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Finest Western Funnies, Ranked

Though unusual, Western funnies continue to charm and captivate audiences with their sidesplitting humor, thrilling action, and immersing stories.

Western funnies continue to charm and captivate audiences with their sidesplitting humor, thrilling action, and engaging stories. The distinct movie category has actually been effectively used in Hollywood for years, going as far back as the 1930s, with renowned comical duo Laurel and Hardy bringing the uproarious hijinks in the blockbuster Escape West. A Few Of the most renowned film stars of the other day’s previous headlined these flicks, such as Jane Fonda, Steve Martin, James Garner, and Don Knotts.

While the category was certainly a fan favorite in twentieth-century movie theater, a couple of knockout movies in more current years caught the magic of the 2 storytelling designs. Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson were hilarious as a mismatched criminal set in the 2000 success Shanghai Midday, while Mel Gibson assisted bring a popular tv series to the cinema in the ’90s farce Radical. Let’s take a look at a few of the funniest Western funnies out there.

Update December 31, 2023: This post has actually been upgraded with much more terrific comical Westerns that deserve taking a look at and where each title is streaming.

Escape West (1937 )

Laurel & Hardy in Way Out West

Funny all-star team Laurel and Hardy were back at it once again in the humorous 1937 hit Escape West, which follows the renowned entertainers as they triggered to provide a crucial deed for a goldmine in the rough-and-tumble town of Brushwood Gulch. Nevertheless, when the unlucky set mistakenly provides the file to the incorrect hands, it just triggers more difficulty for the duo.

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Laurel and Hardy’s Favorite Task

The beloved classical Hollywood duo remained in their slapstick magnificence in the unforgettable western satire, working as a satire for the popular musical westerns sweeping the country, with standouts like Gene Autry at the leading edge. Both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy thought about Escape West among their preferred jobs, as they were provided the chance to carry out both their regimens and enjoyable musical numbers. While the funny in the film will still captivate today, the humor of the 30s is still eliminated from contemporary humor, making this one significant however simply enough to squeeze into our list.

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The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975 )

The Apple Dumpling Gang
Buena Vista Circulation

Informing the entertaining tale of a bettor and well-known bachelor (Bixby) who ends up being the guardian of a trio of orphaned brother or sisters, the movie follows the kids as they find they have actually acquired an enormous quantity of cash from their departed dad. Nevertheless, this triggers them to be pursued by a variety of greedy characters, consisting of a set of bumbling and adorable criminals (Knotts & & Conway).

A Classic Disney Funny

Funny heavy-hitters Don Knotts and Tim Conway started their string of slapstick movie theater strikes with the 1975 farce The Apple Dumpling Gang, with the uproarious duo appearing opposite Expense Bixby in the cherished Disney flick. The efficiency of the leading funnymen, who would go on to repeat their functions in the 1979 follow-up The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Once Again, brought the feel-good funny The film hovers at just a 60% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, so while it belongs to the Disney timeless brochure, it might not be to everybody’s preference.

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Desire in the Dust (1984 )

Lust in the Dust
New World Pictures

After leaving her work environment, dance-hall woman Rosie Velez (Divine) discovers herself lost in the desert. She is then conserved by shooter Abel Wood (Tab Hunter), who brings her to the town of Chili Verde and the saloon of Marguerita Ventura (Lainie Kazan). With reports of gold close by, the 3 collaborate to get the treasure before Abel’s competitor, Tough Case Williams.

A Raunchy Western

Desire in the Dust is significant generally for the teaming of queer icon Divine and Tab Hunter after they had actually actedopposite each other in John Water’s Polyester It is just one of 2 movies where Divine was not working under Water’s instructions. Still, the film required to parodying familiar Western tropes while including an obscene comical edge to the story, producing a special entry in the category. Satisfaction of the film depends totally on the audience’s capability to accept the crass and unrefined stylings, as critics of the movie were quite divided, having a love/hate relationship with the Paul Bartell-directed funny.

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Shanghai Midday (2000 )

Jackie Chan & Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon
Buena Vista Pictures

Shanghai Noon centers on Chinese Imperial Guard Chon Wang (played by Jacki Chan), who is charged with conserving a Chinese princess who has actually been abducted and gave Nevada’s wild West. Out of his cultural depth, he winds up teaming with criminal Roy O’Bannon (Owen Wilson) to save the princess and get her out of evade.

A Winning Duo for Western Funnies

Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan are a wonderful oddball duo in the 2000 martial arts action comedy Shanghai Midday, magnificently mixing the Western category with components of kung fu, humor, and pal police officer friendship in the thrilling cinema extravaganza. Shanghai Midday was both an important and industrial hit, making simply under 100 million on a 55 million dollar budget plan and presently sitting at an 80% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film generated a follow up, Shanghai Knights, in 2003, and talks of a 3rd have actually been raised however have actually not emerged and are not likely to come to fulfillment.

