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Every Godzilla Film Where He’s the Hero, Ranked

Godzilla has actually typically been depicted as a bad guy in numerous movies throughout history, however he’s likewise had his possibility in the Hero spotlight.

2023 was a huge year for Godzilla, and nobody saw it coming. The huge green lizard went back to his homeland in Japan for another motion picture, Godzilla Minus One, his very first because Shin Godzilla in 2016. It struck theaters and took the world by storm, roaring into domestic ticket office history and setting anew franchise record The movie is probably the very best of 2023, however the Godzilla that individuals saw wasn’t the protector of humankind they had actually familiarized from the U.S. movies. This analysis took the kaiju back to its roots and made him into the destroyer he was constantly suggested to be. Godzilla Minus One might have been an excellent motion picture, however numerous would have chosen to see the hero.

In his history, in reality, Godzilla has actually been both the bad guy and the hero. The King of the Monsters has actually been revealed to have a particular degree of empathy for humankind, seeing their defects and capacity. In these characteristics, he saw a types deserving of defense and combated his 15 opponents many times to guarantee our survival. Here, we’ll take a look at every movie in which he was our hero. Here is a ranking of whenever Godzilla was the hero.

All Monsters Attack (AKA Godzilla’s Vengeance) (1969 )

Starting the list is a film that will appeal more to kids than the majority of others might. All Monsters Attack sees a lonesome Latchkey kid, Ichiro, who comes home to an empty home every day, has couple of good friends, and is a victim of bullying. To leave from his less-than-desirable truth, Ichiro retreats to Beast Island in his mind, where he befriends Minilla, the boy of Godzilla. Regretfully, Minilla is likewise a victim of bullying. Nevertheless, with the assistance of Godzilla and with the support of Ichiro, Minilla will battle to get rid of difficulty, and both he and Ichiro will pursue much better lives in spite of their imperfections.

Godzilla the Coach

All the Monsters Attack is the 3rd movie to include Minilla, the boy of Godzilla, who functions as the primary beast lead character of the movie, dealing with difficulty and conquering his battles to follow in his dad’s steps. Although included, Godzilla takes a rear seat in this movie as a coach to his boy, training him to eliminate and teaching him his hallmark atomic breath. Although he does enter some brawls, the King of the Monsters, for the many part, enjoys from far away as his boy enters his own, unintentionally assisting Ichiro do the like well. Stream on Max

Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973 )

Godzilla and Jet Jaguar tag-team against Megalon and Gigan in Godzilla vs. Megalon

Presenting the beetle god/monster, Megalon, Godzilla vs. Megalon sees the 2 beasts fight after the nuclear screening interrupts the underwater civilization of Seatopia, leading to the surprise country stating war on the surface area world and releasing their titular god. In their efforts, they likewise acquire control of the human-developed robotic, Jet Jaguar, as a guide for Megalon to ruin the world, however their strategies quickly backfire when the android switches on them and hires Godzilla for an impressive tag-team clash for the fate of the world.

Godzilla the Ally

Godzilla isn’t averse to taking assistance from other beasts, and this movie reveals that he’s likewise not scared to provide an assisting hand either. Like in All Monsters Attack, Godzilla is somewhere else, till Jet Jaguar seeks him out to beat Megalon and Gigan, Godzilla’s foe from the previous motion picture. As anticipated, the heroes stand triumphant, and the 2 hero titans end the movie on a friendly note by shaking hands before parting methods. Stream on Max

Child of Godzilla (1967 )

Godzilla protects his son, Minilla, from a giant spider-like creature

In the first-ever live-action launching of Minilla, the boy of Godzilla, the baby titan is awakened in the after-effects of a stopped working weather condition experiment by researchers. Examining the cause, the group finds a set of huge mantises digging up an egg with the smaller sized reptilian beast, whose sobs bring in Godzilla to provide help. Eventually, Godzilla bonds with the more youthful animal and embraces it, teaching it his methods and how to safeguard itself. Training that quickly can be found in convenient when an even bigger and more harmful enemy emerges.

Godzilla the Daddy

Up till Child of Godzilla, Godzilla has actually generally been alone– the expected last of his kind. Having actually believed he was alone, it makes good sense that he leaps to the rescue of a recently found member of his types. It’s heartfelt to see the titan handle the parenthood function for the lonesome kid too. Having actually come before All Monsters Attack, Minilla’s training formally begins in this movie, with Godzilla revealing him how to eliminate while likewise ending up being conscious of his triggers and level of sensitivities. The emphasize of the movie comes when the 2 battle together for the very first time as father and son, producing an unparalleled duo versus a few of the franchise’s weakest and lesser-known enemies. Stream on Max

Ebirah, Scary of the Deep (AKA Godzilla vs. The Sea Beast) (1966 )

After taking a boat, a group discovers themselves adrift at sea when they are all of a sudden assaulted by the shellfish beast referred to as Ebirah. Not long after, they clean up on Lechi Island under the control of the terrorist group referred to as Red Bamboo, who have actually locked up the belonging to gather a yellow liquid to drive away Ebirah.

