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Every Motion Picture and Series Produced By the Obamas, In Sequential Order

Discover every motion picture and television reveal produced by Barack and Michelle Obama for Greater Ground Productions.

Produced in 2018 by previous U.S. President Barack Obama and previous U.S. First Girl Michelle Obama, Greater Ground Productions has actually produced 17 motion pictures and television programs to date. After signing a multi-year handle Netflix to produce scripted and unscripted material, the business introduced its brand name with the release of American Factory in 2019, a documentary about the closure of a General Motors factory in the Midwest.

With 2 current Netflix releases, consisting of the powerful biopic Rustin and the disturbing dystopian thriller Leave the World Behind, Greater Ground Productions continues to increase its profile and is starting to end up being a significant gamer in Hollywood. As such, it’s time to chronologize the production business’s motion picture and television output and advise audiences that they can view every motion picture and television reveal that it has actually developed so far on Netflix

American Factory– August 21, 2019

Employees smile in American Factory

Greater Ground Productions began its production slate with American Factory, a poignant documentary about 21st-century globalization. The story worries a Chinese billionaire who buys a shuttered General Motors factory in Ohio and works with 2,000 American employees. The movie won Finest Documentary Function at the 92nd Academy Awards.

What starts as an uplifting and positive glance of the future of America’s commercial revival ends up being more made complex when the regional Ohio locals experience a culture clash in their brand-new work environment. Aside from dealing with the topic with sobering sincerity, the movie developed the sort of ethically intricate and socially mindful tasks Greater Ground Productions would gravitate to in the future.

Crip Camp– March 25, 2020

Two boys smile in Crip Camp

Sticking to the documentary format, Crip Camp narrates the tight-knit neighborhood of numerous teens with physical disabilities throughout a summertime camp holiday throughout the 1970s. The acclaimed health documentary got kudos for raising awareness about a marginalized group of people who might do not have company however create a rousing sense of empowerment by themselves.

With remote Camp Jened formed in the Catskills, the utopian paradise ended up being so motivating that the camp generated a political activist motion that defended equality amongst handicapped groups in America. Former President Obama happily promoted the Oscar-nominated documentary, keeping in mind Crip Camp suits Greater Ground’s slate of motion pictures that “inform, link, and motivate all of us.”

Ending Up Being– Might 6, 2020

Michelle Obama stands in profile in Becoming

Based Upon Michelle Obama’s book trip for her autobiography of the very same name, Ending Up Being is an informative and uplifting documentary about among the brightest legal minds and the majority of thoughtful public authorities in America. Directed by Nadia Hallgren, the movie charts Obama’s 34-city book trip as she reviews her narrative and narrates her individual and expert experience.

Chosen for 4 Primetime Emmys, Ending Up Being drew appreciation for its intimate appearance behind the scenes as Obama communicates honest individual anecdotes in numerous interviews throughout her book trip. Amusing and edifying simultaneously, both casual and ardent fans of Michelle Obama will leave feeling as if they understand her a little bit more as they follow her down memory lane and learn more about what makes the previous First Girl tick.

Waffles + Mochi– March 16, 2021

Michelle puts on a chef hat in Waffles + Mochi

In Greater Ground Productions’ very first non-documentary function, Waffles + Mochi is a charming cooking program for kids. Comparable to the characters in Sesame Street, the program is hosted by Michelle Obama, who connects with a variety of adorable characters in a wonderful grocery store searching for the world’s most scrumptious components.

Irresistibly wonderful for the entire household to delight in, Waffles + Mochi marks Greater Ground Productions’ shift to more vibrant and more easy going fare. Yet, like the documentary includes produced by the business, Waffles + Mochi balances education with home entertainment to make an important addendum to Michelle Obama’s healthy consuming project for kids.

In 2022, Obama repeated her hosting tasks in Waffle + Mochi’s Dining establishment, which broadens the worldly journeys of the charming cooking characters in a lovable spinoff.

Parenthood– June 18, 2021

Matt holds his daughter in Fatherhood

Directed by Paul Weitz, Parenthood marks the very first narrative function movie produced by Greater Ground Productions. Based upon the narrative 2 Kisses for Maddie by Matthew Logelin, the motion picture issues Matt (Kevin Hart), a brand-new daddy facing being a parent following the awful death of his partner one day after providing their child.