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Cannibal! The Musical (1993 )

Cannibal The Musical

Based upon the real story of Alferd Packer, founded guilty of cannibalism in 1874, Cannibal! The Musical takes a dark comical method to the disaster around the guy’s life. Packer ended up being notorious when it was discovered he had actually cannibalized his expedition celebration, which he had actually bungled by lying about his experience as a guide and getting stuck in the cold Colorado weather condition.

Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s First Motion picture

Regardless of assisting to produce among the most popular animated television shows of all time in South Park, Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s Cannibal! The Musical is a typically neglected gem by the duo. Still, the film includes the crass and ridiculous humor one would anticipate, matched by easy yet memorable tunes that would likewise end up being a big part of the duo’s capability for movie and television. It is the funniest circumstances of cannibalism in movie theater you will encounter, and just in such a method that the renowned developers might pull it off.

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Radical (1994 )



Release Date

May 20, 1994.


Richard Donner

Main Category



Mel Gibson

,Jodie Foster

,James Garner

, Graham Greene.

,Alfred Molina

, James Coburn.

Richard Donner directed the sidesplitting 1994 Western funny Radical, an adjustment of the tv program of the exact same name that includes Mel Gibson as the sly bilker and smart poker gamer Bret Radical. Radical wishes to participate in a high-stakes poker competition with a rewarding payment. While creating the funds to go into, he makes opponents with fellow swindler/hopeful Annabelle (Jodie Foster) and durable Marshal Zane Cooper (James Garner).

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The Perfect TV-to-Movie Adjustment

Radical was a knockout with spectators, making an A- CinemaScore ranking and generating $183 million at package workplace while snatching an Academy Award election for Finest Outfit Style. This is Mel Gibson at his finest, working together with veteran good friend Jodie Foster and James Garner, who was the initial star of the television series. The trio sweating off each other makes this creative Western funny work so well, and the film stays a traditional in the category.

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Assistance Your Regional Constable! (1969 )

Support Your Local Sheriff
United Artists

Leaning into the reliable Western plot regularly utilized in the popular category, the 1969 parody Assistance Your Regional Constable! stars James Garner as the rugged and positive gunfighter Jason McCullough. The sharp-shooter shows up in the Colorado town of Calendar to rid it of the lots of widespread bad guys, signing up with forces with the regional “town moron” to tidy home.

An Incredibly Built Satire

Regardless of at first stopping working to make a splash with audiences, the funny has actually gone on to discover brand-new life in the years considering that its release, with Decent Films commenting, “Garner brings a variation on his ‘ Radical‘ personality to this timeless satirical Western [that] provides for Westerns what The Princess Bride-to-be provided for fairy-tale dream.” A follow up entitled Assistance Your Regional Gunfighter was launched in 1971, with the majority of the initial cast returning.

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Hooligan Johnny Black (2023 )

Outlaw Johnny Black
Samuel Goldwyn Movies

Read Our Review

Determined on searching down the guy who eliminated his dad, Johnny Black is on an objective to ground Brett Clayton, a job that has actually put him on the most desired list in the Wild West. Composed by Michael Jai White, who likewise stars as Johnny Black, the film is thought about a spiritual follow up to his blaxploitation parody, Black Dynamite

A Laugh-a-Minute Western

Being the spiritual follower to Black Dynamite will appear to those who liked White’s very first effort at producing an entirely initial character, as Johnny Black brings the exact same cool, calm outside. Hooligan Johnny Black can be slapstick, however the bulk of it originates from satirizing Western tropes while developing Johnny Black as an epic hero who is just weakened by the odd case of spoken diarrhea. Provided the absence of variety in the Western category, it is revitalizing to get White’s ridiculous humor tossed into the mix.

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Feline Ballou (1965 )

The Cast of Cat Ballou Astonishing leading lady Jane Fonda appeared together with Lee Marvin in the 1965 western funny Feline Ballou, informing the story of a hopeful teacher who welcomes the outlaw life after she sets out to look for revenge versus the guy accountable for her dad’s murder. On her mission for vengeance, Feline looks for assistance from a has-been gunslinger and a captivating livestock rustler to find the worked with weapon, with amusing hijinks naturally taking place.

Landing in the American Movie Institute’s leading 10 of Perpetuity

Lee Marvin won the Academy Award for Finest Star for his double efficiency as the unsafe gunman and washed-up trigger-man who assists Kat. Feline Ballou arrived at the American Movie Institute’s leading 10 list of biggest westerns and was admired for its humor and darker components. The film presently sits at 90% fresh with a 74% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, a testimony to the durability of this 60s funny.