Without any other assistance, the group chooses to wake an inactive Godzilla to ruin the group and the lobster animal, producing impressive fights on land and in the ocean. Nevertheless, the island locals have another titan to turn to and wish her redemption. Sure enough, Mothra goes back to safeguard her individuals, handling all comers, consisting of Godzilla.

Godzilla Awakened

It can be argued that Godzilla isn’t his most brave in Ebirah, Scary of the Deep, considered that he gets up and right away begins battling Ebirah without any genuine justification. He unintentionally secures the innocent souls of Lechi Island by battling the beast and by damaging the terrorists for believing they might take him with simple jets. Godzilla damages the bad guys, even if he didn’t precisely understand he was battling, however the idea of him being a hero enters concern when he deals with the protecting Mothra in the movie’s climax. Their scuffle wasn’t a cruel conflict, however, as Mothra was attempting to get her individuals to security. Stream on Max

Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972 )

When Manga artist Gengo takes a task at a theme park, he believes it’ll simply be a simple income. Nevertheless, in spite of his company’s declared desire for peace, Gango begins to presume something else is afoot when he comes into belongings of an unusual tape that releases a threatening signal. His suspicions quickly show right when the giant monsters, Gigan and Ghidorah, get here in the world in reaction. Sadly for them, damage and supremacy will not come simple due to the fact that Godzilla and his ally, Anguirus, heard the signal too.

Godzilla the Protector

Godzilla vs. Gigan sees Godzilla dealing with an ally (who would turn into one of numerous). Anguirus is among the King of the Beasts’ more significant allies, and works to eliminate off their opponents. This movie is among the more notable examples of Godzilla dealing with other titans to eliminate off enemies, and the 2 work well together to stop the area kaiju’s rampage through Tokyo. As kept in mind by both Gigan and Ghidorah’s looks in later movies, the 2 are not eliminated, just combated into a retreat, leaving Godzilla and Anguirus to leave Tokyo for another effective defense. Stream on Max

Godzilla: King of the Beasts (2019 )

Set 5 years after the conclusion of the 2014 U.S. movie, Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters follows as a terrorist cell wakes many titans from their inactive sleep, the most harmful being King Ghidorah, who rapidly asserts himself as the alpha of the titans. What he didn’t understand was Godzilla was currently staking his claim as king years before he had actually woken up. With the assistance of Mothra, Godzilla earnings war versus the three-headed monster in a vicious fight for supremacy, with the fate of the world on the line.

Godzilla the King

Fans can state whatever they desire about American Godzilla movies, however they can’t reject that Kaiju battles have actually never ever looked so excellent as they do here. Godzilla ends up being the supreme underdog in this movie, as he discovers himself battling an enemy much larger than himself, however his unyielding durability and dedication to humankind are on complete display screen, and he provides it his all to safeguard everybody.

This movie sees him battling in a deserted city, enabling him to ruin as much as he requires to for success. Likewise on display screen is his humankind, showing a connection with other human lead characters as they assist him in winning the defend humankind’s survival. Stream on Hulu

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Fear of Mechagodzilla (1975 )

Godzilla engages in a fight against Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus in Terror of Mechagodzilla

Following the defeat of Mechagodzilla in the previous movie, a disgraced biologist restores the remains of the alien device and renews it to be more effective than ever. To assist his brand-new weapon, he finds a method to manage another kaiju, the dinosaur beast referred to as Titanosaurus. Nevertheless, he quickly discovers that his pride and bitterness might ruin Japan and spell completion for his child, who’s made into the body and soul of the brand-new and enhanced Mechagodzila.

Godzilla with His Back Versus the Wall

What is more brave than an underdog? Fear of Mechagodzilla sees the fan-favorite cybernetic return with a revenge and some included assistance, producing a vicious two-on-one battle versus Godzilla. The huge green lizard is executed his rates here, dealing with a brand-new obstacle in Titanosaurus, however having a hard time to beat the newbie with Mechagodzilla blasting him as he enjoys on.

Godzilla is driven into the ground by an attack of firepower, however he has the ability to rebound with the assistance of the human beings when the biologist loses whatever he takes care of to best his wrongs. With the day conserved, humankind commemorates yet another success from Godzilla, although not everybody is commemorating by the end. Stream on Max

Godzilla vs. Hedorah (1971 )

Godzilla vs. Hedorah sees the world-famous titan handle what was probably his most dangerous enemy by this point. Dr. Toru Yano’s boy Ken has visions of Godzilla battling the world’s contamination. Sights quickly develop into predictive premonitions as the build-up of Earth’s contamination generates the brand-new kaiju referred to as Hedorah, a being who can trigger deadly contamination and damage. Godzilla is a monster, however ultimately discovers himself outmatched, requiring humankind to brace for completion. However not all hope is lost as the 2 giants take on for a last time in a climactic fight that will see human beings unify with Godzilla in a desperate effort.

Godzilla’s Judgment

This might be among the couple of times that Godzilla has actually come close to death. In spite of being quickly beaten in their preliminary encounter, Hedorah returns even deadlier than in the past and beats Godzilla into submission, taking his eye and lowering his hand to bones. This movie likewise offers among the couple of circumstances humankind almost loses.

