire brand-new significance to those 3 little words. And as Shannon and Swift explain it in their unmade follow up’s movie script, Jason does his finest impression of Bryce Harper at the plate. The authors composed:

He [Jason] actions towards her and swings through her mid-section like he’s opting for the f– ing fences in the World Series– cutting her in half at the waist– sending her lower half flying …

Take a look at the unmade follow up script’s two-page opening series in its totality listed below, which Shannon and Swift penned to continue their 2009 Friday the 13th story (per X, previously Twitter):

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Jason Eliminates Zipline Rider in Follow Up Script

Friday the 13th 2009
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Friday the 13th film writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift required to X, previously Twitter, on October 12 and carried out a survey in which 81.6% of online users voted to see a kill scene from the unmade follow up to the 2009 scary flick. On Friday, October 13, Shannon published the very first 2 pages of the script, and he tagged the star who played the Crystal Lake killer in the remake, Derek Mears. Shannon and Swift published on their authorities X account:

” You asked for it, you got it. Here is a kill from our unmade follow up to Friday the 13th 2009. The script had a prolonged opening series once again, this time in winter season, then the remainder of the motion picture is the resuming of the summer season camp. I still wish to see @DerekMears do this one lol”

Shannon and his composing partner, Swift, definitely have a method with words. And evaluating from the cruelty and graphic nature of the very first 2 pages of their follow up movie script, Val’s zipline event might have quickly madeFriday the 13th’s most memorable deaths Shannon and Swift likewise launched extra pages which expose a flashback series with an extremely young Jason and both of his moms and dads, Pamela and Elias. Fans can have a look at those 2 pages listed below, thanks to Shannon and Swift’s X account:


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