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Finest Female Characters in Disney That Aren’t Princesses

For many years, Disney has actually presented numerous renowned female characters who were not offered a princess title. Take a look at the very best of them in our list.

Disney has actually presented numerous characters, much of whom have actually ended up being fan favorites, triggering audiences to see their cartoon animations and, naturally, purchase all their product. Princesses are most likely the most popular group of animated Disney characters.



The official list of Disney princesses presently includes 13 characters: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana, and Raya with Elsa and Anna from Frozen being honorary ones due to the Frozen brand name paying by itself. To be considered a main Disney princess, a character needs to satisfy particular requirements, that include having a main function in an animated Disney movie, being human or humanoid in look, and belonging to royalty, either by birth or by marital relationship. One take a look at their stories compared to the age in which the motion pictures were launched exposes a clear evolution of the Disney Princess in time. Compared to originals like Cinderella and Aurora, these modern-day princesses are ending up being a growing number of the heroines of their own stories.

Update November 7, 2023: Fellow Mouseketeers will more than happy to keep in mind that this short article was simply upgraded with much more characters from the Disney vault.

This thinking, naturally, leaves out the large bulk of Disney’s other female-representative characters, much of whom have actually ended up being big fan favorites amongst audiences throughout the years. While these characters are not members of this elite group, they are no less important to their stories. These Disney-animated heroines do not require a crown to having fun. Take a look at a few of the very best female-identifying Disney heroines who aren’t princesses in order of release date.

12 Minnie Mouse – Steamboat Willie (1928 )

Minnie and Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie

Minnie Mouse is, beyond any doubt, among the most renowned female Disney characters. She is likewise among the earliest: Minnie has actually represented the business given that 1928, when she appeared alongside Mickey in Steamboat Willie. She usually appears in her renowned polka dot gown, head bow, and high heels.

Why Minnie Mouse is Renowned

Understood for being womanly, stylish, and positive, she was at first created to be Mickey’s love interest. For many years, nevertheless, she has actually ultimately progressed into a character with a shimmer all her own. Furthermore, she is an exceptional pal and continuously keeping an eye out for what other individuals require.

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11 Alice – Alice in Wonderland (1951 )

Alice in Alice in Wonderland
Walt Disney Productions

Alice is a character who is typically related to the initial Disney princesses, although she is not. The star of 1951’s Alice in Wonderland is amongst the business’s most dreamy and curious characters. In reality, her tale would not have actually happened had it not been for her limitless interest.

How Alice’s Interest Takes the Cake

Taken loosely from the pages of Lewis Carroll, Alice is a creative, daring, and driven girl efficient in dealing with practically any circumstance. Nevertheless, with all the goings-on in Wonderland, she needs to have discovered it rather tough to preserve her composure. Live-action adjustments aside, this portrayal of Alice is still a fan favorite.

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10 Duchess – The Aristocats (1970 )

Duchess From Aristocats

Disney is popular for their animal-based movies, and The Aristocats is no exception. The name Duchess is a little a misnomer. She is, after all, a sophisticated andrefined Turkish Angora It’s not surprising that the confusion, however, thinking about how perfectly ruined she was by her owner.

What Makes Duchess So Remembering?

Voiced by none aside from starlet and socialite Eva Gabor (of the popular Gabor sis), her owner, ex-opera vocalist Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, dotes on her and her 3 kitties with caring care. Rather of letting all that indulging get to her head, Duchess, in turn, takes great and caring care of her kitties.

It’s this caring care, nevertheless, that acts as a driver for the story. Predestined to acquire the great Madame’s fortunes, they are cat-napped from their feline home furnishings in an effort to prevent the will. Even in the most alarming of scenarios, Duchess is the embodiment of politeness to those around her.

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9 Sally – The Headache Before Christmas (1993 )

Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a creepily made up rag doll who is under the care and keeping (focus on the keeping) of Physician Finklestein, her developer. Wishing to be totally free to check out the outdoors world and make her own options, Sally typically drugs the great physician in order to leave hours of limitless tasks, a minimum of briefly.

Why is Sally Awesome?

Similarly frightening for financiers at the time was the concept of launching a non-princess character. Released early on in the Disney Renaissance, which included timeless stories with rather standard womanly functions, the movie was launched through Example Pictures since it was considered too dark for kiddos.

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What was simply as frightening, maybe, was launching a non-princess character who outright disagreed with the movie’s lead character. Sally sees the defects in Jack’s strategy to recreate Christmas with Halloween Town characters right from the outset. She risks her life to conserve Santa Claus, no matter the effects. For that, she is maybe the bravest of the lot.

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8 Nala – The Lion King (1994 )

Walt Disney Pictures

Nala was very first included in the 1994 movie The Lion King, and has actually continued to appear in other movies and series of the franchise since. While technically of royal family tree (the movie is based on Hamlet, after all), her status as an animal technically disallows her from rising Disney’s throne.

What Makes Nala Intense?

As a cub, Simba’s friend was energetic, fun-loving, and daring. Possibly the more rational of the 2, as she aged, she slowly ended up being more mindful under Scar’s reign. That being stated, she never ever rather lost her defiant nature, motivating Simba to conserve the pride from distinguished damage.

Nala is among those characters that the audience was familiar with as a kid and had the ability to see her character develop from there. Ultimately, Nala and Simba’s relationship progressed into a romantic relationship, which caused them ending up being partners and having 3 kids.