It takes the combined efforts of both Godzilla and the JSDF to win, requiring Godzilla to utilize a human-made development. Mankind commemorates their success, however by the end of the movie, Godzilla is mad, glaring at individuals whose neglect caused the development of such a monster before stomping off in disgust. An allegory for climate change, the scene reveals that, in spite of Godzilla being Earth’s protector, he constantly acknowledges who the genuine beasts are. Stream on Max

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Intrusion of Astro-Monster (1965 )

Godzilla and Rodan face off against Ghidorah on Planet X in Invasion of Astro-Monster

In the far-off future, 2 astronauts get here on World X, where they find a race of beings in alarming requirement of rescue from Ghidorah, the three-headed beast that had actually assaulted Earth formerly. They strike a handle the astronauts and assure a wonder remedy for cancer in exchange for the assistance of Godzilla and Rodan to eliminate the horror. Nevertheless, the Xilien’s objectives are not as they declare, and they quickly threaten the security of Earth with the may of all 3 monsters under their control. Who is the larger risk: guy or beast?

Godzilla the World Protector

Yet once again, humankind hires the magnificent titan’s strength for defense when Ghidorah strikes once again in Intrusion of Astro-Monster This is the very first circumstances in which Godzilla functions as a protector for individuals beyond his home world, although it is simple to see him as an unwitting pawn for the advantage of others. Nonetheless, he is successful in securing the Xiliens, just to end up being victim to their hubris, albeit momentarily. Even when he gains back control of himself, he does not take revenge on the alien race that attempted to oppress him. They ruin themselves simply fine by themselves. Stream on Max

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974 )

Deep underground, explorers discover ancient artifacts of uncommon metal and contemplate their origins, hypothesizing them to be from another world. Soon after, Godzilla reemerges and assaults civilization, in spite of his expected tolerance towards mankind over the last few years. People are baffled by the apparently unprovoked attack. That is, till the genuine Godzilla emerges in reaction, exposing the impostor as a mechanized android sent out by another world to take control of Earth. It might take more than Godzilla needs to beat his doppelgänger. Luckily, humanity has actually found another inactive animal that might have the ability to even the chances in the type of King Ceasar.

Godzilla Framed

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla sees the king of the beasts established to appear like the devastating beast he when was when otherworldly aliens try to turn human beings versus him. This plot is found rapidly, ensuring Japan that Godzilla is still on their side. He might not be especially caring of human beings by this point in his history, however he has actually established a sense of empathy for them, when again heading out of his method to safeguard them. However possibly it can be argued that he is simply protecting his area. Stream on Max

Godzilla (2014 )




Release Date

May 14, 2014.


Gareth Edwards

Main Category


15 years after the loss of his spouse, Joe Brody (played by Bryan Cranston) continues to look for responses behind the covered-up event that led to her death. What he discovers is a fact so big it shakes the structure of the world permanently. 2 inactive animals woke that day and triggered the mishap, and in today day, they have actually gone back to discover one another. They are vicious opponents that show challenging for human beings to ruin by themselves. Thankfully, another huge animal has actually likewise awakened. Where the other 2 just look for to ruin, this one might be humankind’s finest possibility for survival.

Godzilla Reborn

The very first of the contemporary U.S. Godzilla movies, Godzilla ( 2014) sees the famous kaiju born-again as a protector, contrary to the villain/anti-hero figure he had actually been constructed as in Japan. Here, we see Godzilla taking a trip to discover the hazards through the ocean, flanked by battleships and helicopters.

As seen just recently in Godzilla Minus One, fans understand these lorries would be simple kid’s play for him, however he rather remains clear of them. Even swimming under them to prevent crash. He likewise prevents striking a bridge later on in a battle with the MUTOs and just does so by mishap when struck by rockets. As seen in the majority of Godzilla movies, when his work is done, he goes back to the sea without dispute, sealing himself as an ally to humankind. Lease on AppleTV

Damage all Beasts (1968 )

At the millenium, all the beasts are moved to the remote island of Ogasawara, where they can all be avoided society and studied. This strategy successfully heads out the window when a race of female aliens releases the titanic animals throughout the world to assault the capitals of every significant country to deteriorate Earth’s defense for an efficient takeover. As the beasts brawl around the world, it depends on the team of spaceship Moonlight SY-3 to penetrate the intruder’s head office before the world is ruined.

Godzilla the Group Gamer

In another circumstances in which he’s persuaded, Godzilla lays siege to New york city City before ultimately gaining back control of himself, in addition to the remainder of the world’s beasts. With everybody back in control of their professors, the aliens referred to as the Kilaaks release their sure: the magnificent King Ghidorah. What outcomes is an uncommon circumstances of Godzilla dealing with other beasts as a bigger group, not simply with another secondary animal.

The remainder of the types of Ogasawara, likewise referred to as Monsterland, unite to eventually eliminate Ghidorah, revealing that they can all naturally inform who the genuine hazards are. This might be a list of Godzilla’s brave movies, however Damage All Beasts portrays most in this movie as heroes as they might continue rampaging versus the world after the aliens fall. Rather, they all go back to Monsterland to reside in peace. Stream on Max

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