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Tender, moving, and exposing a delicate significant side of Kevin Hart fans have actually seldom seen before, Parenthood drew appreciation for its well-observed writing, exceptional ensemble cast, and psychological heft. For Greater Ground Productions, the shift to significant narrative function movies never ever jeopardized their objective to make socially mindful, fact-based motion pictures that surpass home entertainment to make an extensive declaration about the human condition.

We Individuals– July 4, 2021

A couple hugs in We The People

Appropriately launched on Self-reliance Day, We Individuals is an exceptionally trendy, interesting, and instructional animated series that strolls kids through the standard tenets of the American Civil liberty motion. Including positive music by Janelle Monae and other pop stars, the brief episodes are enjoyable, helpful, and simple to replay.

Breaking with dynamic colors to match the uptempo energy of the pop tunes, We Individuals is educational without being excessively preachy. With federal government classes and civics courses subsiding in America, We Individuals fills a space in the cultural discourse for kids and makes complex suitables and ideas simple to absorb.

Ada Twist, Researcher– September 28, 2021

Ada wears goggles in Ada Twist, Scientist

Produced by Chris Nee, Ada Twist, Researcher is the 2nd successive brief animated series produced for Netflix by the Obamas. The instructional kids’s series tracks the innovative speculative exploits of Ada Twist, a curious researcher who operates in a lab with her 2 good friends and coworkers, Iggy and Rosie.

With 4 seasons and 41 episodes produced up until now and counting, Ada Twist, Researcher has actually turned into one of Greater Ground Productions’ most popular initial series. In 2022, the program won an Annie Award and a Kid and Household Emmy Award for its quality in making clinical topics entertaining for kids to learn more about and delight in.

Worth– September 3, 2021

Ken frowns at his desk in Worth

Directed by Sara Colangelo, Worth is a historic biographical drama that follows Ken Feinberg (Michael Keaton), a Washington DC attorney worked with to manage the 9/11 Victim Settlement Fund. Torn in between his negative legal responsibilities and his caring sense of morality to the households who suffered in the disaster, Feinberg ends up being a nationwide hero.

While stimulating the uncomfortable memories of 9/11 can be hard, the motion picture eventually honors and commemorates the heroes and victims whose lives were permanently altered by such a ridiculous occasion. As such, Worth drew appreciation for taking on a hard topic with truthful subtlety and for the fantastic supporting efficiencies around Keaton’s commanding turn. For Greater Ground, the motion picture marks another example that discuss political impact without propagandizing ideology.

Our Great National Parks– April 13, 2022

Barack Obama stands by a mountain in Our Great National Parks

As its title recommends, Our Great National Parks charts the happy history of the world’s natural wildlife conservation websites, such as Patagonia in Chile, Tsavo in Kenya, and Gunung Leuser in Indonesia. The recent Netflix documentary told by Barack Obama likewise illustrates the sensational parks in Africa, Australia, and Japan.

A stunning affirmation of natural life all over the world, Our Great National Parks won a Primetime Emmy for Obama’s magisterial narrative in the opening episode, “A World of Marvel.” Aside from the raw appeal of animals in their natural environment and the humanitarian efforts to make sure the survival of types, the series links the whole world through the shared love of wildlife.

The G Word With Adam Conover– Might 19, 2022

Adam stands in an office in The G Word With Adam Conover

A spiritual follower to Adam Ruins Whatever, The G Word With Adam Conover is a comical documentary miniseries that discovers the host questioning numerous federal government firms and activities. Whether taking a look at the USDA, bank bailouts, or health care practices, Conover attempts to conquer his suspicion by exposing federal government practices.

Hailed for its available method to comprehending intricate federal government systems, the series stands apart most for the last episode in which Adam satisfies Barack Obama personally to offer him a rousing pep talk. Although the program just lasted for 6 episodes, it continued Greater Ground Productions’ thematic pattern of making absorbable thought-provoking edutainment.

Descendant– October 21, 2022

A man stands near the water in Descendant

Directed by Margaret Brown, Descendant is a traumatic and underrated Netflix documentary film that charts the staying survivors of the Clotilda, the last recognized servant ship bring Africans to America. The wreckage of the Clotilda was discovered in the Mobile River in 2019, with the movie charting how the survivors settled into a location called Africatown in Alabama.