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7 Megara – Hercules (1997 )

Walt Disney Pictures

Megara is a significant character in the 1997 movieHercules Depicted in the beginning as simply a lovely and striking girl with an edgy funny bone, she ends up being a character tortured by fate. She’s enslaved by Hades after an offer gone south. Winning her flexibility indicates learning Hercules’ weak point. Obviously, she winds up falling head over heels for him rather.

Why Megara Gets a 10 out of 10

This girl has a number of functions that might put her amongst the main princesses of the business, such as her spectacular charm and her capability to sing, however she never ever made the title. This bad guy turned antihero/love interest has a vibrant backstory that deserves any Greek disaster.

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6 Dot – A Bug’s Life (1998 )

Dot in A Bug's Life

Dot is the younger sister of Princess Atta inA Bug’s Life While her sibling is without a doubt the more anxious ant of the 2 (which is reasonable considering she is training to rule the nest), this spirited little ant is quickly the tiniest in the nest.

What Makes Dot Stand Apart?

Normally ignored by the others, Dot aspires to fly, however she is still too little to do so. Still, she does not require to fly to show her power: Dot is continuously helping Flik, the other misinterpreted member of the nest. With his assistance, she handles to conquer her worry of Hopper and reveal the audience that no matter how little one is, one can still make a huge distinction.

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5 Jessie – Toy Story 2 (1999 )


The Toy Story franchise is filled with cherished characters that originate from more than your typical toy box. Among these characters is Jessie, the cowgirl doll presented inToy Story 2 Jessie is joyful, energetic, and caring, however being deserted by Emily and took into storage for too long scarred her soul. Her origin story is absolutely nothing except awful, and she has a tough time relying on other individuals and toys since she fears they, too, will betray her.

In spite of all this, Jessie is positive and constantly all set for an experience. Following a fantastic individual journey, she now comprehends and honors her function in life: to sign up with kids in their video games, which is practically the very best point of view a well-liked toy can have.

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4 Lilo – Lilo & & Stitch (2002 )

Walt Disney Pictures

Lilo was a character who was well ahead of her time, thinking about that her film Lilo & Stitch, came out in 2002. Like many kids, she’s a bit defiant and energetic and tends to get herself in problem. Unlike many kids, she is likewise a lady who is handling far too many real-life things for her young age … which’s before the alien falls under her lap!

After her moms and dads died, Lilo was left in the care of Nani, her older sibling. Her sibling goes to fantastic lengths to provide her an excellent life, typically at the expense of her own. With numerous feelings to procedure, it’s not surprising that Lilo has a tough time discovering an outlet for them. Her story would fit right into location together with mentally resonating movies like Inside Out today.

Why Lilo Can’t Be Left

Her special character makes the other ladies her age misconstrued her while making her the ideal pal for Stitch. Lilo is wise and delicate and takes pleasure in rather odd pastimes, such as taking photos of travelers and feeding sandwiches to a little fish called Pudge. She communicates with other so-called castaways like her with grace and empathy.

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3 Charlotte la Bouff – The Princess and the Frog (2009 )

Charlotte la Bouf in The Princess and the Frog
Walt Disney Studios

If there is someone here who would simply enjoy to get her hands on a Princess title, it would be Charlotte la Bouff. Much better referred to as Lottie, she is a supporting character in the 2009 movieThe Princess and the Frog In the movie, she is Tiana’s friend, and the child of Huge Daddy La Bouff, a guy with lots and great deals of cash to invest.

How Does Charlotte Break Conventional Stereotypes?

Lottie was raised in a household that ruined her. She can be a bit shallow, however this girl is likewise dreamy, generous, and many of all,an excellent friend She does not think twice to support the future Princess Tiana through whatever, even when she learns that she took her dream to wed Prince Naveen.

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2 Vanellope von Schweetz – Wreck-It Ralph (2012 )

Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Ralph
Walt Disney Studios

Vanellope von Schweetz is among the primary characters in Wreck-It Ralph and its follow up, Ralph Breaks the Web This girl is a racer in the video game Sugar Rush. Sadly, she gets teased by others since she has a problem that obstructs her from winning races. Ultimately, she fulfills Ralph, and the 2 strike up a lovely relationship.

Vanellope von Schweetz Outmatches the Competitors

Vanellope does not let her weak points specify her. Rather, she invests her days enhancing her abilities.

By the end of the film, it is exposed that Vanellope is in fact the initial princess of the Sugar Rush kingdom. She chooses not to accept the title, stating herself President of Sugar Rush rather. One amusing aspect of Vanellope is that, in the follow up, she is included in an uproarious scene with a few of Disney’s crucial princesses, who acknowledge her as one of their own.

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1 Mirabel – Encanto (2021 )

Walt Disney Pictures

Encanto is a revolutionary movie in numerous methods, from its cultural representation to the method it checks out household characteristics. The primary character in this 2021 production is Mirabel, who originates from a family blessed with wonderful presents. Each present, nevertheless, comes at a cost.

What Makes Mirabel Stand Apart?

What sets Mirabel apart is that she is the only member of her household to not get a wonderful present. While she is definitely dissatisfied about not having powers, she does attempt to carry on with her life. She is joyful, positive, caring, and going to do anything to assist her household and her individuals. Nevertheless, she typically feels insecure and left out from her household. In spite of whatever, Mirabel’s guts and the love she feels for her household motivate her to venture into the most tough difficulties.

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