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3 Amigos! (1986 )

Three Amigos!

Three Amigos!

Release Date

December 12, 1986.


John Landis


Steve Martin

,Chevy Chase

,Martin Short

,Alfonso Arau

, Tony Plana.

, Patrice Martinez.

Main Category


Three Amigos! centers on the cowboy-playing quiet movie trio, who are accidentally misinterpreted for real-life gunfighters. This leads to them being paid by a little group of desperate villagers in Mexico to rid their home of a callous bad guy referred to as El Guapo. Together, the trio need to attempt to play into the function regardless of being horrified of discovering themselves confronted with genuine action versus onscreen.

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3 Amigos! Shows His Adaptability With A Trio of Iconic Comedians

John Landis directed the 1986 cult timeless hit 3 Amigos!, promoting a marvelous ensemble cast led by funny greats Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. The famous comics were each able to flaunt their distinct comical style and charm in the underrated flick, which slowly got an enthusiastic fan following and gathered gratitude considering that its preliminary launching. The Los Angeles Times called 3 Amigos! “a silly pleasure. It resembles a cross in between a big-budget 3 Stooges film and a Hope-Crosby roadway photo, with lots of old cowpoke gags included to enliven the brew.”

Stream Three Amigos! on AMC+

The Great, The Bad, The Unusual (2008 )

The Good The Bad The Weird
CJ Home Entertainment

Influenced by the Sergio Leone-type westerns, The Great, The Bad, The Unusual follows 3 people racing to discover a treasure in 1940s Manchuria. “The Great” is a fugitive hunter, “The Bad” is a charming gunman, and “The Unusual” is an eccentric criminal; all 3 of them clash in a race versus time to catch a map that holds the area of life-altering riches.

Korean Action Funny Satisfies Spaghetti Western

For those who desire action in abundance with a comical edge, The Great, The Bad, The Unusual is a perfect choice. While paying homage to the spaghetti western, the film feels fresh in inserting the explosive action and ridiculous funny that big-budget South Korean movies have actually ended up being understood for. The film presently ratings an 81% fresh rating and an 83% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, revealing both critics and audiences valued the comical styling of director Kim Jee-woon. The film likewise gains from putting Korean icon Tune Kang-ho in the function of the most comical character, ‘the strange.’

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City Slickers (1991 )

City Slickers

City Slickers

Release Date

June 7, 1991.


Ron Underwood


Billy Crystal

,Daniel Stern

, Bruno Kirby.

, Patricia Wettig.

,Helen Slater

, Jack Palance.

Main Category


Narrating the amusing journey 3 long time pals launch to get away the ordinary elements of their daily lives, the 1991 funny City Slickers illustrates the trio as they set out on an amazing livestock drive from New Mexico to Colorado with the guidance of a skilled cowboy. Their lack of experience on the path and in ‘roughing it’ causes numerous uncomfortable interactions as the 2 effort to alter their city methods.

Finding Out the Tough Method

Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern, and Bruno Kirby are outstanding as the thrill-seeking guys who discover their apparently carefree two-week experience made complex by terrifying enemies, humorous oversights, and heart-warming bonding. The Oscar-winning City Slickers has actually arrived at numerous critics’ lists of funniest films of all time and is a knockout for its ridiculously entertaining humor and uplifting general message. The film likewise had a similarly satisfying, though not as favored, follow up in City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold

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Blazing Saddles (1974 )

blazing saddles

Blazing Saddles

Release Date

February 7, 1974.


Mel Brooks


Cleavon Little.

,Gene Wilder

, Slim Pickens.

, Harvey Korman.

, Madeline Kahn.

, Mel Brooks

Main Category


Bies Far, the most renowned and remarkable Western funny ever developed is Mel Brooks’ 1974 satirical work of artBlazing Saddles The film illustrates the worthy efforts of the recently designated constable of Rock Ridge Bart (Cleavon Little), the frontier town’s very first black lawman subjected to racial bias by its opinionated locals. When a group of unsafe punks threatens the little neighborhood, Bart ends up being the townspeople’s only hope, so he collaborates with the regional booze-loving gunslinger Jim (Gene Wilder) to do the job.

Beginning and Being Funny While Doing It

Blazing Saddles made 3 Academy Award elections and is among the most revered parodies to ever grace the silver screen, with Today keeping in mind retrospectively that the timeless “skewer[ed] almost every element of racial bias while keeping the laughs coming.” The marvelous photo was chosen for conservation in the National Movie Pc Registry in 2006 and stays a hallowed funny staple. The film likewise stands as one of director Mel Brooks’s the majority of cherished funnies, which states a lot compared to other classics of his like Young Frankenstein and Spaceballs

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