Descendant drew extensive praise for its unflinching representation of an African neighborhood discovering their voice, recovering their location in history, and discovering a ray of hope in an otherwise useless situation. The product is on-brand for Greater Ground Productions, with Descendant earning Brown a 2022 U.S. Unique Documentary Jury Award at the Sundance Movie Celebration.

The Light We Bring: Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey– April 25, 2023

Oprah and Obama chat in The Light We Carry

The very first task that Greater Ground Productions launched in 2023 consists of The Light We Bring, a remarkable and intimate sitdown in between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey as they go over life, love, politics, and what influenced Michelle to compose her narrative. Fans of both effective icons make sure to obtain important lessons from the 80-minute television special.

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Chosen for a Primetime Emmy for Exceptional Hosted Nonfiction Series or Unique, The Light We Bring illustrates Michelle’s contagious funny bone as she truthfully talks about the trials and adversities of stabilizing an individual life with being a public figure. Her marital relationship to Barack Obama and their parentage to Sasha and Malia likewise strengthens Michelle’s undeviating love and commitment to her household.

Working: What We Do Throughout The Day– Might 17, 2023

Barack Obama pushes a shopping cart in Working: What We Do All Day

Told by Barack Obama, Working: What We Do Throughout The Day is an eye-opening 4-part Netflix docuseries that charts the everyday grind of 4 American people and their various occupations. From the service market to freelancing artists to white-collar lobbyists and CEOs, the series uses a large range of socioeconomic effects in America.

Chosen for a Primetime Emmy for Obama’s effective narrative, the documentary takes tonal and thematic hints from Studs Turkel’s well-known 1974 book, Working: Individuals Speak About What They Do Throughout the day And How They Feel About What They Do Thanks to the range of topics, the engaging documentary is simple to connect to and relate to the everyday employees doing their finest to conquer work environment challenges and recognize the American Dream.

Rustin– November 3, 2023



Release Date

November 17, 2023.


George C. Wolfe



Main Category


Directed by George C. Wolfe, Rustin is a memorable historic biopic that charts the life of Bayard Rustin, a bold American civil liberties activist who looked for to develop social modification in 1963. As a gay Black male, Rustin needed to battle social injustice, bigotry, and bias in his individual life en path to making sweeping expert modifications.

Significant by a tour-de-force efficiency by Colman Domingo as Rustin, the movie acquired kudos for informing a real story with sincerity and stability that offers voice and company to the marginalized. While hard sometimes, the brave sacrifices Rustin made to attain civil liberties justice in America are an uplifting tip of what civil service can attain at its finest. For the objective of Greater Ground Productions, Rustin fits the business completely.

American Symphony– November 29, 2023

Jon and Suleika get married in American Symphony

Directed by Matthew Heineman, American Symphony is a Netflix musical documentary that tracks a year in the expert life of Jon Batiste, a multi-talented musical artist, vocalist, songwriter, author, and television character. Throughout the 1 year documentary, fans discover a lot about Batiste’s durability as he and his partner, Suleika Jaouad, handle her cancer medical diagnosis.

An engaging representation of a musical artist whose imagination is suppressed when dealing with a serious household health problem, American Symphony reveals what matters most to somebody as skilled and achieved as Batiste. It’s difficult not to feel a terrific quantity of compassion for what Batiste and Jaouad fight with as they attempt to stabilize their individual and expert lives in the face of unpredictability. As such, it’s not a surprise that American Symphony won numerous celebration awards in 2023.

Leave The World Behind– December 8, 2023

Leave the World Behind

Leave the World Behind

Release Date

December 8, 2023.


Sam Esmail


Julia Roberts

,Ethan Hawke

,Mahershala Ali

, Farrah Mackenzie.

, Charlie Evans.

, Kevin Bacon



Main Category


Directed by Sam Esmail, Leave the World Behind is the most current task developed by Greater Ground Productions. In a minor departure from the business, the post-apocalyptic thriller follows the Sandford household as they take a trip to a remote estate for a weekend vacation. When 2 complete strangers appear and declare your home is theirs, a mystical blackout paves the way to an eco-friendly catastrophe.

Significant by a star-studded cast led by Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali, Leave the World Behind is a much various kind of motion picture than Greater Ground Productions is understood for. Yet, the mega-popular release has actually been a pillar atop the Netflix charts because its release, with numerous critics keeping in mind the eye-popping visual FX and character-driven plot twists. In spite of being more of a category movie, Greater Ground Productions continues to produce thought-stirring tasks with political intrigue on the periphery.

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